1. Why didn't Mordechai accept the clothes sent by Esther?

  2. What's the meaning of Daniel 9:26
  3. Did Jacob ever figure out what the Brothers did to Joseph?
  4. How does bringing Binyamin to Egypt prove that the brothers are not spies?

  5. Was Re'uven confessing along with the rest of his brothers regarding what happend to Joseph?

  6. Why is little said about Isaac?

  7. Gen 36:24 Rashi and the Pit of Snakes and Scorpions -- really Pshat?

  8. Joseph and imprisoning his brothers - Is he changing his mind?
  9. Why is the heart labeled the seat of emotion?
  10. What way and order did Yaacov married Rachel and Leah Halakhawise?
  11. Why get the baker's hopes up?

  12. If shepherds are taboo to Egyptians, what do we make of them having sheep themselves?

  13. Why didnt Yosef have the protection of Kibbud Av when he went to Dosan
  14. Was a double dream necessary to convince people that the interpretation was true?
  15. Yehuda not marrying Tamar in the first place?
  16. Yosef running outside
  17. Does anyone comment on why Yonah needed the kikayon when he already had shade from his sukkah?

  18. Explain the "mechanics" of Bilam's blessings
  19. "If you go out to war against your enemies"; why are they called our enemies?

  20. Why the person switches in Shemos 14:2-4?

  21. Why is a female heiress allowed to marry out of the tribe?

  22. Referencing Iron before the Iron Age

  23. Why should the patriarchs have lived to 180?

  24. Esav took his wives from among the girls of Cana'an? (Breishit 36:2)

  25. Why didn't Ya'akov try to hide from Esav?

  26. Ki Tissa vs. Vaykhel - Shabbat & Mishkan

  27. Why does the Torah mention the lineage of Yishma'el and Esav?

  28. Why does the Torah seem to tolerate cheating esp. with Ya'akov and his sons?

  29. Why doesn't Yitzchak chastise Avimelech about the wells the way his father did?
  30. How does waterproofing the Ark from the inside help practically?
  31. Tracking talmud according to Torah

  32. Why did Ya'akov enslave himself for so long?

  33. Yaacov's refusal to use Yitzhak's wealth
  34. How could Yaakov have relations with a wife (Leah) whom he hated?
  35. Yaakov Marrying Two Sisters
  36. Who is understood to be the "one like a man" referred to in Daniel 7:13?

  37. Why both a גל and a מצבה - Breishit 31:45 - 46?

  38. How can we reconcile Devarim 24:16 with BaMidbar 16:27?

  39. The birth of Reuven does not result in Yaakov loving Leah?
  40. Esav's complaint in Breishit 27:36

  41. Why wasn't Esav willing to wait until his father's mourning was complete?
  42. Who is Adam guarding Eden from?

  43. Why did Moshe need to go up Har Sinai to be told to go down?

  44. Why did not our forefathers consult Hashem in conflict situations?
  45. What did Rivka tell her mother - Breishit 24:28?
  46. Breishit 24:65 - Yitchak is Eliezer's master?
  47. Why does G-d tell Yitchak to remain in Cana'an?

  48. Did Prof. Rabbi Umberto Cassuto have any insight behind the biblical character Yehudah?

  49. Around what was the boundary set at Har Sinai?
  50. Is there a differencce between הֲמִיתוֹ and לַהֲמִיתוֹ?

  51. To the back of whom?
  52. Doors and Doorways in Parshat Vayeira

  53. Connection Between Going to Canaan and Becoming a Great Nation
  54. Did Noah gather the animals, or did they come themselves

  55. Which verse is correct? Genesis 1:14 or Leviticus 23:27?

  56. Why does Hashem decide not to destroy mankind again after the flood?

  57. No Flood in Israel?

  58. Why did Avraham take gifts from Pharaoh, but not the King of Sodom?
  59. Why is Sarah suddenly referred to in a vague way
  60. Why are none of the Pharaohs in the Torah identified by name?

  61. Why was Adam Embarrassed
  62. How many Kosher animals were in Noach's Ark?
  63. Why is the Yod smaller in Pinchas' name in Bamidbar 25:11?

  64. What is the problem with dogs?

  65. Tower of Babel - Rocketship?
  66. How does Orthodox Judaism view the Book of Jubillees

  67. Tehilim 51, "in sin did his mother conceive him", What does that mean?

  68. Vayigash - Why didn't the family go back?

  69. Bereishis 2:15 - Inconsistent Gender of "Gan" and "le'Avdah u'leShamrah"?

  70. When did G-d create darkness?

  71. Was Abraham taking Hagar as a concubine and/or fathering Ishmael a mistake?

  72. How can inanimate objects function as "witnesses" in the Tanakh?

  73. Why did Yonah not command circumcision on the people of Ninevah, especially in the light of the message of Teshuvah?

  74. Understanding Naomi selling a field

  75. Mishlei Proverbs 16:4

  76. What's the need for Avraham to become nation

  77. If Sarah's anger was only toward Ishmael, then could Sarah have halakhically asked Abraham to only expel Ishmael?

  78. HaShem Himself a reward?

  79. Devarim 29:19 - Does erasing a person's name mean death?
  80. What is the root of the word ואורשנו in Bamidbar 14:12

  81. Differences in Tochacha (rebuke) between Ki Tavo and Behukotai
  82. Why didn't Avram pass through the pieces?

  83. Nefesh tachas Nefesh vs. Nefesh BeNefesh
  84. Human v.s. Animal: spiritual v.s the most fine physical entity kind of soul?

  85. What does, 'A wandering Aramean was my father' mean in Dt 26:5?
  86. Parallel between chalitza and Mordechai

  87. Was Adam placed in Gan Eden to keep the service of HaShem?
  88. Practicality of following the Torah's advice about a false prophet

  89. Location of land for Gad, Reuven and 1/2 Menashe and randomness
  90. Taking control a command for men and it's meaning

  91. Why does the Torah not simply say "two witnesses" are needed, and leave it at that?

  92. Which woman false prophet is the Baal Haturim referring to?
  93. Why did Pharaoh believe Joseph's dream interpretation?

  94. Rainbows prior to the Mabul

  95. Why all the interruptions in Moshe's reproof in parshat Ekev?

  96. Does Devarim 11:10 make some indirect reference to the shaduf irrigation system?
  97. What is the purpose of the word וְהָיָ֗ה in Devarim 11:13?

  98. Why did Sarah banish Hagar and Yishmael - Meaning of צחק
  99. Only arm tefillin are a sign?
  100. Translation of key words in Devarim 10:2 and 10:4