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  1. Did Jacob ever figure out what the Brothers did to Joseph?

  2. Are professor Daniel Boyarin's writings about the messiah supported in traditional Jewish sources?
  3. How wide was the Migdal Bavel?

  4. Does Devarim 23:18 prohibit pre-marital relations

  5. Can a bully be forced to pay for psychologist visits?

  6. Is one allowed to kill false witnesses to his own capital crime?

  7. Is it forbidden for a Jewish girl to have relations with a non Jew

  8. Showing support for jewish community by publicly wearing a Kippa while not being jewish?

  9. How do we know that God exists?

  10. What is the significance of using shevet vs. mattot in Parshat Mattot?

  11. Name or Title Appropriate In This Case (answers need contain referenced sources)

  12. Did foreknowledge stop people?
  13. What is the halachic punishment for not showing respect?
  14. Why does Rashi pair a Tzaddik with a Tzanuah and not a Tzadeikes?

  15. Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?
  16. Location of Rambam on machlokes and loshon hora. Only one in three chance of ill intent

  17. Why is it that being embarrassed on one sin should atone for all?

  18. What ancient sources discuss the meaning of Psalm 22?

  19. No obligation of counting birthdays and knowing one's age?

  20. What does the Harachaman to replace Al Hanisim accomplish
  21. Bris when the mother isn't observant?

  22. Lighting the first Chanukah candle after the first Brachah
  23. what is the status when there are two anointed kings at the same time?

  24. Is it correct to say that in the Jewish tradition the honorary title "Maràn" has never been used to refer to HaShem?
  25. Intermarriage in the written Torah

  26. Evidence for pre-Greek Jewish currency?

  27. Coerced testimony in halacha

  28. Why does rennet need to come from a kosher animal?
  29. Why is "bor" the jail?

  30. How can Hashem judge a person לזכות, favourably, as in הדן חבירו לכף זכות דנין אותו לזכות

  31. Is one obligated in a promise to do an issur made pekuach nefesh?
  32. Do dentures, denture cleaning tablets need to be Kosher for Passover?

  33. Does Boreir Apply to Vessels?
  34. Davening Mussaf at home
  35. How to say Mi Yodeya's version of Echad Mi Yodeya in hebrew
  36. Eating after shkiah on a weekday

  37. What does the Halakhah says regarding Devarim, 22.13-21?

  38. Was Rabbi Akiva exempt from his conjugal duties?
  39. Would an observant Jew be able to fulfill the obligations of serving an office of government?
  40. Yehi ratzon for the rebuilding of the Temple

  41. How did they learn Torah before everything was taught in its entirety?

  42. Publisher prohibiting purchaser from sharing
  43. the King's desire: life or the living?

  44. Explanation of Kamatz vs. Patach ה הידעה

  45. Front tzitzit in back?

  46. Food that became prohibited because of a fly, then was separated into 3 new parts, nullified?
  47. Is there a preference for a grandson or for another person to say kaddish if the son is indisposed
  48. Can a husband forbid his wife from doing something (which will not hurt her)

  49. How to understand Hilchot Mamrim 3?

  50. Where is there a discussion about it being okay to put non-kosher animal products into one's human body?

  51. Can a non Jew bake bread on Pesach for a Jew to use after Pesach?

  52. Is there a record of which Jewish Prophets were slayed?
  53. Talmud Torah or Chesed more important?

  54. חזקה מעיקרא vs ספק

  55. Is there a gentile Mamzer?

  56. How does bringing Binyamin to Egypt prove that the brothers are not spies?

  57. Preparing kitniyot for Shabbat immediately after Pesach
  58. What type of cat of חד גדיא?

  59. May one disassemble a Sukkah during Chol Hamoed?

  60. Reader read the right words from the wrong day of Chanukah. Must he repeat?

  61. Leshabeichacha and loseis/latet shevach

  62. Why is there a common custom to place white coverings in shul for the High Holidays?
  63. What does בי in בירבי mean?

  64. Why don't we see magic today?

  65. Were there non-Jewish prophets? If yes, who were they and what were their purpose?
  66. Is it possible to become a tzaddik?
  67. Is there a concern of "Marit 'Ayin" during Shabbat in a neighborhood with multiple shuls?

  68. Does fulfilling the Seven Commandment of Bnei Noach depend on belief in the torah?

  69. To what crying was Hashem responding?
  70. Kel Maleh Rachamim for Jewish martyrs

  71. Torah view on the Chicken or the Egg?

  72. Is there any connection between love and idolatry?

  73. status of owned land after Moshiach comes

  74. Foreign gods names without intention?
  75. Is there a specific type of myrtle/hadass for sukkot?

  76. Minhag of bothering the chazzan on Simchas Torah

  77. Must a non-Jew accept the Noachide laws as binding?

  78. Can a wife use the money she makes (when she owns it) without her husband's permission?

  79. Where in Brooklyn can I buy the round chasidish hat?
  80. Beit Av v.s. Mishpechah
  81. How was Matisyahu's murder justified

  82. What is the significance of the 7 spices in Shir Hashirim 4:14? Why are they the chief spices? More so than the ones in the Keterot?

  83. Why can I eat milk where someone else eats non-kosher meat?

  84. Which Gematria would be most appropriate for the following situation?
  85. Tehillim "Ohel Yosef Yitzchok"
  86. where is the midrash of Tobit?

  87. Why is אותו מקום referred to as the מקום התורף? What does תורף mean?
  88. Maoz Tzur: Is it a universal custom or just an ashkenaz one?

  89. Can I make a mikvah using artificial rain?

  90. Ezra HaSofer and the text of the Pentateuch
  91. Is modesty a positive or negative commandment?

  92. Lighting Chanukah candles in shul during Shacharit

  93. The Biblical Hebrew Word 'Almah
  94. Women wearing men's "women's shirts"
  95. Source for 3 and only 3 Temples

  96. How is one allowed to say a bracha in a Mikvah?

  97. Why does Rashi cite Gen. 13:10 as an example at Num. 15:15, if it isn't really an example?
  98. Was the sefer Ein Yehosef ever reprinted?
  99. How to tell someone about Shomer Negiah

  100. How much aged cheese is needed in a cheese mix to require waiting 6 hours?