1. Is there a word that describes something cheap, reliable and simple?
  2. Word that means relating to one's reputation

  3. Special word for death anniversary
  4. Paragon as a Verb
  5. What is the word for the opposite of "preferred"?
  6. Is 'causatory variable' a word? How can I say that better?

  7. Thirst is the need to drink. Hunger is the need to eat. _____ is the need to get drunk
  8. Is there a generic term for Lovecraftian horror that doesn't use the words "cosmic" or "horror"?

  9. What's a word to describe an apartment when its owners are on vacation?

  10. Word for "can become a result"
  11. What is the word for an unintentionally uttered prophecy?

  12. What's another word for 'the only option?'

  13. Is there a word for releasing a fish or an animal into a (natural or artificial) habitat?

  14. Is there an English counterpart for the unit of time `5 minutes` (一个字)?

  15. What is this verb noun association called in linguistics?
  16. Is there a single word for the image associated with a movie?
  17. Synonyms of Talk about

  18. What's a word for the opposite of Accountability?

  19. Cinematic term for: A known symbol confirms the location of the scene
  20. Is there a word that can exactly express "to divide something into two parts'?

  21. What is the the word refers to heating and cooling at the same time?

  22. Word for when someone was being sent back and forth between lots of places to get something done

  23. My glasses has "prescription?" (comparing with fashion glasses) What is a better/correct term?
  24. Can "informatively" be used in this way (like a disclaimer)?

  25. What is the single word or any other short alternative for or synonym that can be used instead of this phrase: "Movers club"?

  26. Is there a single word to describe the belief that one's actions can affect unrelated outcomes

  27. Word for earning less than spent

  28. single word noun for "whole" as opposed to parts/components?

  29. Is there a word to describe a person who helps another person to focus?
  30. In search of a conjugations / form of "accumulate" as mentioned in a documentary
  31. Word that means having a choice between two options

  32. Someone Selective About Sharing Information / Knowledge for Exclusive Use
  33. What is a person called who makes history

  34. What is it called when for comic effect, behavior and words typical of one situation are used in a different situation?

  35. Word that means the classification of a number as even or odd
  36. Word for "using other's thing without their permission"
  37. How to describe the feeling of resonance with everyone? For example, when you watch an eclipse with other spectators

  38. Single expression referring to “above or below average”

  39. The word for the sound that a wick of a bomb makes (in the movies)

  40. Meet someone at the time when you are not working

  41. What to call the duration from when billing start to the deadline

  42. A word for the feeling of 'I don't want to be like them'

  43. What is a phrasal noun more or less synonymous to "relic", particularly used with the word "colonial"?

  44. I love you too, like actually”
  45. Is there an epistemological word that means "one who solicits prostitutes"?

  46. Is there a good word for "Assuming that"
  47. Is there a word like ‘genocide’, but for a specific family?
  48. Can someone provide a one word for this?
  49. A word for being in between 2 opinions?
  50. Term for describing defensive reflexes when no harmful action is being initiated

  51. What is the opposite of a prefix?
  52. Word Request - Implying a False Truth

  53. A word for 'a series of events'

  54. What do you call an authority who issues certifications?
  55. Someone who is adept/multi-talented in related activities
  56. What word can I use for a person/researcher/field who likes to put words in people's mouth?

  57. Understanding the word 'generic'?

  58. Information / data that is related to a particular object
  59. can a figure in a paper be titled "questions respective [topic] ?"
  60. What is a given data from a problem called?

  61. the correct term for the killing of an entire species

  62. Word for a copy of a copy when the copier has never seen the original

  63. Scientific word for soul

  64. Like a talisman or charm but not an object

  65. Is there a general word or phrase to describe the things you do after getting up, such as face-washing?
  66. Is there a word for someone who has the need to consult a professional for everything?
  67. One word for the moment one remembers a dream?

  68. What is a single word for a "shared experience"

  69. Perception versus Reality

  70. Word or Phrase specifically for a sale or transfer between two divisions or branches of the same company
  71. Is there a term for noises which CAN'T be written as normal text?
  72. Is there a stronger version of "even"?

  73. What single noun denotes a person who is interested in something?

  74. How do you refer to someone who has access to an abundance of resources?
  75. What is the most common word for a student with special duties who helps the teacher?

  76. What is an appropriate single word to use instead of saying "I am sorry to hear that." or "I am sorry that you are sad"?
  77. What do you call someone who has a disease or mental condition?

  78. Is there a word in English which refers to art that describes a place?
  79. What would you call a person (female) who dislikes being around Men's shaving foam/lather?
  80. What does ''TBA" means

  81. The verb for something that became popular

  82. Rephrasing "a field is becoming ripe for" or "maturing" with a more appropriate sentence
  83. Word-Request: "Consider solutions" "Projectively alter"
  84. The class will be _____ in English. How can I say this from the situation below

  85. Adjective - is there a word for a word that is "of or related to" another?

  86. Word for the tragic hero's journey

  87. Term of solid phase floating on surface of liquid phase
  88. A word for something familiar, but in reality not
  89. What is the correct way to say "several, but few" in a single word?

  90. When a weak student feigns knowledge by wasting time?
  91. British and American most common term for rubber/eraser shavings

  92. Dysfunctionality in the use of calendars or diaries
  93. Word or phrase for "not being into something that much as the other person thinks"

  94. lower skill level than proficiency

  95. Proverb/ expression/word for getting pepped up about stranger's cause

  96. Adverb for indicating the coming statement being more important than the previous one
  97. Word for confusing one emotion for another

  98. "Aggressive Amount" of something
  99. Noun to describe something which evokes emotion
  100. What is an English adjective that means "able to learn new things quickly"?