1. I need to further understand how to use “stringent” in a sentence

  2. How can I transform?
  3. I need clarification on the use of the word "either"

  4. "Closet" vs. "wardrobe" Why is the first more common in the US?

  5. What's wrong with the word 'twice'?

  6. In which dialects has "right" been used as an adverb meaning "very"?

  7. Specific use of the word "contrast"

  8. How to properly use "literally" to further provide information about a translation
  9. Difference between "be tagged as" or "be labelled as"?

  10. Is it appropriate to use the word "graciousness"?
  11. Use of the word "coefficient" in this sentence
  12. usage of "look down at" to convey a meaning
  13. What's a better way of saying "This assignment will ..." or "This essay will ..."

  14. Paragon as a Verb

  15. word meraki as a tattoo
  16. Is the use of the word 'who' justified here?

  17. Why do we commonly use "all day" but not "all hour"?

  18. “Exceptionally, I play tennis.” – Odd use of “exceptionally”?

  19. Is "Spring would already be better" correct in English?
  20. Can we use 'describe' to replace the word 'characterise'?

  21. Where the "Pardon" word comes from?
  22. What does "Slide on build" stand for in the PPt presentation?

  23. how to use 'whereby'
  24. Definition of brief (verb)?
  25. imparts such values as -or- imparts values such as

  26. Is there anything that cannot be called a thing?
  27. "Polarized" or "polarizing" opinions?
  28. "I shoulda 'STOOD' IN BED?"

  29. Why did 'and such' become so frequently used recently?

  30. Mind + Action Ing? is it correct for ask anything to someone?

  31. Why is "substitute" used incorrectly in this sentence: "I would like to substitute the French fries with mashed potatoes"?
  32. Usage of SUCH and its meaning
  33. Using "such" + article form
  34. Anyone know the word that the teal haired dude(itsuki) says in this video?

  35. Two identical prepositions in a sentence

  36. researching greater detail about word difficulty
  37. "I very like it" is right or wrong?

  38. "regrettably" vs "regretfully"

  39. Please help to score and give feedbacks on my ielts writing below. Thank you in advance!

  40. Which is best: botany lab, botanical lab or flora lab?
  41. What is the difference between "irreligious" and "non-religious"?

  42. Is it acceptable that the verb "absorb" is used intransitively, especially in the medical and advertising communities?

  43. What originated the use of hawkish in a figurative sense?

  44. How did the relatively new usage of the word "convicted" to mean "committed" or "dedicated" come about?

  45. How can I (programmatically) distinguish between descriptive and non-descriptive adjectives?
  46. Corrected a cover letter

  47. "Normalise" or "normalize" (British English)?
  48. a formulation 'within' an engineering problem VS a formulation 'for' an engineering problem

  49. Is it "to be sad over" or "to be sad about"?
  50. Usage of would Vs will in a sentence
  51. The usage of notably
  52. "Negative" vs "Minus" when referring to the temperature below zero?

  53. Can you explain what "for which" means here in this sentence?

  54. What's the difference between ‘old-fashioned’, ‘obsolete’ and ‘antiquated’?
  55. Meaning of "Officious" to include exploiting a minor office?

  56. Is it correct to use "but" as a positive connecting word?

  57. How did the term "esquire" come to be used for lawyers?

  58. Is using 'would' correct in this situation?
  59. Usage for 'out of'
  60. Usage of "one" after an ordinal number
  61. How do you make a promise?
  62. Interchangeability of strike and establish

  63. Should I reply with thanks?

  64. Correct or incorrect use of the word “Criminalistic”?
  65. Can we use patient as a verb?

  66. How does the word "screaming" modify the verb phrase "come out"?
  67. Which English dialect(s) use "ennet" to mean "duck"?

  68. Usage of the word "untrusted" and possible synonyms
  69. What are the best words to describe subjects being compared?

  70. Can one “climb down a road”?

  71. Use of "Whether" in a statement which includes should

  72. Definite article before proper nouns?

  73. When does 'okay' work as an answer to a question to replace yes?

  74. Words describing types of conversation
  75. Show vs. present
  76. How were "might" and "may" used in the past?

  77. Why 'the' is used before 'smoke'?

  78. represent in "front of, before or in dealing with"
  79. Please help explain this long sentence
  80. "Consist in" vs. "consist of"
  81. Could 'traceless' mean 'nowhere to be found'?

  82. Do native English speakers sometimes refer to nightclubs as bars?
  83. Why are cup sizes referred to as "double X" not "X squared" or "two X's"?

  84. Insolvable, insoluble, and unsolvable
  85. Can a female proprietor be called as "proprietor"?

  86. What is the difference between "Average" and "Mediocre"

  87. What does herald in "a herald introduction" mean?

  88. Agreeing on a time subject to change using the world 'preliminary'

  89. Usage of word "treat" in context of "a party"

  90. hapax legomenon for a phrase?
  91. what does proof mean in "social proof"?

  92. Does the sentence: "While common credence..." make sense?

  93. Is anonymize an English word?

  94. Using “domination of” to show skillfulness
  95. Could you clarify this guideline "You use a plural count noun with no article if you mean all or any of that thing."?
  96. Best regards - used more frequently in e-mail by non-native speakers?

  97. Better alternative for Mythology

  98. "Before" vs. "in front of"

  99. Meaning of dysphoria

  100. Which is correct: debut 'in' or 'at'?