1. Problem understanding この素晴しい世界に祝福を!
  2. What does カラオケと遊ぶのが大好きです mean?
  3. Combination Characters

  4. The meaning of 吸口 in this context

  5. Trouble comprehending a sentence with ~ように
  6. 微妙に大きく problem translating/understanding

  7. What does it mean when someone uses -kun after a person's name?
  8. Meaning of 足のつかない?
  9. What does どうせ mean in this context?

  10. What does 様 mean here?
  11. Meaning of 一人目はやはり、君になったか。, やはり and か shenanigans
  12. what does wankyuu mean? kanji is 椀久

  13. What is the meaning of のか and how does it differ from か?

  14. What does お使いになられた mean
  15. are "papa" and "mama" also used in japanese as father and mother?
  16. Trouble understanding a sentence

  17. Meaning of 黙って買い

  18. The repetition of "取れる" in this sentence and it's meaning?
  19. Cohortative ましょう with and without the auxiliary construction ~てみる

  20. What does 日 mean when used with days of month?
  21. How do I make sense of the calligraphic characters for 六波羅坂東寺会戦?

  22. Is the meaning of 宝くじ contextual?
  23. ‘Nanpū’ (難風), ‘Bōrei’ (亡霊) and other matters

  24. Particle は seems like it should be を in this sentence

  25. 羨ましく思える か 羨ましいと思える か
  26. Why is との used in this?

  27. Understanding the use of "を貫き通せる"
  28. Verb + shi vs verb + tari --> what's the difference?

  29. Meaning and usage of -つう tsuu?
  30. Interpretation of "ならできるよう"
  31. Meaning of ぶつぶつ

  32. What is the difference between 月々 and 毎月?
  33. Nuances of: ふっと、ふと、ひょっこり、 どっと、 さっさ、不意に、唐突、突然、急に and いきなり。
  34. Understanding the usage of もう with present tense verbs

  35. Particle usage of は and が in this sentence
  36. The aspect of the verb 窺う

  37. 詰まり vs 即ち? Tsumari vs Sunawachi?
  38. と after listing things with たり
  39. Is 「~していれば」a conditional verb form?

  40. Alternate meaning for えぐい

  41. What is くらんたぁのクセして?

  42. Expressing 50% uncertainty

  43. What is って in どうかしらって?

  44. What does 行う (おこなう) mean?

  45. Tanuki. Red panda or raccoon dog?

  46. Is this a pre-noun adjectival?
  47. How to use じゃ in grammar?

  48. 悟る vs 気づく vs 分かる Satoru vs Kizuku vs Wakaru

  49. Is マネージャー suitable when describing a manager working in a large business?
  50. 装着 vs 着装? Souchaku vs Chakusou
  51. To Underestimate: Nameru vs Anadoru 舐める vs 侮る

  52. What is the difference between 変わる and 変化

  53. What is the difference between 怖じける and 恐れる?
  54. Meaning of きれい in this sentence
  55. What does "taka" mean in this sentence
  56. True meaning of はい、どうぞ

  57. What is 奴 doing in 冷奴?
  58. Reduplication mark 々

  59. How do you say "My respects." in Japanese?
  60. What's the meaning of おまっとさんどす?
  61. Meaning of かませるワンちゃん

  62. Meaning of this sentence by a yakuza
  63. What does this ~ば mean, is this some irregular use of the conditional?

  64. difference between 虚実 and 真偽

  65. Please help me translate this thshirt I got from Wish!

  66. What does this mean? It's the opposite of 通行止 as far as I know

  67. Meaning of 率いる in the following sentence
  68. How can I understand 構成?
  69. Three different meanings of "と" in one sentence?

  70. Monster/Kaibutsu question: 怪物 or 化け物

  71. How does はっとばすぞ translate as "Don't make me hit you"?

  72. What does シンメ状態 mean?

  73. Are 汚い and いやらしい the same?

  74. meaning of 「気遣ひいたすも一致なれば」

  75. Meaning of きれい事じゃないんだ
  76. How to interpret どいつもこいつも and ばかりに in this sentence?

  77. Confused about そうでおられます

  78. Is お茶を飲みます just "I will drink tea" or does it have other meanings?

  79. What does イケメン mean?
  80. What does 「/\」 mean in this sentence?

  81. Why use 行き and not 行きたい?

  82. How to recognize the abbreviation of spoken Japanese?
  83. Weird battle cry in manga

  84. The etymology and meaning of Oss, Osu, Ossu
  85. Verbs Which Change Form but not Meaning

  86. should 投げ槍 be used or 投げ遣り?

  87. Difference between 撮る and 記録する

  88. The correct pronunciation of this phrase?

  89. Deconstructing this sentence
  90. Meaning of 果たして?
  91. What is the purpose of 手 here?

  92. "Neee" instead of one's name or before his name -- what does this mean?

  93. What does おめでとう煜ございます mean?
  94. Word "切り開く" / "きりひらく"
  95. Is グギイイ a sound effect?

  96. What is the meaning of 壊れる when referring to a person?

  97. Can おまかせ be used to mean "random" in things like video games?

  98. Is 別れる the intransitive form of 分ける?

  99. おおい / すくない+[noun]は あまりつかいません
  100. Meaning of 感じる in sexual context