1. Does one make a blessing on wondrous man-made structures?
  2. Why is washing one's hands called "netilas yadayim"?
  3. Why called netilas yadayim

  4. How is one allowed to say a bracha in a Mikvah?
  5. Why do we recite "v'tzivanu" in mitzvos which come from the Rabbis?

  6. Blessings and giving
  7. Proper bracha on Chanuka candles: lhadlik ner (shel) Chanukah

  8. Origin of using priestly blessing on Friday night
  9. Why is the second kaf hard in שעשה לי כל צרכי?
  10. Berachah at the zoo?

  11. Bracha on Coconut Wraps
  12. Brachot that don't come from the Gemara?
  13. Meaning of "lifnei kisei kevodekha" in the blessing of asher yatzar

  14. 10 Menuchas in Shabbas Mincha prayers

  15. After-bracha on <kezayis of motzi, plus other food

  16. What is the bracha on raw sugar snap peas?

  17. Latkes with applesauce

  18. Is the brochah made on gum for the base or the flavoring?

  19. Source (Ashkenazi) for kissing Tefillin at Bracha of Yotzer Or?

  20. Saying "HaMakom yenachem..." multiple times
  21. Mezuzah in the work place

  22. Final Nun vs. Final Mem in "Madlikin"

  23. Why repeat if forget?

  24. Can one say a berakha in a locker room?

  25. Do both the Chatan and kallah need to be present in order to say sheva brachot?

  26. Can someone say Asher Yatzar for another?
  27. What is the bracha for a deli roll?

  28. Explain the beginning words of the 1st blessing before Shacharit Shema
  29. How was brit milah practiced during the First Century?

  30. Kiddush on Sukkos before tzeit?
  31. How often in one day may one say the bracha on a rainbow?
  32. Bracha on sprouts

  33. Another pizza bracha question

  34. Is there any brachah for putting on a headscarf?

  35. Waiting for the host to recite Hamotzi to have me in mind
  36. The right thing to say?

  37. Are there prayers or blessings for craftspeople to recite before making objects?
  38. Wrong accent/dagesh on birkat ha-Torah?

  39. Saying Tehillas Hashem After Shir HaMaalos Before Benching?

  40. Why is the blessing over the candles said after lighting the candles?
  41. What is the halachic definition of "tzurat hapat" in terms of requiring birkat hamotzi?
  42. Torah Blessing - הַמְבֹרָךְ or הַמְּבֹרָךְ

  43. What is the after brachah on triscuits?

  44. Which bracha comes first?

  45. Should one using dialysis or colostomy bag say "Asher Yatzar"?

  46. Giving Blessings at a Wedding
  47. Does the blessing for bread cover beverages?

  48. Bracha on food and drinks eaten between dairy/meat/fish?

  49. What to do when uncertain regarding a Bracha on dessert during a bread meal?

  50. גמר חתימה טובה gender

  51. Losing concentration in the middle of the first blessing of Shemoneh Esrei

  52. Wishing a long life to someone holding a Torah scroll

  53. Mitzvah of seeing a king
  54. Which Bracha do you make on Calzones?

  55. What does "שבת היא מלזעוק" refer to?

  56. Do rice noodles have the same bracha as rice?

  57. Why do you have to start over if the oleh makes the bracha at the wrong place?

  58. May one say the bracha on seeing lightning, meteors, or comets if viewed through binoculars or a telescope?

  59. Should one make a bracha on seeing geological arches, hoodoos or balanced rocks?
  60. Al HaEitz on a Shehakol?

  61. Can minhag hamakom allow you to make what is for you a bracha levatala

  62. When do the brachos mein shalosh exempt other brachos acharonos?
  63. Washing hand on bread after praying (With a brocho?)
  64. Apples and Rubia
  65. Why repeat bracha on Hallel if the shaliach has said it and you have answered amen
  66. Al Netilas Yadayim in morning and after bathroom

  67. What Blessing Does One Make on a Solar Eclipse?

  68. Why the double language of "all his creations that he created"
  69. Can the threefold blessing be said motzi others who ate different foods?
  70. Should one say a bracha when observing extraterrestrial lightning?

  71. Can you sing during the sheva brachos?

  72. "Hamakom" after shiv'a
  73. Do you say Shechiyanu on a used tallis you tied new tzitzis onto?
  74. What is considered "new clothing" for purposes of saying "Shehechiyanu"?
  75. Does Birkas Hamazon eliminate the need for bracha acharona on foods eaten before?

  76. Bracha covering something retroactively

  77. How long is a "day" with regard to the lightning or thunder bracha in the Artscroll siddur?
  78. Should one say "Shehechiyanu" on eating raw corn for the first time in the season?

  79. Answering "amen" to "Ahavas olam" in the evening but not in the morning
  80. brachah on besamim during havdalah when only one species is used
  81. Wearing a tallit when you are bar mitzvahed but not married, when it isn't your minhag
  82. Can one make a bracha on non-thunderstorm lightning?

  83. What's a common blessing given to people at a bar mitzvah?

  84. Why wouldn't this be a bracha levatala?

  85. What is the source of the Birkat Habayit?
  86. Bracha on Chulent with barley?

  87. An absent Panim Chadashos at Sheva Brachos
  88. why the repetition in the first brocha of shmone esrei?
  89. Blessings exiting bathroom
  90. Should you make one or two of each set of brachot during a hurricane and how often?

  91. Tzitzit: new bracha after sport?

  92. Why don't we say Hagomel after driving through a desert?

  93. Is there a known distinction in Torah which refers to saying a Bracha over an act vs saying a Bracha of the results of an act?

  94. what does baruch atah Hashem mean?

  95. What should you do if you washed and planned to have a meal with bread but realized that the bread went bad?
  96. Is the bracha pronounced "ha-MO-tzee" or "ha-mo-TZEE"?

  97. Must one say a blessing before writing Torah thoughts?

  98. Why, how, and when the switch from "הנותן תשועה למלכים" to "אבינו שבשמים"?

  99. Can I make Hamotzi on bread that is made without yeast?

  100. Saying hagomel on behalf of small kids