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  1. Problem understanding この素晴しい世界に祝福を!

  2. Relating parts of sentences

  3. Can さん or 君 be used on animals?
  4. What does it mean when someone uses -kun after a person's name?

  5. What is the purpose of と here? へと-construction
  6. What's the difference between 話 and 話し

  7. 微妙に大きく problem translating/understanding
  8. Problem understanding 私のにわか景気

  9. How is と used here?

  10. How does ように function here?

  11. Using は or が instead of を cases
  12. What do 出ている and 中上級向け文法書 express here
  13. What is expressed through this sentence?

  14. Hiragana - Long vowel e (ei or ee)
  15. Is usage of ように appropritate in "Offer to do something"?

  16. I don’t get what this person wanted to tell me
  17. What does きかい and おより mean on this question?

  18. Why are a high proportion of basic Japanese words written in hiragana?
  19. Meaning of 足のつかない?

  20. What does どうせ mean in this context?

  21. What does 様 mean here?
  22. Mobile game for kids for fun learning

  23. What is っしゃ here?

  24. Is [馬面]{うまづら} a facial expression or a type of face shape?

  25. Understanding てくる in these sentences

  26. If a word is both a na-adjective and a no-adjective, should I use a 'no' or a 'na'
  27. Are フィ、ファ、フェ and フォ still pronounced with a bilabial fricative or just a normal English "f"?

  28. What does 「なりき」 mean in this context?

  29. くれぇ in this sentence?
  30. こうして使い物になるのは俺がいるからじゃないか? meaning
  31. What's the best way to translate "cheezy" into Japanese?

  32. What do the triangles, circles, and squares mean in the context of manga?

  33. What is the meaning of this テイル形

  34. What is the difference between the imperative forms of the -aru verbs?

  35. 話を聞く connected?
  36. Grammatical Flexibility
  37. Meaning of 一人目はやはり、君になったか。, やはり and か shenanigans

  38. Difference between ”が”はじまる and ”は”はじまる

  39. what does wankyuu mean? kanji is 椀久

  40. What is the meaning of のか and how does it differ from か?

  41. What does "なのか" mean in 彼女 が 誰 なのか わかりますか?
  42. Meaning of 運動神経が良い

  43. Does the use of 予 such as in 猶予 to mean "in advance" have any precedent in Chinese?

  44. The Japanese for bonded joint

  45. Do 山人 and 仙人 have the same meaning of they mean different things?

  46. Are most kanji characters morphemes?

  47. What would be a correct term to describe a "cheesy" line?

  48. The usage of the ん in this sentence

  49. Can 19日 be read as じゅうきゅうにち?

  50. Using な and の interchangeably?
  51. Can を used with だ/です
  52. What does お使いになられた mean
  53. How to say "XX san, is it okay to meet up at 1PM on Sunday?" in a semi-formal way
  54. Meaning of にほんご の じゅぎょう は どんな じゅぎょう ですか. And what would be the best response to this?
  55. Kanji radical names

  56. Male speech pronunciation changes for i-adjectives

  57. Does using 「だ」in だと思う actually serve a practical purpose?
  58. Unknown implied verb with さよならを

  59. are "papa" and "mama" also used in japanese as father and mother?
  60. Is the Japanese word "pan" (パン) related in its origins to the Spanish word "pan"?
  61. When to use nani and when to use nanda?

  62. Difference between 「際」 and 「時」?

  63. というは rather than?
  64. Romanization of じ and ジ with ji and zi

  65. はずかぴー という意味は?教えてください

  66. Using たい-form in qualifiers
  67. Dragging one's feet for politeness

  68. Tense of て clauses

  69. "Dewa" for changing the subject

  70. What does shite oke mean?
  71. Reduplicated words
  72. 威嚇するのはそれくらいにしておけ meaning?
  73. Help with translating Deep Learning CV

  74. What's the difference between these words for 'priest'?
  75. Terms for Royalty

  76. 明日来る ,明日に来る, 明日で来る

  77. What does ガ~ン! mean here?

  78. Anyone knows what is the meaning of shingai da na ?
  79. What does 時間が惜しい。この部屋も掃除させてもらうぞ mean?
  80. Different nuances between four constructions meaning "whether or not"

  81. Trouble understanding a sentence

  82. How would you say “especially if~” in japanese?

  83. Meaning of 黙って買い

  84. Why is Eden written as エデン in Japanese?

  85. The repetition of "取れる" in this sentence and it's meaning?

  86. How does this 飾る work?
  87. Topic seems unrelated to the rest of the sentence
  88. Meaning of XばXだけY vs. XばXほどY

  89. What does (name) だってそうだ mean?

  90. How does one say 'tried as an adult' in Japanese?

  91. Cohortative ましょう with and without the auxiliary construction ~てみる
  92. Questions relating to連体修飾
  93. Is なの the casual form of んです or is んだ?

  94. What does 日 mean when used with days of month?
  95. How do I make sense of the calligraphic characters for 六波羅坂東寺会戦?

  96. Particles in Japanese sentences
  97. What does ...のなんでやろ。 mean? Is that a やる verb? is の a normalization particle? If so, what is なんで?

  98. Is the meaning of 宝くじ contextual?
  99. Are Japanese modifiers "greedy", "anti-greedy", or do they mean whatever people choose them to mean?

  100. Writing "リー" in Foreign Name