1. Are these two statements equivalent?
  2. What is meant by "Nothing up your sleeves"

  3. Meaning of "grain of sand"
  4. Meaning of the Given Sentence

  5. What is the verb 'to be' for the phrase "The mechanics of the mind"?
  6. "Interested in knowing" versus "interested to know"

  7. What is the American word for 'tea-towel'?
  8. Please Help! This question is killing me!

  9. A phrase or expression for: Work on task 2 is dependant on task 1 finishing

  10. Im looking for other words or ways to say "work" & "practice"
  11. Is it appropriate to use "Hey yourself"?

  12. will be convenient for the meeting
  13. "We went swimming later in the afternoon, Jack and I."
  14. indefinite articles in 'pose a threat' and 'cause harm'

  15. to begin with vs in the first place

  16. Is there a general word or phrase to describe the things you do after getting up, such as face-washing?

  17. What does "take a call" mean?

  18. what does "laser-target" mean
  19. The ship "set sail" or the ship "sets sail"?
  20. Phrase "you might ask"

  21. St Patricks Day related phrase

  22. "If the input is alphanumeric characters..." or "If the input are alphanumeric characters..."
  23. What does "it" stand for in phrases such as "get/hold it together"?

  24. What does "hang out" mean in this specific sentence

  25. "Student vibes" does that make sense?

  26. What does "Not without pride" mean in this context?

  27. How to verbalize a feeling that is opposite to wanting to commit suicide?

  28. What does "what is your deal?" mean in an informal, romantic context?
  29. Looking for an phrase or illustration to describe someone who doesn't get the value of something

  30. Have had doubts

  31. "I'm flattered" meaning
  32. Help!! Word or phrase that is said at the end of a sentence to indicate that the reality of it is worse

  33. What does 'to be maxed out' mean?
  34. What is the effect of the scat lyrics in “Dream Boogie”? Langston Hughes

  35. Words or phrases to describe factionalism or compartamentalization in an organization
  36. Is the phrase: "x is 'initially introduced' with assuming...." a redundancy?

  37. Comment : Wounded Existence
  38. Confusing question from a quiz

  39. how much wood could or would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could or would chuck wood?
  40. Does the phrase "but although" work together?
  41. As of / Starting in / Since / From (certain date)

  42. What is the name of this American/British dialectic phenomenon?

  43. If we ban the veil, Muslim men will force their women to stay at home... comparison sentence
  44. "While this was happening, Beijing played its hand skillfully" Does it sound natural?
  45. The meaning of the term "such as"

  46. What's the phrase for being punished because of someone else's folly, guilt or mistake?
  47. Negative sentence, more than or no more than

  48. What does "household raisin" and "fruitation" mean in this sentence?
  49. She has as much confidence as anybody I have ever known

  50. What does "something 101" mean?
  51. "to score coke off a student" meaning

  52. Confused about whether to use singular or plural in promotion announcement
  53. What does "All things X" mean?

  54. When "etc." is at the end of a phrase, do you place a period after it?

  55. Who or what was a "dissenting minister" in the 19th century?
  56. Scientific formula food
  57. What is the merit of calling a verb phrase a clause?
  58. Meaning of 'Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler'
  59. Use of auxiliary verb "do"
  60. Word with a meaning of "personal internal struggle"

  61. Is "believe oneself to be" a fixed expression?

  62. 'In the ranks' OR 'With the ranks'

  63. Should I use a comma after "it should be noted that"?

  64. How well does this sentence structure work?
  65. Use of "in comparison to"
  66. What's the difference between "knowledge of sth" and "perception of sth "?
  67. Meaning of - "Miss the wrong period and it won't be the principal you have to see. "

  68. “Perfect pitch” equivalent for someone with a good visual sense

  69. meaning, definition of phrase "time for time"

  70. the meaning of “Never mind that... “

  71. We don't talk anymore

  72. "It took me all of ten minutes to find out" - what does "all of" mean?

  73. Can I distinguish a self-coined phrase by putting it in quotes, even though I'm not quoting anything?

  74. “Never don't give up”
  75. On the phrase "You wouldn't think it to [look at him]"

  76. "from far away" and "from afar" do they have different nuances?
  77. Modern term for 'overwhelming information onslaught'
  78. Phrase to describe a moving goal that is forever just out of reach

  79. Word meaning "without my asking"

  80. What is the correct way to write 'for ever more'?

  81. Do native speakers use phrases like "a hard date" or "a hard stop"?

  82. adjective or phrase for "small in magnitude" or "small in value"?
  83. What's the origin of the idiom " Banana head"?
  84. Compound Sentences with an Absolute Phrase
  85. Is "Our fears were put to shame" good english?

  86. A number off or a number of?

  87. What does "fraction of Blue Book value" mean?
  88. What does "roll a hobo" mean?

  89. Where and/or when is the term "flight ticket" used?

  90. A phrase for “something that is sacrificed as a side effect of process”

  91. Understanding the phrase "What x lacks in y"

  92. Avoidance behaviour

  93. Synonymous idiom for: You can't run before you can walk

  94. What does "smile down into" mean?
  95. The prhase " I would like a dragon to heat my pool"

  96. The phrase "What is on TV?"

  97. How come "John is friends with Jane"?

  98. I’m looking for a word or phrase that describes the feeling that something very bad or catastrophic is about to happen

  99. Board and lodging vs boarding and lodging
  100. The proper uses of '(doing something) in/from/out-of'