1. 「確か、明日は先生の誕生日でしたよね。」Why でした and not です?
  2. 面 and 顔 difference?

  3. もう一度やってみるように+と what's the purpose of it?

  4. What is the difference between 始め 初め and 始まり?
  5. 上位互換 下位互換 後方互換 前方互換 differences

  6. しょうがねぇ same asしょうがない

  7. What is the difference between 和紙 and 日本紙
  8. How to tell whether a building is マンション or アパート
  9. What is the difference between むしろ and かえって?

  10. What do いっぱいいっぱい and 余裕 mean in this context?
  11. What is the difference between もので and ので for giving a reason?

  12. difference between 分隊【ぶんたい】, 部隊【ぶたい】, and number + 番隊【ばんたい】

  13. what is the difference between 拒否する and 断る
  14. What are the differences between 落{お}とす, 失{うしな}う and 無{な}くす?

  15. Differences between -kudasaimasuka/kudasaimasenka and -itadakemasenka/itadakitainodesuga

  16. What are the differences between 女子{じょし}, 娘子{じょうし} and 女{おんな}の子{こ}?

  17. How to say "I have N years experience in ____."?
  18. How would you emphasise a sentence like "Well, he IS Japanese, after all"

  19. 手にする usage? Is it a version of 手にいれる?
  20. How did the verb 掛ける come to have many meanings?

  21. What is the difference between 惹かれる and 引かれる?

  22. Is よくじゃない correct for “not often”?

  23. Is it rude to ask a question that ends with だ?

  24. Do 分 and 秒 take 間 if I am talking about duration?

  25. Is に required after 後?

  26. あんまり versus あまり

  27. Whats the difference between kono/kore, sono/sore, ano/are, dono/dore in simple terms?

  28. Is おいしそうだった grammatical?

  29. How would I say "give me xyz" without sounding too rude (or formal)
  30. Differentiating いなくなる as "not being around" versus "not being around (because of being dead)"?
  31. はっきりとは/に what's the difference?

  32. What's the difference between complaints 不満 不平 文句?

  33. Could a translation error lead to squares to not be considered as rectangles?

  34. How do I say former/previous/last?

  35. Does 「ビールをたくさん飲まないほうがいい」sound right?

  36. Difference between Kaiwa (会話) vs Taiwa (対話 )?
  37. Can you use '死にました' for things other than people?
  38. Is there a difference between どのXが〜 and Xの中で、どれが〜?

  39. What is the difference between “ippou da” (一方だ) and “bakari da”(ばかりだ)?
  40. Are なんて and なんか used to emphazise feelings that are not disgust/trying to look down on something in this context?

  41. Is it impolite to reply to an apology with 別に?
  42. Abbreviations (etc.)
  43. difference between らしい んだって とか ということだ。

  44. Why do Japanese games say "Now Loading" instead of "Loading"?

  45. 癒やす/癒える vs 治す/治る?

  46. Difference between 辺り and 周り
  47. Difference between ところ and ばかり
  48. Could this sentence be better rephrased?
  49. The difference between "ぶら下がる" and "つり下がる" in terms of usage
  50. What is the difference between 前に and 先に when expressing order of events?

  51. What is the difference between 脅す, 脅かす, 脅迫する, 脅迫, 脅し

  52. 先 meaning in words
  53. What's the difference between 塀 and 垣

  54. Difference between 逆に and それどころか?

  55. How would one convey "get over it" in Japanese?
  56. Is it rude to refer to a person as 古い?

  57. ~か~ないかのうちに vs. 次第

  58. へようこそ and にようこそ

  59. Word Choice: 咽喉 vs. 喉
  60. How would you use the 'と思います' form to say what others are thinking?
  61. What is the difference between ~すぎ and ~すぎる?

  62. How would you say 'I take [---] lessons'?
  63. Difference between 利かせる and 味をつける

  64. Any difference between these three sentences?

  65. どの言葉がなくなったのですか Which words are missing?

  66. What is the difference between ayumu, sanpo and aruku?
  67. Difference between 沸騰する and 沸く

  68. Difference between バスに and バスでスマホを忘れてしまいました

  69. Is there a perfect translation for the word tipsy in Japanese?

  70. What's the difference between に and で when speaking of time of an action?
  71. ~にけがをする versus ~をけがする

  72. ドラゴン vs. ワイバーン vs. 竜
  73. Use of 掛ける vs する for 眼鏡 or サングラス
  74. Difference between ありき and 基盤 in a specific sentence

  75. Different meanings for "endurance"?

  76. Are those sentences correct?
  77. How to say 'No Pressure'

  78. How to say "challenge" in Japanese?

  79. How to use ~~とする
  80. How to say 'Just to add to that' in a meeting
  81. What are the medical masks Japanese people wear called?
  82. How would I say "In what regard" or "in what respect"?

  83. How can I say "I apologize if I sound presumptuous"?
  84. How would you say, "Why can't I have them both?"
  85. What's the difference between から and からには

  86. VかV-negか vs. V | V-neg vs. Vかどうか
  87. Choosing between 大丈夫 or いい when asking/giving permission

  88. How do you say "remaining" in the sense of asking how long someone is staying in the country?

  89. What's the difference between 構成 and 編成?

  90. Is「球が速い」a common expression?
  91. Is it more common to write "wakarimasu" with or without kanji?

  92. What's the difference between the kanji forms for わかる?

  93. What is the difference between 変わる and 変化
  94. と (to) vs に (ni) in a phrase like "I am speaking with/to"

  95. 嬉しい vs 幸せ. Which one to use in this case?
  96. What is the difference between 先生 and 教師?
  97. What's the difference between 行動 and 動作?
  98. Is there a difference between 嘘つき and 嘘つけ ?

  99. What is the difference between ある日 and 一日

  100. How do Japanese use the pharse "その方がいいから"