1. What does きかい and おより mean on this question?
  2. くれぇ in this sentence?

  3. What's the best way to translate "cheezy" into Japanese?

  4. 話を聞く connected?
  5. What's the difference between these words for 'priest'?

  6. Terms for Royalty

  7. How does one say 'tried as an adult' in Japanese?

  8. What does 日 mean when used with days of month?

  9. Do Japanese parents address their son as musuko?

  10. What's the difference between 省略 and 略称?
  11. Meaning and usage of -つう tsuu?

  12. (Sumo cloze passage) What in tarnation was I supposed to put in this blank?
  13. Why is it "唾棄すべき" rather than just "唾棄"?
  14. What is the difference between 月々 and 毎月?
  15. 詰まり vs 即ち? Tsumari vs Sunawachi?

  16. Why the ます形 of おっしゃる is おっしゃいます?

  17. Is there a generic word for a band/orchestra to "play" a song?
  18. meaning of ことなんてない

  19. Hifumi vs Ichi Ni San
  20. What does 行う (おこなう) mean?
  21. The difference between douyatte and douyattara
  22. Question about the verb 「嗅ぐ」
  23. What is the difference between 怖じける and 恐れる?

  24. Is there any difference between 処刑 and 死刑?
  25. What does 電波調査斑 mean?

  26. Words for Laws/Rules [法律、規則、規律, etc.]

  27. Reduplication mark 々
  28. How do you say "My respects." in Japanese?
  29. Questions about の→ん contraction, でござる→でございます shift

  30. Use of する to describe one's colour

  31. Why is その used here?

  32. How do say "close to" re: location?
  33. What's the difference between all these words for "foundation/basis"?
  34. Please help me translate this thshirt I got from Wish!
  35. what is the meaning of 取っ変える
  36. What grammatical function does 見よがし have?

  37. How to differentiate between rat and mouse
  38. What does おゆ mean after れい

  39. What does シンメ状態 mean?
  40. Is しごと prnounced as 'shingocto'?

  41. Collocation for getting a dental filling
  42. How much harder is the N4 test than N5?

  43. Question about use of セリフ in Yotsuba vol 1

  44. What does くんな mean in this sentence?
  45. What does 迷路の奥のダイヤ mean?
  46. How to recognize the abbreviation of spoken Japanese?

  47. What does 数% mean in 数%程度でしかなく?
  48. What does くり mean?
  49. 世界の年平均気温の偏差の経年変化 meaning
  50. Does ばかり (meaning 'just happened') have to be a voluntary action (like たところ?)
  51. Metaphorical use of 害虫

  52. Why are において・における necessary?
  53. Is "railroad crossing" meant with 踏切 here?

  54. What is the difference between 「中止」and 「停止」?

  55. Could someone help me with this word (や)やかん please?

  56. How common is the word 厄日【やくび】?
  57. What is the equivalent of 'miffed'?
  58. What is meant with 騒音 here?

  59. 'Movie Japanese' vs Real Japanese
  60. Word "切り開く" / "きりひらく"

  61. Is グギイイ a sound effect?
  62. When would you use 相互 as opposed to お互い?
  63. What is the meaning of 壊れる when referring to a person?
  64. Can ところで be used with statements as well?
  65. What does バーターmean?

  66. Meaning of 感じる in sexual context
  67. How can i say "I wish i were/was X"?

  68. What is the difference between 特殊 and 特別?

  69. Why is a thermos called a 魔法瓶?
  70. How to express the idea of "I continue to study"
  71. How to express "patronizing" in Japanese?

  72. Strange use of はてる
  73. What are the description of the following Japanese company leaves? (交通遮断休暇、予防休暇)
  74. Is the word お待ちになっております not a legit Japanese phrase?
  75. What are the differences between わけ and 理由?

  76. Meaning of あれこれ and あちらこちら
  77. Difference between 下る、下りる、下がる?

  78. What is this 行ってまいります

  79. What is the meaning of 拝承致します?

  80. Purpose of ができないと in this sentence "「まああたしも今、心身共に鍛え直している最中だからね、あれぐらいはできないと」"
  81. Are there any words in Japanese with heavily disputed pronunciation?

  82. Does 多分 carry a degree of certainty equal to or greater than 50%?
  83. Difference in Nuance: 嬉しい vs. 喜ぶ , 幸せ vs. 幸い vs. 幸福
  84. Usage of 焚き付ける in this sentence
  85. Difference between 晴れ晴れ and 晴々しい is?

  86. What does 思うところがあった mean in そして元々身体が弱かった母が二年前に病気で亡くなった時、リーゼも思うところがあったのだろう。以来リーゼは叔母夫婦の元で家事手伝いをしている。

  87. 刺客 - 暗殺者 - 兇手 - 兇漢 - 殺し屋 - 殺人 - 人殺し - 殺害者 - 殺人犯 / Words difference

  88. How do Japanese understand "non-standard" words without looking at kanji?

  89. Japanese sentence

  90. Why does 日本語{にほんご} mean Japanese?

  91. Does ご無沙汰 imply guilt for not staying in touch?

  92. what does "ほど" mean?

  93. What does 小職の権限 mean?

  94. What is the difference between 憧れる{あこがれる} and 焦がれる{こがれる}?

  95. What is the difference between these two phrases?

  96. Several expressions I'm not sure about

  97. What are the differences between these ways to say "How?"?

  98. Regarding the construction of 犯罪

  99. What is the difference between spellings of 組み付ける?
  100. How does one use 「浮かべる」、「浮かぶ」、「思い浮かべる」、and 「思い浮かぶ」?