1. Repeating if one skipped Al Ha Nissim on purpose

  2. Is one allowed to break up the shofar blowing grouping to other than what the siddur indicates?

  3. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?
  4. What does the Harachaman to replace Al Hanisim accomplish
  5. Yehi ratzon for the rebuilding of the Temple

  6. Is there a preference for a grandson or for another person to say kaddish if the son is indisposed

  7. Leshabeichacha and loseis/latet shevach

  8. To what crying was Hashem responding?
  9. Kel Maleh Rachamim for Jewish martyrs

  10. Maoz Tzur: Is it a universal custom or just an ashkenaz one?
  11. What is the object of the verbs in Ya'aleh V'yavo?
  12. The addition to Refaeinu

  13. Latest time to say Maariv

  14. Which minyanim light Chanuka candles?
  15. timing of the mussaf prayer and sacrifice

  16. Tefillah immediately after learning

  17. Why do we mention dreams during *Birchas Kohanim*?
  18. Why is the "middle" section of Shmoneh Esreh on Shabbat different for each service, yet the same on Yom Tov?

  19. Source for saying seven specific psalms in the cemetery

  20. Why does congregational prayer require a chazan / shaliach tzibbur (cantor)?

  21. Why is "Yismechu VeMalchutcha" omitted in the Shabbat Mincha Amidah (Nusach Sefard)?

  22. Does one have to pray arvit during a very short night on a plane?

  23. Brachot that don't come from the Gemara?

  24. Changing the Shliach Tzibbur in the middle of a prayer service

  25. Av Harachamim on Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah

  26. Davening at the Kotel

  27. Do communal and individual prayers correspond to different sacrifices?
  28. Are unimposed or uncompelled vows (or any related synonyms) annulled by "Kol Nidrei"?
  29. Why are the Yehi Ratzon prayers connected to Tachanun?

  30. Why is Avodah Shebalev (service of the heart) known as prayer?

  31. 10 Menuchas in Shabbas Mincha prayers

  32. What book do these notes synopsize?

  33. Standing for Kabbalas Shabbos

  34. Theme of mincha of Yom Kippur

  35. Why do some people say לאל עורך דין during Musaph on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanna?

  36. Different siddur?
  37. Is there a prayer for seeing an ambulance?

  38. Possibility of Positive Payoff to the Passed
  39. God's decision vs being written in the book of life
  40. Source (Ashkenazi) for kissing Tefillin at Bracha of Yotzer Or?

  41. Why don't we refer to Esther by her Hebrew name?

  42. Touching the tefillin during Ashrei

  43. Why does kedusha text differ sometimes?

  44. Are you allowed to drink coffee/water during any part of the prayers?

  45. How much speech capacity is required to have an aliya or daven from the amud?

  46. Boruch Shem Kevod Malchuso L'Olam Voed - why do we whisper it?
  47. Do we say "baruch shem kvod" in a whisper when not saying Shma?
  48. Why wake up for tikkun chatzot instead of staying up for it

  49. What in a siddur can be changed?

  50. Av HaRachamim on Shabbat Isru Chag Pesach in Israel?

  51. Lifting one's eyes during Kedusha

  52. Is there an Artscroll edition of Tikkun Chatzot?

  53. Final Nun vs. Final Mem in "Madlikin"

  54. Can't remember if one said Elokai Netzor or not?

  55. Why repeat if forget?
  56. A Hebrew prayer upon discovering the news of having a baby?

  57. Tying the Gartel
  58. Is there a difference between eating breakfast before a weekday Shacharit prayer or a Shabbat Shacharit prayer?

  59. Travel and Shacharit

  60. What will happen to most of the text of our prayers once the next Temple is built?
  61. Led the prayers in error forgetting he had already prayed. Can he continue?

  62. Is Mincha an עת רצון?
  63. Is it permissible or advisable to ask G-d for anything?

  64. Evidence of 2nd Temple Liturgy @Temple &/or Synagogue

  65. Saying Yaale v'Yavo out loud to remind others during Amida
  66. Should you say "Mah Tovu" when you daven at home?

  67. Peirush on Lecha Dodi
  68. Keeping up with fast davening

  69. Praying with the aron still (but now unnecessarily) open

  70. Origin of saying Adon Olam or Yigdal at end of prayers

  71. Do we answer אָמֵן after the leader says וְאִמְרוּ or after he says וְאִמְרוּ אָמֵן?

  72. Tefillah Commentaries - Rishonim

  73. What is the difference between Hashlucha and Shenishtalcha?

  74. Saying the Amidah, you discover it's unsuitable to daven
  75. Prayer Meditation; help understanding terms
  76. Saying words of prayer or Torah while an immodest photo or drawing is in your field of vision?

  77. Anim Zemiros is highly anthropomorphic; how come we sing it in public?
  78. Is there a redundancy in the 1st blessing of Shacharit Shema?

  79. Why do we beg on simchas torah when we are supposed to be happy?
  80. Davening and putting on tefillin when leaving early

  81. For Your names sake, is love the essence?
  82. What is the proper way to hold one's hands while praying?

  83. Saying Tehillim for a sick person

  84. Vihi Noam customs

  85. Reciting the 'Yehi Ratzons' in Eizehu Mekoman on Erev Yom Kippur
  86. Chazan forgot Yaaleh VeYavo at Maariv Chol HaMoed

  87. How best to pray shaḥarit and musaf separately

  88. The difference between terms for mitzvot

  89. Is praying in Shul better than an office (where both have a minyan)?

  90. Psalms for Festivals
  91. How is Rosh Hashanah a remembrance of leaving Mitzraim?

  92. Why do we say the 13 Middos so often?

  93. Davening with a Minyan in China

  94. Why do we insert “Karban” on this line of Al Cheit?
  95. why no letter "ס" samech in viduy of yom Kippur?

  96. Significance of 13 Attributes of Mercy in Prayer

  97. Why choose "bo" over "bam" in Ne'ilah?

  98. Why are sins and hatred mentioned in Avinu Malkeinu?

  99. How do I say vidui in Selichos in a meaningful way?

  100. Please explain Oruch Hashulchan O Ch 102 (9)