1. Featuring material written on Shabbos, Lashon hora

  2. Does one make a blessing on wondrous man-made structures?
  3. Can a bully be forced to pay for psychologist visits?
  4. Why isn't covering the place where hair meets the head good enough for a Sheitel?
  5. Is it forbidden for a Jewish girl to have relations with a non Jew

  6. Tznius in semi-private locations - gym for women

  7. What does the Halakhah says regarding Devarim, 22.13-21?
  8. Shomronim and Halakha
  9. are pig bones kosher?
  10. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?

  11. Is Harav Shteinman's tzava'ah (last will) halachically binding?

  12. Can an automated online service business operate on shabbat?
  13. Repeating if one skipped Al Ha Nissim on purpose
  14. Techum of New York
  15. Making a neder without specifying verbally
  16. What's a better choice? Treif meat or human flesh?
  17. Can Jews revolt?

  18. Does a weak flame invalidate Hanuka candles?
  19. Why is there a dispute as to which tefillin are the correct ones?
  20. No obligation of counting birthdays and knowing one's age?
  21. embarassing an anonymous person online

  22. Warming up cold liquid on shabbas

  23. Does each Chanukah candle need to be individually lit?

  24. How does Bdieved and lichatchilah work?

  25. Is one allowed to kill false witnesses to his own capital crime?
  26. What is the halachic punishment for not showing respect?
  27. Bris when the mother isn't observant?
  28. what is the status when there are two anointed kings at the same time?

  29. Do dentures, denture cleaning tablets need to be Kosher for Passover?

  30. Does Boreir Apply to Vessels?
  31. Davening Mussaf at home
  32. Eating after shkiah on a weekday
  33. Would an observant Jew be able to fulfill the obligations of serving an office of government?
  34. Publisher prohibiting purchaser from sharing
  35. Food that became prohibited because of a fly, then was separated into 3 new parts, nullified?
  36. Is there a preference for a grandson or for another person to say kaddish if the son is indisposed
  37. Can a husband forbid his wife from doing something (which will not hurt her)

  38. Where is there a discussion about it being okay to put non-kosher animal products into one's human body?
  39. Can a non Jew bake bread on Pesach for a Jew to use after Pesach?
  40. Preparing kitniyot for Shabbat immediately after Pesach

  41. May one disassemble a Sukkah during Chol Hamoed?
  42. Is there a specific type of myrtle/hadass for sukkot?

  43. Can a wife use the money she makes (when she owns it) without her husband's permission?
  44. Why can I eat milk where someone else eats non-kosher meat?
  45. Can I make a mikvah using artificial rain?
  46. How is one allowed to say a bracha in a Mikvah?

  47. How much aged cheese is needed in a cheese mix to require waiting 6 hours?
  48. is water made by electrolysis considered 'rain' for purposes of mikveh?
  49. Washing Hands with Soap after Netilat Yadayim

  50. Preparing a dish on Shabbos by night for the day time (in regards to Borer)

  51. Is it halachically ok to buy and sell cigarettes?
  52. Is there such a thing as "Veset Halom"

  53. Parachute Men toys on Shabbat

  54. Latest time to say Maariv
  55. Can commandments be transgressed to prevent future illnesses?
  56. Online videos of shiurim

  57. Is there a problem with saying/writing Antiochus Epiphanes?
  58. Lighting Hanukkah Candles Alone

  59. Is Revenge permitted if doing it for the good of the person
  60. Kashrut of a knife without a blade

  61. Who has the authority to decide that a tevilah (immersion) in a mikvah was invalid after the fact?

  62. halachic definition of Zera
  63. Does food microwaved in a fleishig microwave become fleishigs?

  64. Appointment conflict with Hanukkah Candle Lightning

  65. timing of the mussaf prayer and sacrifice

  66. Marriage of a Cohen to a woman with a non-Jewish father: Are the sons Cohanim?

  67. Can a Kohen Marry a Woman with a Non-Jewish Father?

  68. is there any redemption for a gentile who breaks any of the 7 Noahide laws
  69. "Recreational" use of ED medications
  70. Why is shaving with a regular razor not allowed?
  71. Is it permissible to earn money on Shabbos if paid at another time?
  72. Rebuking someone for an old wrongdoing
  73. Is it permitted to visit a Druze dominant area?
  74. Sheva Brachos at a Bris

  75. Explaining Rash"i regarding Tamar's actions on Breishit 38:25

  76. The Baltimore Throne
  77. does the wife have priority in separating challah?

  78. Early Mincha Erev Shabbos Chanuka
  79. Finish it later and make a siyum?
  80. May one refuse pain killers?

  81. Does Reheating Bishul Akum Affect Utensils?

  82. Sheva Berachot at third meal

  83. Public Shaming: Cardinal Sin?
  84. Benefiting from channukah candles in a mirror
  85. Does capital punishment in Judaism still exist?

  86. Induction Cooktop on Erev Shabbat

  87. Using mikva under owners conditions

  88. Does Sour Beer Require Certification?

  89. Person in Eretz Yisrael making Eiruv Tavshilin for Bnei Chutz L'Aretz
  90. How does a mute get married?

  91. Is practicing Yoga against Torah?

  92. Chatzi LaHashem

  93. Bracha on Coconut Wraps
  94. Permissibilty of Chanuka bushes, dreidels, gelt, and Chanuka presents
  95. Can olives infected with worms from the olive fly be used for making olive oil

  96. May one join a holiday choir that sings "neutral" songs?

  97. Should one relight the Havdalah candle that went out in the middle of Havdalah?
  98. Putting food into a cli sheini on Shabbos

  99. Inadvertant Sin of Prohibited Food or Relations

  100. Why can a husband eat with his wife who is a niddah in public without a heker?