1. Is it correct to say that in the Jewish tradition the honorary title "Maràn" has never been used to refer to HaShem?

  2. Why is there a dispute as to which tefillin are the correct ones?

  3. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?

  4. Are professor Daniel Boyarin's writings about the messiah supported in traditional Jewish sources?

  5. Is history Torah?

  6. Evidence for pre-Greek Jewish currency?
  7. How did they learn Torah before everything was taught in its entirety?
  8. Is there a record of which Jewish Prophets were slayed?

  9. Why don't we see magic today?

  10. Were there non-Jewish prophets? If yes, who were they and what were their purpose?

  11. Non-Lubavitch views of the Maggid of Mezrich's relationship with R' Shneur Zalman of Liadi?

  12. When was the Midrash Tanhuma written?

  13. Why is מועד the only סדר משניות that is singular?
  14. How do we have s'micha today if the Romans broke the chain?
  15. Who is the Infamous Little Horn of Daniel 7?
  16. History of Shabbat: how (or) did they count to align with 7th day of creation?
  17. How do we know that the civil Saturday is the correct Shabbat?

  18. isrelian citzenship,Jewish roots dna test

  19. In RAMBAM hilchot avoda zara 9:4 What publisher or translator first changed notzrim to canaanites?

  20. How do we determine the nature of the reign of the kings when the numbers don't seem to add up?

  21. What are the circumstances of the fulfillment of Ezekiel's vision of the temple?

  22. Who were the original users of Ktav Ashuri?

  23. Hiding in an attic
  24. What was so miraculous of the Chanukah war?

  25. Composed with the desire of our Father in heaven

  26. How was Rosh Chodesh determined, if a New Moon Cannot be Seen?

  27. The value of the daily study of Chitas (Chumash, Tehilim, Tanya)?
  28. When and why did Torah-reading "aliyot" begin?
  29. Origin for making giyur?

  30. When did usage of "Hashem" to refer to G-d gain traction?
  31. Why does the Torah mention the lineage of Yishma'el and Esav?
  32. Was Psalm 29 derived from Canaanite sources?

  33. Was Shlomo Molcho a great kabbalist or a false messiah?

  34. I recently found out I have Jewish ancestry. I want to learn more about Judaism, but what is appropriate?
  35. How did 'House of Israel' come to refer to Judah & Jews, not only the former northern kingdom?
  36. What did mikdash workers eat?
  37. How to understand the lack of archaeological evidence of Jews in Egypt in the story of Exodus

  38. Whose side Rachel and Leah were on?

  39. When were the weekly sidrot (Torah readings) organized?

  40. When did we start counting the Year since Creation?
  41. Why do we count years from the date of Creation?
  42. Aristotle learning Torah
  43. When is Avraham's birthday?
  44. Where does the concept of Gilgulim (reincarnations) in Judaism come from?
  45. Any recommendation for educational Chanukah video?

  46. Jewish Archaeology

  47. Spiritual Causes For The Black Death?
  48. Were some Jews transformed to monkeys for violating the sabbath?
  49. How old is the Earth?
  50. The why and how of Chag Ha'Ahava

  51. Is there any support to the Black Jews theory?

  52. What are the 3 things Rabeinu Gershom banned?

  53. Do Jews believe the content of Maccabees (I-IV) is true?
  54. Evidence of 2nd Temple Liturgy @Temple &/or Synagogue
  55. R' Alexander bar R' Shlomo, "hevio likvurah"?
  56. Aleinu L'Shabeach - Nusach HaTefila

  57. Prague School of Kabbalists

  58. First use of modern names for books of Torah

  59. What's controversial about Chemdat HaYamim?
  60. History of Braided Havdalah Candle
  61. Can anyone suggest books detailing the lives and philosophies of various sages?

  62. Was a sefer torah ever actually written in Greek?

  63. Has Paleo Hebrew (Ktav Ivri) Ever Been Found With Crowns?

  64. Toynbee's description of Jews as a "fossil" -- what was the Orthodox response?
  65. At what point does a Jew going against tradition establish a legitimate extension to that tradition?

  66. What were Bar Kochba's sins?
  67. Different editions of שמירת שבת כהלכתה – how do they compare?
  68. Were flour tortillas invented by the Jews of New Spain?

  69. When did the custom of silver candlesticks for Shabbat start?

  70. Who wrote the Aramaic translation for Psalms and when?

  71. What is the meaning of this painting?

  72. How does Orthodox Judaism view the Book of Jubillees

  73. Why if you drink water directly from a river you'd be considered pagan?
  74. Are there any Jewish people alive today who can identify themselves as coming from a particular tribe?
  75. Hebrew Pronunciation of the Conservative Movement

  76. Authenticity of Maggid Mesharim

  77. Who is the last prophet in Judaism?

  78. Would suicide be considered acceptable if it was done to prevent yourself being sacrificed to an idol deity?
  79. What is the original halachic source for a woman covering her collarbones out of modesty (tznius)?

  80. Rav Shach and Lubavitsher Rebbe

  81. Is there a spiritual/symbolic significance as to why the black and white tallis seems to be the standard amongst Orthodox?

  82. What is the torah view on the dinosaurs?

  83. What is the relation of the Savoraim, Geonim, and Masoretes?
  84. Rambam Epistle to Yemen identification
  85. What did Sephardic Jews do when yibum required taking a second wife?

  86. Cleaning blood from the temple

  87. Rabbinic Opinions on Smoking, before the 1950's
  88. How far must one be able to trace one's Jewish lineage?

  89. Is there a list of the haftorot for the tri-annual torah reading cycle?
  90. How do the Rabbis rationalize Hebrew as being a divine language given from Hashem when we also believe Aramaic to be a sister language?
  91. Accounts for Har Sinai

  92. What is the source of the Rambam's historical account of idol worship?

  93. Gezeira of Rabbeinu Gershom text

  94. Is there any evidence that Rabbi Akiva's students fought alongside Bar Kochba?

  95. Gezeira of Rabbeinu Gershom History

  96. What is the approximate date of the demarcation between Ashkenazim and Sephardim?

  97. Mishna was a book in time of Gemara?

  98. Sabbateanism and Rav Yonasan Eibshitz
  99. History of the two versions of the Ritva
  100. Who wrote the Ritva on Gittin?