1. Are there any Jewish people alive today who can identify themselves as coming from a particular tribe?

  2. Changing name of 10 Hadvarim to 10 Hadibrot

  3. How did they learn Torah before everything was taught in its entirety?

  4. Why don't Jews think Jesus is the messiah?

  5. Hammurabi in Jewish sources

  6. Reconciling the Torah and history regarding the Jews' response to reward and punishment
  7. Using oil lamps on Shabbas in old times
  8. How Kabbalistically accurate is the golem-making procedure described in "Niflaos Maharal"?
  9. Was there a GOLEM?

  10. How do we determine the nature of the reign of the kings when the numbers don't seem to add up?
  11. Where did the Levitical priesthood go?
  12. Is "Yarden" a Hebrew name that was used?

  13. Is it correct to say that in the Jewish tradition the honorary title "Maràn" has never been used to refer to HaShem?
  14. Sefer haKabbalah: How long did Jehoshaphat reign?
  15. When did the Chain of Semicha Break?

  16. Why are Mordechai and Esther buried in Hamedan, considering it is distant from Shushan?

  17. Early descriptions of the Foundation Stone
  18. Rambam's Commentary on the Torah?
  19. Why is Herod's Temple Not Considered a "Third Temple"?

  20. Anonymous glosses in the Shulchan Aruch

  21. When were the weekly sidrot (Torah readings) organized?
  22. How do we know that the civil Saturday is the correct Shabbat?
  23. What did mikdash workers eat?

  24. Why do we walk down the aisle at a wedding
  25. Why were the baraitot excluded from the mishnayot?

  26. History of How to Recite Kel Adon
  27. How did we live in Goshen in our own houses while still being slaves?
  28. Any recommendation for educational Chanukah video?
  29. Exodus points for discussion?

  30. Sh'kalim, Kinim, Midos in daf yomi

  31. Who is the Infamous Little Horn of Daniel 7?

  32. Jacob Obermeyer and Talmudic Maps?
  33. How did the Boethusians linked the morrow after the Shabat with the Shabat Chol HaMoed Pesach?

  34. What is the origin for the names of the various trope/cantillation signs?
  35. History of using a feather quill for safrut

  36. When was the Midrash Tanhuma written?

  37. Toynbee's description of Jews as a "fossil" -- what was the Orthodox response?
  38. Hiding in an attic
  39. When were the tefillos formulated?

  40. Why Italia of Yavan?
  41. Did Bach ever respond to Taz's criticisms?

  42. Why no 15-minutes-early clause in English rabbis' contracts?
  43. What is a "Sephardic Jew"?

  44. When will the period of Acharonim end?

  45. What happened to the Mixed Multitude?

  46. Evidence of 2nd Temple Liturgy @Temple &/or Synagogue
  47. Is there a definitive diagram showing the relationship between Jewish scriptures?
  48. Why do Sephardic Jews dress in black and white?

  49. Ma'ariv vs. Arvit - when did these terms first appear?

  50. Sanhedrin/Makkot - One masechta?
  51. Known birthdays

  52. Teffilin and women

  53. Was Yonah able to visit the Beis HaMikdash? What about other prophets of his time?
  54. The Change to Pants for Jewish Men
  55. When Affinity Arayos (Kurvah) started?

  56. Is history Torah?

  57. How did our forefathers bake the dough they took out of Egypt? Would it qualify as matzo now?

  58. Authenticity of Maggid Mesharim

  59. Are the seventy distinct languages and nations listed?

  60. What is the exile of Yishmael and why it will be harsher than Edom?
  61. Do Jewish historians consider the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE on par with the Shoah/Holocaust?

  62. In RAMBAM hilchot avoda zara 9:4 What publisher or translator first changed notzrim to canaanites?

  63. Were Avraham's tactics in rescuing Lot typical of the time?
  64. On what social issues were the rabbis ahead of their times?
  65. Does Devarim 11:10 make some indirect reference to the shaduf irrigation system?
  66. Questions about the 7000-year shmita cycles

  67. How was Rosh Chodesh determined, if a New Moon Cannot be Seen?

  68. Was Psalm 29 derived from Canaanite sources?

  69. Ululating in Jewish culture
  70. Winding Tefillin Strap Around Middle Finger

  71. Why is the word "Talmud" censored?

  72. Today who is considered an Am Haaretz?

  73. Is there a reason to prefer giving a child single name over multiple names?
  74. What were the arguments against the dafyomi cycle?
  75. Origin for making giyur?
  76. Was a sefer torah ever actually written in Greek?

  77. Why was Judah/Yehuda the tribe that endured?
  78. I recently found out I have Jewish ancestry. I want to learn more about Judaism, but what is appropriate?

  79. First time things other then gold was used as jewelry for woman,
  80. Did Rambam have Rashi's works?

  81. Were there restrictions on marrying members of other tribes?

  82. Has anyone since Rashbi been considered so regularly involved in Torah study so as to be exempt from prayer?

  83. Were some Jews transformed to monkeys for violating the sabbath?
  84. Where did the Semag Go?
  85. Legend of Bahamut giant fish/whale that carries earth on its back?

  86. Any suggestions for documentaries/videos related to the stories of the sages?

  87. What are the circumstances of the fulfillment of Ezekiel's vision of the temple?

  88. Does Jewish tradition report a narrative on what happened to the original manuscript of the Pentateuch?

  89. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?

  90. Are professor Daniel Boyarin's writings about the messiah supported in traditional Jewish sources?

  91. Why is there a dispute as to which tefillin are the correct ones?

  92. Evidence for pre-Greek Jewish currency?

  93. Why don't we see magic today?

  94. Were there non-Jewish prophets? If yes, who were they and what were their purpose?

  95. Non-Lubavitch views of the Maggid of Mezrich's relationship with R' Shneur Zalman of Liadi?

  96. Why is מועד the only סדר משניות that is singular?

  97. How do we have s'micha today if the Romans broke the chain?

  98. History of Shabbat: how (or) did they count to align with 7th day of creation?

  99. Who were the original users of Ktav Ashuri?
  100. What was so miraculous of the Chanukah war?