1. How do you say "Come on, man" to a woman?

  2. What is the word for the opposite of "preferred"?
  3. I wasn't known vs i didn't know

  4. Hi English is not my native language i own a website and i want a suitable title

  5. How do I convert this sentence to third person
  6. What's a word to describe an apartment when its owners are on vacation?

  7. Should we use the word "Actually" before a sentence?
  8. Synonyms of Talk about
  9. Is it erroneous to use "nude" and "naked" to refer to a half-covered body?

  10. My glasses has "prescription?" (comparing with fashion glasses) What is a better/correct term?
  11. Do you "buy on" or "buy from" online webshops?

  12. What's the difference between "steady" and "stable" and "stationary" and "still"?

  13. What preposition is used after "enthusiastic": "for" or "about"?

  14. Using a comma before “which”, and whether to use “which” or “that”

  15. Usage / examples of "of which"
  16. Is there a purpose behind strange "this will serve as" language for airline announcements?
  17. Someone Selective About Sharing Information / Knowledge for Exclusive Use

  18. If X is positively correlated with Y, how do I write that down?

  19. How to link two sentences?

  20. Choose s name for my device

  21. What differences are there between "annually", "yearly", and "every year"?
  22. "a rebuke to" or "a rebuke of" - are the prepositions interchangeable?
  23. What is the best way to describe a "bad legacy"?

  24. Difficulties understanding a question, want to understand better

  25. How to say: "I will try to move it to an earlier time" or what is the opposite of "delay"
  26. Difference between "tangible" and "perceptible"
  27. Is it "concert of them" or "concert of theirs"
  28. Upside down vs downside up

  29. Which is the proper word regarding past tense Thank, Thought, or Thunk?

  30. "Dominates" in a positive manner
  31. Im looking for other words or ways to say "work" & "practice"
  32. Using "utilize" instead of "use"?
  33. Hamper, impede, hinder, cumber, hurdle, handicap. How those are different and when to use?

  34. Term for describing defensive reflexes when no harmful action is being initiated

  35. Collective term for race, gender, age, religion, income class, etc

  36. Deficiency vs Imperfection

  37. What is a term used to describe a something daunting but beautiful?

  38. Work and task difference
  39. Is there a more formal way of saying this?

  40. "a good man" or "a good fit"?

  41. "sample" vs "specimen" in a scientific document on condensed matter physics
  42. "give me five" and "slap me five", any difference?

  43. Word for a copy of a copy when the copier has never seen the original

  44. Correct usage of "see" vs. "watch"
  45. Correct Grammar in : " Applications for employment by the WTO

  46. "graduated with degree" vs "graduated"
  47. What is the difference between "vice" and "deputy"?
  48. What is the difference between being taken into custody vs being detained?

  49. scope of work and supply list

  50. How to describe a person who loves normal room temperature that’s 79 to 84 degrees?

  51. What is the most common word for a student with special duties who helps the teacher?

  52. I love you, and will always do? Or always will?
  53. What would you call a person (female) who dislikes being around Men's shaving foam/lather?
  54. Is this form correct?

  55. Is it correct to use the comparative adjective "blacker?"

  56. A word for something familiar, but in reality not
  57. Can “due to” and “because of ” be used interchangeably?

  58. Alternative to "yeah" as an acknowledgement
  59. Use of participle 'considered' in the sense 'currently under consideration'
  60. How did both pouncer and spouncer come to mean a foam applicator for stenciling?
  61. How to verbalize a feeling that is opposite to wanting to commit suicide?

  62. "The new line of vehicles benefits" or "benefit"?
  63. should I say "companies directors" or "company directors" when I am describing many directors of different companies?
  64. What is an adjective for: "desperately and in panic"

  65. Struck vs Stricken
  66. Word that means really committed/devoted
  67. Should we Use "Will" when we want to do things for someone & "Would" when we want someone to do things for us?
  68. Is the word 'staithe' used outside of Norfolk?

  69. "disrupted" or "subdued"?
  70. A word for one who loves only one girl throughout his life

  71. "On tomorrow" vs. "by tomorrow"
  72. Better alternative for "vice versa"

  73. Which is more appropriate for a SaaS (Software as a Service) business: 'dealer' or 'reseller'?

  74. Question about a bakery I used to work for
  75. Which to use in the following sentence, Me or Myself?

  76. How to ask a user to make a choice
  77. How to use "hinder" in a sentence?
  78. "Verse" or "Verses"?

  79. What are the best words to describe subjects being compared?
  80. "Support team lead" or "support team leader"
  81. Correct English

  82. Using "as" to connect sentences or omitting it to create a relative clause

  83. What will be archaic form of Should, Would, Could for third person singular?

  84. What do I call a person who submits content?
  85. When do you use "middle" and when "center"?
  86. Meaning of this phrase
  87. "Conscribed" vs "conscripted"

  88. Should I prefer "asker" or "questioner" for a person who asked a question?

  89. Words describing types of conversation
  90. "There is a car on/in the street"

  91. Word or expression for this kind of person
  92. Which is correct: "I do not share your hate" or I do not share your hatred"?

  93. "Magic" versus "magical"
  94. Difference between "champion" and "championship"
  95. Negative sentence, more than or no more than

  96. English equivalent of "amae" (甘え) - the feeling of pleasurable dependence on another person
  97. That is what …. . This is what …. Can these be used interchangeably here?

  98. What is the difference between "peasant" and "villager"?

  99. 'A' vs 'An' ufotable Production
  100. "Foreign students" vs "International students"