1. Is one allowed to break up the shofar blowing grouping to other than what the siddur indicates?

  2. Who sanctifies the Shabbat

  3. No Mekadesh Yisrael on Shabbat

  4. What is the source and reason for saying "Yeyasher Kochacha" or "Chazak Ubaruch"?
  5. Is there a preference for a grandson or for another person to say kaddish if the son is indisposed
  6. Leshabeichacha and loseis/latet shevach
  7. To what crying was Hashem responding?

  8. Why do nusach Ashkenaz shuls outside of Israel skip reciting the korbanot section of davening?

  9. Does the Havtacha in the Igeres Haramban apply to everyone?
  10. What is the object of the verbs in Ya'aleh V'yavo?

  11. is a person allowed to pray or learn with traces semen/zera on his underwear?
  12. Aleinu written for RH

  13. What is the Hebrew text for this prayer?

  14. Explain assignment of "joy" terms in Shalosh Regalim Amidah

  15. Tefillah immediately after learning
  16. yehi khasdeikha before ashrei yoshevei
  17. Vihi Noam customs

  18. Can one say the fast-day selichos before the morning prayers?

  19. Repeating if one skipped Al Ha Nissim on purpose

  20. Laining with Less than 10 Men?
  21. Why mention possessions in Al Hanisim

  22. Is saying a bracha over non-Kosher food a sin or does it simply not count as a Mitzvot?

  23. Av Harachamim on Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah

  24. Can you answer amen to a non-Jewish blessing or prayer of a gentile?

  25. Why are the Yehi Ratzon prayers connected to Tachanun?

  26. Prayer - singular vs plural

  27. Why is Avodah Shebalev (service of the heart) known as prayer?

  28. 10 Menuchas in Shabbas Mincha prayers

  29. Saying Havineinu during the rainy season

  30. Theme of mincha of Yom Kippur

  31. Why do some people say לאל עורך דין during Musaph on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanna?

  32. SheLo Asani Goy
  33. Titkabbel vs. Titkabbal
  34. God's decision vs being written in the book of life

  35. Origin for different styles in splitting up El Adon and Lecha Dodi

  36. Individual Repeating 'Hashem Elokeikhem Emes'
  37. What are the name verses for a name starting with a zainand ending with a lamed and not the verse from tehilim ( the one in the Artscroll siddur
  38. Why haven't I seen the Havinenu prayer in Sidurs?
  39. Difference in starting order of Psukei Dezimra
  40. Walking in front of someone saying kaddish
  41. The addition to Refaeinu

  42. Do the sages/mystics endorse the idea that some prayers are more powerful when spoken by individuals of piety or righteousness?
  43. Singing Mashiv Haruach
  44. Hashta Ba'agala

  45. What is the morning blessing Roka Haaretz - רוֹקַע הָאָרֶץ עַל הַמָּיִם - all about?

  46. Where does the comma go in the Birkas Kohanim, and why?

  47. Why is there no Kaddish after Torah reading at mincha on a fast day?

  48. Does one get back his neshama in the exact form when resurrected?

  49. Chanuka Kaddish error after Hallel
  50. Looking for a recording of Shacharit
  51. Does one have to pray arvit during a very short night on a plane?

  52. Evidence of 2nd Temple Liturgy @Temple &/or Synagogue
  53. Ose shalom post shemona esre

  54. May I daven wearing headphones?

  55. Ma'ariv vs. Arvit - when did these terms first appear?

  56. Davening at the Kotel

  57. What is the point of praying if your fate is already decided on Rosh Hashana?

  58. Source needed: Allowing one to pray for non-critical illness on Shabbat

  59. Praying for someone who has given up
  60. Hitbodedut- Permissable? Reccomended?
  61. Proper protocol for saying Mi Sheberach for the ill
  62. Are there any Iyun Tefilla lectures online or in-house in Nassau County, Brooklyn or Queens?
  63. Yehi Ratzons on Moday and Thursday only?
  64. Jews allowed to pray and join Muslim congregation in Mosques and Experiences

  65. Meherah (מהרה) in Yedid Nefesh
  66. Prayer beads among the Jewish Sages

  67. How precisely oriented towards Jerusalem should we face for praying?

  68. Kel Maleh Rachamim for Jewish martyrs
  69. Guide for complete daily prayer/blessings

  70. May a person daven in a NYC subway car that has a smelly person sitting there?

  71. What is the intention when we recite the blessing "who didn't make me..."?

  72. Skipped והוא רחום in Tachanun
  73. Why is remembering the Exodus fulfilled by Shema and not first parashah of tefillin or Song of the Sea?

  74. Contradiction between Beit Yosef and the Shulchan Aruch in O.C. תקנז

  75. Why is it ok to say Baruch.....yadayim in the bathroom?

  76. When to take three steps forward

  77. Since G-d is Omnipotent Why Does He Need Our Prayers?
  78. Using a Mitzvah to Get Prayers Answered

  79. Non-Jews reciting Jewish Prayers

  80. Why don't we refer to Esther by her Hebrew name?
  81. Why is v'acharei added in some siddurim?

  82. Why do people stand for "Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov"?
  83. Davening in boots
  84. Not walking in front of someone who has finished the Amidah
  85. Standing for Kabbalas Shabbos
  86. Are we required to use the Hebrew pronunciation of our minhag?
  87. Walking in front of someone while they are praying

  88. May someone say the prayer for the ill for someone who is emotionally "ill"?

  89. Has anyone since Rashbi been considered so regularly involved in Torah study so as to be exempt from prayer?
  90. Why are there musafos for sh'kalim and hachodesh, but not zachor or para
  91. Correct pronunciation of הנתונים בצרה ובשביה

  92. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?
  93. Location of kaddish titkabel during shacharit
  94. What does the Harachaman to replace Al Hanisim accomplish
  95. Yehi ratzon for the rebuilding of the Temple

  96. Maoz Tzur: Is it a universal custom or just an ashkenaz one?

  97. Latest time to say Maariv

  98. Which minyanim light Chanuka candles?

  99. timing of the mussaf prayer and sacrifice

  100. Why do we mention dreams during *Birchas Kohanim*?