1. Word to describe an absorbing activity which causes one to fail to notice the passage of large amounts of time
  2. The most idiomatic verb for "connection"? create? establish? draw? ...?
  3. What’s the word for the sexual attraction that comes from sensing your partner’s own lust?
  4. Nervous Tic: Splaying Hands

  5. Confusion caused by delays in human communication: layman's term word or phrase

  6. Noun for a person who appreciates the experience of living with and through hand-made/human-made stuff?
  7. "Cannot be disproven" e.g. solipsism is ______

  8. A person who acts in front of people differently

  9. Is there any adverb or phrase to introduce a supporting quotation?

  10. Is there a Germanic word for "science"?
  11. Words that sound like the letter they begin with

  12. What do you say "to achieve more than the goal"?
  13. Word(s) for being grounded because of circumstance

  14. What is the single word for this style of mixing?

  15. Antonym for "thimble"
  16. What would you call entities that are early in adopting and the ones late in adopting technologies or modernity

  17. Single word request for the effect of an expert's presence
  18. Word that describes a person's occupation?

  19. A term meaning "a name used as an embodiment of a concept"
  20. Single word for a person who makes things difficult
  21. Single word request for exercise book

  22. Word for somebody who does a trial of something new

  23. Synonyms for "open" or "exposed" pages on a table?

  24. Word for an intense look

  25. Is there an antonym for "spam"?

  26. Contemporary equivalent of the word "moxie" as defined herein

  27. Word or phrase for writing that "reads fast"
  28. Term for a person who insinuates that another's kindness was actually self serving
  29. People who treat living things with kindness and love: word/term

  30. Looking for a word to describe someone who feels or believes he or she is too good for any improvement
  31. Specific verb or phrase for holding or transporting something in this particular way

  32. Word for "show interest more"?

  33. looking for another way to say "private room"

  34. Any idioms to express calling or visiting a company to get information, pretending to be customer?
  35. Word for people older than the speaker in school?
  36. Is there any adjective or phrase to describe two people with different approaches?
  37. "To flow or cause to spread every part of the body"?
  38. Whats a word for guilt for not doing something you want to?

  39. Is there a positive verb "to not do anything about"?

  40. Hypernym for comparisons (less than / greater than)

  41. Any specific word for an emotional person?

  42. What word would denote a person who connects a person to another person who has the same needs, situation or struggles?
  43. Is it correct to say "overly optimistic writers"?

  44. Phrase for spending time away from your family or home doing something with friends

  45. How do you describe an act of making a mistake on purpose, but convincing even yourself it was an accident?
  46. What is the single word to describe a gymholic person as his/her hobby?
  47. Word for taking users/consumers away from another
  48. What's the opposite of 'soporific'?

  49. Word for someone who loves bright colours

  50. put each sentence into passive voice in two different ways

  51. single word for one who eats the same food all the time

  52. What is a word for making something seem not as bad as it actually is?

  53. Which word begins with "y" and looks like an axe in this picture?
  54. What's the adjective for the spoon when some one uses the spoon, scoops and licks it and then gives the same spoon to other
  55. More traditional word for 'now-centric'
  56. Verb describing chainsaw making that bursting sound when you push the throttle trigger
  57. What do you call someone who cares more about what someone else does than that person themselves?

  58. Paragon as a Verb

  59. Word indicating that the authority of the speaker changes the meaning

  60. Database user adjectives

  61. Field Name for "positive, negative or neutral"

  62. A word(not phrase) for 'celebrating something without understanding'
  63. A term that can be used to describe a person in this situation?

  64. Is there a term for the "due-ness" of something?
  65. Term for period between vernal and autumnal equinox
  66. What is it called when someone attacks a person and the offender gets an even worse reputation?

  67. Is there a verb form for how an effigy relates to its target or referent?
  68. One word for "bringing someone up to speed"

  69. What would you call the stylistic omission of punctuation?
  70. What's another word for 'the only option?'
  71. Is there a single word for the image associated with a movie?
  72. Is there an adjective that means "under development"? I need one for a document title
  73. Can you suggest a word for something considered suburban and unsophisticated?
  74. turn the following sentences into passive
  75. Can "informatively" be used in this way (like a disclaimer)?

  76. What's the word for something that you have to do, even though you don't want to
  77. Is there a name for the tone of voice that modern British newsreaders use when announcing serious subjects?
  78. Advanced English: What can be "rather than a subtle ______ " in movies?
  79. I need the name for a shape

  80. Word or phrase that refers to the person who is the "focus" in a video?
  81. What is the person with whom you share the same interests?

  82. What do you call this sign: #?

  83. What is the word for: "transform into words"?
  84. Someone Selective About Sharing Information / Knowledge for Exclusive Use

  85. Is there a word describing a situation or name for someone that responds to a legitimate complaint with reasons why their complaint is not valid

  86. What's the adjective form of "sauce" as "salty" is to "salt"?

  87. How would you describe the sound of the horn of a car, bicycle, delivery van
  88. Partially melted snow on ground

  89. A word to describe a subjective yet natural feeling about something
  90. Histonic cancer: Ok English? Or, Japanese English?

  91. Term for toddler-mispronounced words

  92. Word for stupid and happy?

  93. Single word for "making someone work hard to achieve perfection"

  94. Differences between "knowledge" and "experience"

  95. What's a good title for firefighters?
  96. Word for someone becoming everything they hate?
  97. Outdoors in the winter

  98. What's a word meaning a never-ending source?
  99. What's the general term for something to which things can be assigned?

  100. Is there a specific word for a genius who can express themselves via original insights?