1. Please help me explain the kanji in [出]{だ}した and [出]{で}た
  2. What's the difference between 話 and 話し

  3. Difference between 「際」 and 「時」?

  4. というは rather than?

  5. "Dewa" for changing the subject

  6. Terms for Royalty
  7. Different nuances between four constructions meaning "whether or not"
  8. How does one say 'tried as an adult' in Japanese?

  9. Questions relating to連体修飾
  10. When is "na" used at the end of a sentence?

  11. Difference between「未熟練労働者」and「不熟練労働者」
  12. Does it make sense to say 寝行きます?

  13. Are 変 and おかしい interchangable?
  14. Can 若干 (Jakkan) be used as a substitute for 少し?

  15. 「ではなく」 in: 「x」ではなく「y」を使うべきでしょうか?
  16. Is it true it's not natural to name folders (maybe just labeling in general?) something generic and or abstract?
  17. Expressing hope for other people to do/be/have something

  18. What's the difference between 世間{せけん} and 世界{せかい}?
  19. What is the special word for person who likes making fool of others?

  20. Can 共に be used as a substitute for 一緒?

  21. 経つvs過ごす/過ぎる Tatsu vs Sugiru/sugosu?

  22. 詰まり vs 即ち? Tsumari vs Sunawachi?

  23. What do you like about me?
  24. 毎月の月末 or 毎月末 to represent the last day of every month
  25. する気 vs 積もり Suru verb + Ki vs Tsumori

  26. Is there a pronoun for plural speaker but not including the listeners?

  27. Expressing 50% uncertainty
  28. The difference between douyatte and douyattara

  29. 悟る vs 気づく vs 分かる Satoru vs Kizuku vs Wakaru

  30. 装着 vs 着装? Souchaku vs Chakusou

  31. To Underestimate: Nameru vs Anadoru 舐める vs 侮る
  32. What is the difference between 変わる and 変化

  33. The difference in use and meaning for にくい, がたい and づらい
  34. Is there any difference between 処刑 and 死刑?

  35. What is the difference between 一旦~ and ~が最後?
  36. Words for Laws/Rules [法律、規則、規律, etc.]

  37. Meaning and translation of "プラスアルファ”

  38. Difference between お見舞い and 薬

  39. 近くの映画館 vs 近い映画館

  40. "de gozaru" in a casual speech
  41. What is the word for FISH in Japanese? Sakana or Uo?

  42. Verbs for animal noises in Japanese?

  43. この vs こちら/こっち? Help me please!

  44. Are 汚い and いやらしい the same?
  45. Is the word for walk (sanpo) a verb?
  46. Wives and Naming

  47. Is there a word for "that" in conceptual cases?

  48. Regarding classification: 分類、類別、部類、etc

  49. 選ぶ or 決める for ”First Choose a color"

  50. How to say "many" in "There are many wheat fields" in Japanese? (たくさん or いっぱい?)

  51. How would I say "It's nice, right?" In Japanese?
  52. How do you read these kanji 年々?
  53. Why 寝たよう instead of 寝そう in this example

  54. Differences between 性能試験 and 強化試験
  55. Using because when the reason isn't a sentence?
  56. Can ところで be used with statements as well?

  57. How would I say 'near' as in, "Does anyone live near (city name)?"

  58. What's the difference between 重責 and 責任?

  59. How to express the idea of "I continue to study"

  60. How to express "patronizing" in Japanese?
  61. What is the difference between あれ and あの?

  62. How do you say "If only things were different"?

  63. How to say "unwanted" in terms of a person being unwanted

  64. Word Choice: "is put"

  65. In what circumstances is it appropriate to use the word 連中

  66. Difference between intransitive and passive?

  67. 刺客 - 暗殺者 - 兇手 - 兇漢 - 殺し屋 - 殺人 - 人殺し - 殺害者 - 殺人犯 / Words difference

  68. 連れ添う and 結婚-Is there a difference in nuance
  69. the logic behind "te" in "chotto matte te"
  70. What's the difference between ~みたい and ~っぽい in the following sentences?

  71. What is the difference between 憧れる{あこがれる} and 焦がれる{こがれる}?
  72. What and when to use 「きたー」?
  73. What are the differences between these words meaning "Frequently" or "many times"?

  74. Which word would i use to say elegant, classy, or high-class when referring to people

  75. Differences between the words for "decoration"?

  76. What are the differences between these ways to say "How?"?
  77. "No" as a word-replacer for "one"
  78. Most appropriate word for 'food'
  79. Is "ii yo" acceptable?

  80. Rosetta Stone uses は instead of わ

  81. What's the difference in comparative use between ~ + の様に / みたい / が如く, etc.?

  82. Non-standard katakana (エナジー vs. エネルギー)

  83. Difference between the usage of 準備 and 予習
  84. しでかす and やらかす difference

  85. What is the difference between [利用]{りよう}, [活用]{かつよう}, [使用]{しよう} and [用]{もち}いる?
  86. Which is correct? Understanding the term マシ

  87. Difference between ni Yotte and ni Taishite
  88. what exactly does "という" mean in "健康になったという人"?

  89. どこに住んでも and どこに住むのも difference
  90. How to express "being sorry" as a sympathetic feeling?

  91. Telling the words 口唇 and 紅唇 apart contextually
  92. What is the difference between Oyasumi and Oyasuminasai?
  93. どこにでもある or どこかにある
  94. How to say 'techniques' (as in cooking)

  95. What is the difference between 見てない and 見たことがない?
  96. Can I say 小刻みにする Instead of みじん切り?

  97. Is there a difference between sabita (錆びた) and sabitsuita (錆びついた)?

  98. 違いを説明していただけないでしょうか。
  99. Another four words meaning "feeling", what are their differences?

  100. Word difference question - reply (返事 vs 返信)