1. What are the guidelines to completing high level rifts as 2-player team?

  2. Farm low-level Legendary items for Kanai Cube extraction?

  3. How does the life-draining effect of Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band work?
  4. Do Demon Hunter sentries benefit from Big Bad Voodoo?

  5. Is a weapon with higher min/max damage better than a higher DPS for Demon Hunters?
  6. As Demon Hunter, what first skill should my NPC Templar use?

  7. How can I most efficiently find the House of Curios in Diablo 3 v2.6.1?

  8. Attack Speed Breakpoints In Diablo 3

  9. What are the names of the lore heroes?
  10. What are the languages packs and subtitle languages in Diablo 3 on windows
  11. How can I avoid clicking quite so much?
  12. How to view support tickets without having to login to Blizzard?

  13. How do I get rid of this funny number at the top left of the screen?

  14. How do you avoid Belial's slam attacks?

  15. What do the different color hit splats in Diablo 3 represent?
  16. Can you use WASD for movement in Diablo 3?

  17. What is the effect "Blood oozes from you" on a Blood-Magic Blade?
  18. Party with Local and Remote Members - PS4

  19. Does Threatening Shout: Falter stack?

  20. Diablo III - Imperial gem drops at level ~13?
  21. What happens when you die?

  22. What is the best Legendary augment for a Monk in Diablo 3?
  23. What happened to the heroes from Diablo 2?

  24. Is it possible to kill Iskatu in Adventure Mode?

  25. Carnevil losing DPS of my fetishes?
  26. What is a conquest this season (12)?

  27. Are there any regular holiday events?
  28. Which items are in the three gifts of Haedrig?

  29. Is it possible to manage Battle.net friends out of game?

  30. What Necromancer summons are considered 'minions' and 'pets"?

  31. Why can't Monks equip two-handed maces?

  32. As a Monk, will my skills be hindered by equipping a shield?

  33. Can you play local co-op on Diablo 3 Starter Edition?

  34. How can a demon hunter wear a dagger and a hand crossbow?

  35. How do I add sockets to an item?
  36. Your goblin routes in season 11?

  37. How can people farm for set pieces in diablo 3?
  38. Seasonal gear used on non seasonal characters?

  39. What qualifies for primal ancient items?

  40. Who are the voice actors for the player characters and followers?

  41. Is it possible to have more than 4 Zombie Dogs?
  42. Is there any way to buy the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm digital deluxe edition?
  43. What happens to my legendary gem after an ancient augmentation?
  44. Bounty Rewards Increase by Torment?

  45. How can I keep an eye on my "absorb shield" hp in combat?

  46. How can I browse public games in Diablo 3?
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  48. How are players matched in multiplayer, after difficulty selection?

  49. Can I click to move on the Main Map (M key) or Mini-map?

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  55. What are the advantages of hardcore mode?
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  57. Which weapons can be socketed with a Gem of Ease for powerleveling?

  58. How do I access the Diablo 3 auction house?
  59. Diablo III: Where can Bandit Shrines be found?
  60. What sense does it make to use the gem of ease in a support barbarian, if the barbarian does not kill anything?

  61. Strategy for Arachyr's set dungeon
  62. What are the (exact) rewards for completing Set Dungeons?

  63. What's the best difficulty to farm a "Ring of Royal Grandeur"?
  64. Do pets count towards "per attack" and "on hit"?

  65. "Highlighted" descructible items in Diablo 3, are they significant in any way?
  66. Helltooth 6-piece set bonus, does it apply to existing pets or only on recast?

  67. When chasing treasure goblins, should I leave them living as long as possible, if I can control it?

  68. Diablo 3 and Torment difficulty levels, "New legendary items become available at level 70"?

  69. What skills/passives proc Tal Rasha stacks, but are not cast for Etched Sigil?

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  75. Safe to play with random strangers in D3 seasons on console?
  76. With Patch 2.5, how do I use Kanai's Cube since I have no direct access to crafting materials?
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  79. D3, good gear, paragon and still weak
  80. How does one most effectively progress from Torment I upwards?

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  87. Where did clans go from Diablo 3 RoS?

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  90. How do I avoid dying?
  91. How do I use the 32-bit client?

  92. How do I get the achievement "An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision"?
  93. Is it possible to get lower tier upgrade ingredients at a high level?

  94. Where can I get a Red Soul Shard?
  95. How do I access the 20th anniversary level?

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  97. Is the Bloodstained Letter bugged?
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