1. What's sentimental lollipop?

  2. Opposite of "Sugar Daddy": A young person supporting an older person (financially, materially, sexually)

  3. Term for a person who insinuates that another's kindness was actually self serving

  4. To put dog on the leash

  5. What is meaning of "up the block"?

  6. Is "clean the chicken" an old expression?

  7. Shield with or shield by?

  8. What are the reasons for studying abroad? --Body1--
  9. at/on/in a more general level?
  10. You are standing into danger
  11. What's a better way of saying "This assignment will ..." or "This essay will ..."

  12. What does it mean: "your focus determinates..."?
  13. turn the following sentences into passive

  14. Origin of 'finest hour'
  15. The meaning of "difference out"

  16. " nightfall, tents are set up for sleeping in comfort." What type of phrase is "sleeping in comfort"?

  17. What's the word for “busting the myth”?
  18. Usage of: "What is certain is that...." common English?

  19. If cell phone signals get weaker while talking on the cell phone

  20. Where did the idiom "anally retentive" originate?
  21. This one time I needed help

  22. Kannada equivalent to English idiom phrses
  23. Origin of 'the new normal' as a freestanding phrase

  24. Express agreement by referring to other paper?
  25. Why has the "plague" on our houses become a "pox?"

  26. Is "helter skelter" a word or two words or two non-words? What do we call it?

  27. Idiomatic phrase for "From Our Archive"

  28. What is the origin of the phrase "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?
  29. Is an implied "I know" considered correct English in this type of phrasing
  30. Can you explain what "for which" means here in this sentence?

  31. What should be the response to "You failed last time, but now you won. What did do you do differently?"

  32. What's the meaning of "Phantom Thread"?
  33. Phrasing "An hour's rest"
  34. English equivalent of this Tamil saying
  35. Word or phrase for describing not being into somehing that much as the other person thinks

  36. What does "it" stand for in phrases such as "get/hold it together"?

  37. What is the exclamation "have at you" actually saying?
  38. What is a person if they are described as a "wet hen"?

  39. Why is "has come from" used in this sentence rather than "comes from"?

  40. Difference between "accurate" and "absurdly accurate"
  41. "at an early development stage" OR "at an early stage of development"?

  42. What does the phrase "made my hair" generally imply?

  43. Phrase "If you don't go, I will not go"

  44. In what senses are 'at' and 'all' used in the phrase "at all"?

  45. What is meaning of the sentence with a word "coast"

  46. What is the origin of the phrase "bad blood"?
  47. 'My hands are occupied' or 'My hands are full'?

  48. "to further assist [you]" -- Split infinitive or fixed VP?
  49. Difference between "This makes no sense" and "This doesn't make sense"

  50. When someone repeats the same phrase every sentence
  51. Where does the term "my bag" come from?
  52. What is a phrase used to describe this phenomenon?

  53. What does this the 'tenor of one's affinity' mean
  54. What is a more professional term for the 'back-of-the-envelope' calculation?

  55. Better phrasing for "increasing x, increasing y, and decreasing z"

  56. Negative sentence, more than or no more than
  57. What is the opposite of "arch" as a verb when talking about movement?

  58. She has as much confidence as anybody I have ever known

  59. Term for a reliable source of income
  60. Are there subtle differences between "Again, ..." and "Once again, ..."?

  61. How would you phrase this sentence?
  62. "Per documentation:" vs. "Per the documentation:"
  63. what does proof mean in "social proof"?

  64. what does "slash the odds of something" mean?
  65. A saying indicating how some professionals don't apply their skills for themselves
  66. "all the human knowledge" or "all (of) human knowledge"

  67. what does the phrase "singular intellect" mean?

  68. Restructuring or syntax
  69. How did "used to" become a phrase?
  70. Word with a meaning of "personal internal struggle"

  71. What is the difference between "what do you think" and "how about"?

  72. Another way to say "to become a better person"
  73. Absolute phrase without a participle? Or something else?
  74. What does "scratch below the surface" mean?

  75. A simpler version of "the likes thereof"

  76. Should I use a comma after "it should be noted that"?

  77. Meaning of "high in reach" regarding a training session
  78. Person's and the use of their
  79. How well does this sentence structure work?
  80. Is there a way to tell whether a "long face" is sad or just long?

  81. Is "as of current" same as "currently"?
  82. Origins of the phrase “You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”?
  83. Are the phases "I've had an experience" and "I'm experienced" equal?
  84. Use of "in comparison to"

  85. Meaning of "Pull it over"?

  86. finding the error

  87. "interaction" vs. "interacting" vs "to interact"?

  88. On the phrase "You wouldn't think it to [look at him]"
  89. Which is better and correct, 'It is not yet, or, it is yet not?'

  90. How would you describe 'installing' an artificial arm for someone?

  91. Another idiom or phrase (in English) that has the same meaning as 'the fruits of our/your labour'?
  92. Compound Sentences with an Absolute Phrase

  93. Phrase "to no avail" and commas
  94. Is it correct to use: 'to cooperate in a group/team' as a synonym for 'to work in a team'?
  95. 'There is an argument" vs "there is argument"

  96. Politically correct way to say very strict about something
  97. What does "smile down into" mean?

  98. Questions about an inverse usage of 'by' and 'carry in'

  99. The proper uses of '(doing something) in/from/out-of'

  100. What does “though less so ~” mean?