1. What does the Japanese in this photo mean?
  2. Conditional form comparison (large question)

  3. Is 告らせたい passive?

  4. Is this phrase one sentence, or two? How can you tell?

  5. 微妙に大きく problem translating/understanding
  6. Problem understanding 私のにわか景気

  7. Is [馬面]{うまづら} a facial expression or a type of face shape?

  8. こうして使い物になるのは俺がいるからじゃないか? meaning

  9. What's the best way to translate "cheezy" into Japanese?

  10. What does "なのか" mean in 彼女 が 誰 なのか わかりますか?

  11. Meaning of にほんご の じゅぎょう は どんな じゅぎょう ですか. And what would be the best response to this?

  12. are "papa" and "mama" also used in japanese as father and mother?

  13. Tense of て clauses

  14. 威嚇するのはそれくらいにしておけ meaning?
  15. Help with translating Deep Learning CV

  16. Anyone knows what is the meaning of shingai da na ?

  17. What does 時間が惜しい。この部屋も掃除させてもらうぞ mean?

  18. How do I make sense of the calligraphic characters for 六波羅坂東寺会戦?

  19. Writing "リー" in Foreign Name

  20. ‘Nanpū’ (難風), ‘Bōrei’ (亡霊) and other matters

  21. What is the direct translation of 深さ不明 or Fuka-sa Fumei?

  22. 羨ましく思える か 羨ましいと思える か
  23. Expressing hope for other people to do/be/have something

  24. Interpretation of "ならできるよう"
  25. why does 対する sometimes translate to `for` and sometimes `towards`

  26. Understanding the usage of もう with present tense verbs
  27. What's the meaning of 私たち三人? Does it make sense?
  28. What does あとな mean here?

  29. What does 稀な公募 mean?

  30. しとけ and sentence translation

  31. What do you like about me?
  32. Translation help - where do I put 覚えて?

  33. Is it OK to promote an object as the topic and change all relevant verbs to passive forms?

  34. How are musical beats counted?
  35. やることもなく ; "doing nothing" or "doing nothing but/except"

  36. What is くらんたぁのクセして?

  37. How to express that I'm still learning Japanese?
  38. Expressing 50% uncertainty
  39. Could the animal "lion" be represented by シ or by ツ
  40. What does 行う (おこなう) mean?

  41. Choosing the correct level of politeness when translating foreign material

  42. How to use じゃ in grammar?
  43. "I have multi-lingual ability" or "I'm a multi-lingual",how to say it?
  44. Is マネージャー suitable when describing a manager working in a large business?

  45. What is the difference between 変わる and 変化
  46. How do I parse this sentence? (年中行事について)
  47. Understanding the structure of this particular sentence

  48. What does it mean when someone says まあ a couple of times?
  49. Can you explain この建物は築100年以上たっている to me?

  50. How to say "chorus" in japanese?

  51. Meaning of いいのかな and 逃げなくて

  52. What does 蔵を立つくらい勉強なさい mean

  53. question about ったら and どうするんだろう

  54. The characters of the name Hiro

  55. How do you say "My respects." in Japanese?

  56. Jikoshoukai for Interview. 「My Strength and Weakness are...」
  57. Meaning and translation of "プラスアルファ”
  58. Meaning of this sentence by a yakuza

  59. I got my car back!

  60. masu/masho, desu/desho, and -tai forms of verbs

  61. How to translate 動詞+かのような+名詞?
  62. I need help translating as I'm Confused with かのような
  63. What does this mean? It's the opposite of 通行止 as far as I know

  64. What does おゆ mean after れい

  65. Meaning of 率いる in the following sentence
  66. What is the word for FISH in Japanese? Sakana or Uo?
  67. Attack on Titan use of 一体
  68. How does はっとばすぞ translate as "Don't make me hit you"?
  69. How should I interpret どうなりたっかたんだろう

  70. Is the word for walk (sanpo) a verb?
  71. Question about や particle preceding つらい支配

  72. How to say "it became a classic"?

  73. Relative with repeated subject

  74. 選ぶ or 決める for ”First Choose a color"

  75. What does イケメン mean?
  76. understanding hōgejaku -- an archaic imperative?

  77. Question about repeating the object after だ

  78. Missing Watashi from Textbook Translation

  79. Weird battle cry in manga
  80. 世界の年平均気温の偏差の経年変化 meaning

  81. Translation of うらめしや
  82. Language Encoding difference in Chrome

  83. How to say "I hope to be back in Japan sometime next year"
  84. What is ととと in this sentence?
  85. Deconstructing this sentence

  86. 技術的な質問(HTTP) Technical question

  87. Examples of how to use した, しも and もと for 下?
  88. Word "切り開く" / "きりひらく"

  89. Using because when the reason isn't a sentence?
  90. Can't wrap my mind around this sentence

  91. こういうの in the midddle of a sentence

  92. Why use の in this phrase?

  93. true meaning of "jiko"

  94. Strange use of はてる

  95. What does 微力を尽くします。mean?
  96. Potential verb + でも: meaning?

  97. とし in this sentence, among other problems

  98. Use of なら in this context; translation help!
  99. How do you say 'the will to live' in Japanese?
  100. How to translate "希望し 努力し 感謝して生きる" into English?