1. The most idiomatic verb for "connection"? create? establish? draw? ...?

  2. Questioning my use of "in question"

  3. Usage of "the blessing of giving more than receiving" in a complex pargraph - a few questions

  4. What word to use when you don't want to eat more food?

  5. "Speaking of which" vs "Speaking of such"

  6. 'Lodge a complaint' vs 'file a complaint'
  7. "Elaborate" as a transitive verb?
  8. Looking for a word to describe someone who feels or believes he or she is too good for any improvement

  9. Which form of "ridiculous/ridiculously" is correct in this sentence, and why?
  10. Word for "show interest more"?

  11. To think a little about it VS not thinking at all
  12. What's the difference between "to my mind", "in my opinion" and "in my view"?

  13. Is “Master of Architecture Graduate” grammatically correct?

  14. Is it appropriate to use the word "graciousness"?
  15. "Account Buttons" or "Accounts Buttons"
  16. "a" or "the" in front of job title?
  17. put each sentence into passive voice in two different ways

  18. Verb describing chainsaw making that bursting sound when you push the throttle trigger
  19. usage of "look down at" to convey a meaning

  20. What's a better way of saying "This assignment will ..." or "This essay will ..."
  21. Use of aliign for interest and calibre
  22. Words with multiple meanings
  23. Right construction of sentence in a wedding reception invitation card

  24. What term describes workers that are not "knowledge workers"?
  25. Where the "Pardon" word comes from?

  26. Difference between "Center" and "Centre"

  27. Interval, intermission and break
  28. "Walk the walk" vs. "talk the talk" vs. "walk the talk"

  29. Modern use of "I should think" vs. "I would think" in speech

  30. What preposition is used after "enthusiastic": "for" or "about"?

  31. imparts such values as -or- imparts values such as
  32. Is it 'an' humiliating, or 'a' humiliating defeat?
  33. When should I use "a" vs "an"?
  34. ”…you think of (or) about tomato ketchup”?

  35. Why is "with the telescope" correct?
  36. Are all fees becoming "nominal"?

  37. Someone Selective About Sharing Information / Knowledge for Exclusive Use
  38. Word for something that you sold everything to buy?
  39. Is "agreeance" a proper word?
  40. Are the words "preparation" and "planning" synonyms?

  41. "Synced" or "Synchronized"?
  42. "a rebuke to" or "a rebuke of" - are the prepositions interchangeable?

  43. What differences are there between "annually", "yearly", and "every year"?
  44. "Awoken" vs. "awaked"
  45. Word that describes a problem that is missing a precondition

  46. Suggestion for an essay title
  47. I'm puzzled about this subordinate clause
  48. Why did 'and such' become so frequently used recently?
  49. Correct preposition for dual citizenship

  50. Mind + Action Ing? is it correct for ask anything to someone?

  51. Can we use the wording "We can not only ... but also ..."?

  52. Anyone know the word that the teal haired dude(itsuki) says in this video?

  53. How can I rephrase this sentence without "itself"?

  54. Is "irresoluteoscillating" a word? Strange result from Thesaurus.com

  55. Urine-colored straw

  56. Please help to score and give feedbacks on my ielts writing below. Thank you in advance!

  57. "Help somebody with" vs "Help somebody in"

  58. "Issued" or "were issued"?
  59. Which is best: botany lab, botanical lab or flora lab?

  60. Is "how much ever" correct here?
  61. What's the word/phrase that you use to say: you're just changing the words, yet the meaning/intent is still the same?

  62. Word for a copy of a copy when the copier has never seen the original

  63. Can you use "query" to begin a sentence?
  64. Is "Compasses" a typo?

  65. Which of the following is more common in British English? in American English?

  66. Is it "to be sad over" or "to be sad about"?

  67. "Which" instead of "Where"

  68. Should I say "Your order is now complete" or "Your order is now completed"?

  69. A word for something familiar, but in reality not

  70. A more specific word like “sheepish” when you realise you overreacted
  71. Is it idiomatically and grammatically correct to say "expertise that cope with the latest demand"?
  72. Is using 'would' correct in this situation?

  73. Interchangeability of strike and establish

  74. The use of the term 'gentlewoman'
  75. What is an adjective for: "desperately and in panic"

  76. Ambition vs Aspiration

  77. "in", "on" or "at" with software or applications

  78. Expression to mean "in action"

  79. Better alternative for "vice versa"

  80. Need an antonym of "Renaissance Man"

  81. What's a verb that means "to say something in a singing way"
  82. Usage of the word "untrusted" and possible synonyms

  83. What are the best words to describe subjects being compared?

  84. Is it "convince someone to" or "convince someone of"?
  85. When does 'okay' work as an answer to a question to replace yes?

  86. 'Consume' as a noun

  87. Words describing types of conversation

  88. Show vs. present

  89. What is the rule when you use a verb before a list of nouns?

  90. What is a person (not a company) who provides a service called?
  91. "Consist in" vs. "consist of"

  92. Expect +to VS expect + ing

  93. Which / What do you prefer, tea or coffee?

  94. What differences are there between "at the end" and "in the end"?

  95. Can “due to” and “because of ” be used interchangeably?

  96. Negative sentence, more than or no more than
  97. Can a female proprietor be called as "proprietor"?
  98. That is what …. . This is what …. Can these be used interchangeably here?

  99. What's the difference between "be careful about/of/with/in"?

  100. A phrase/word for a Logical Jump in argument