1. Want a semi-formal American equivalent for the British expression “value for money”?

  2. What is the word/phrase for a person at a company that has very specific knowledge and nobody else at the company does?

  3. What’s the word for the sexual attraction that comes from sensing your partner’s own lust?
  4. Confusion caused by delays in human communication: layman's term word or phrase

  5. Noun for a person who appreciates the experience of living with and through hand-made/human-made stuff?
  6. Is there any adverb or phrase to introduce a supporting quotation?

  7. What do you say "to achieve more than the goal"?

  8. How to show – not tell – nervousness?

  9. What would you call entities that are early in adopting and the ones late in adopting technologies or modernity
  10. The opposite of "technical skills"

  11. Opposite of 'Midas touch'?
  12. Opposite of "Sugar Daddy": A young person supporting an older person (financially, materially, sexually)
  13. Word or phrase for writing that "reads fast"
  14. Specific verb or phrase for holding or transporting something in this particular way
  15. looking for another way to say "private room"
  16. Word or phrase for sharing content that was written by you but you don't want it to look as publicity

  17. Phrase for spending time away from your family or home doing something with friends

  18. How do you describe an act of making a mistake on purpose, but convincing even yourself it was an accident?
  19. Is there a phrase that means sleeping with someone without sex?

  20. What's the adjective for the spoon when some one uses the spoon, scoops and licks it and then gives the same spoon to other

  21. Is there a better expression for "not all roses"?
  22. Word indicating that the authority of the speaker changes the meaning

  23. Field Name for "positive, negative or neutral"

  24. What would you call the stylistic omission of punctuation?

  25. Is there an English idiom for "when lovers are fighting, they are just having fun"?

  26. How to degender "separate the men from the boys"?

  27. Is there an adjective that means "under development"? I need one for a document title
  28. Word or phrase that refers to the person who is the "focus" in a video?

  29. What is the person with whom you share the same interests?

  30. identifying a specific fallacious argument

  31. Can you help me identify this literary term?

  32. How would you describe the sound of the horn of a car, bicycle, delivery van

  33. A word to describe a subjective yet natural feeling about something

  34. the phrase for, when you say something inappropriate, realize the mistake, and then improvise to make it less inappropriate
  35. What's the general term for something to which things can be assigned?
  36. Idiom like "rearranging chairs on the Titanic", "dead end", "bikeshedding"

  37. Word for breaking of immersion

  38. synonym for zero sum in the world of food
  39. What is it called when you talk about someone right in front of them...but indirectly?
  40. What do you call getting accolades for doing something trivial?
  41. Word for future income that will no longer come
  42. Logical fallacy: when you know the outcome, so you cannot see any other possible ex ante prediction

  43. To make malice overly clear (in Hollywood)
  44. Highlight projects describe
  45. What is the word(s) used to describe when someone disappear in front of you?

  46. Word or Phrase specifically for a sale or transfer between two divisions or branches of the same company

  47. What's the word/phrase that you use to say: you're just changing the words, yet the meaning/intent is still the same?
  48. Term for the initial developer of a start-up?
  49. Corrected a cover letter

  50. A verb that means “to prove someone is guilty of a crime”

  51. What do you call a psychologist who works with the criminally insane?

  52. Word or phrase for describing not being into somehing that much as the other person thinks
  53. signal occurrence intervals / signal arrival interval / signal return period /

  54. What is the opposite of a prefix?

  55. What to call a very unlikely combination or construction?

  56. A British idiom describing ordinary people?
  57. What is this pencil-and-paper game called in English?
  58. a person who does not accept his mistake instead gives his own created justifications for it

  59. Is there a word that means "expressed using words", as opposed to an idea that is expressed through pictures?

  60. What do you call a water tap placed on the outside of a house?
  61. Idiom for a person who is above any question

  62. What is the name for those images with quotes in them?

  63. Word or phrase for something that makes something less likely to happen, but worse if it does happen

  64. Is there an alternative way of saying something has been 'a topic of dispute"?
  65. Is the word "radial" in proper usage if I want to describe a star-like structure?

  66. What is a word or shorter phrase for "got the wind knocked out of me"?

  67. What is it called when an academic discipline is given human attributes as if it has its own agency?

  68. Is there a word for a job title that are based on doing busy work

  69. What is it called when something is unimportant for several years, and then it becomes important?
  70. Word for answering the question you wish had been asked not the one asked?

  71. Word or term for an argument that is inherently true

  72. Phrase for snipping of scissors between actual cuts that a barber makes
  73. A verb for not knowing the source of something because it is so "indirect"?

  74. fashion or clothing industry jargon for a pattern’s age range: toddler, child, adult
  75. Expression or term which means 'to argue illogically only to argue'

  76. A phrase/word for a Logical Jump in argument

  77. A more generic term for "installed base"

  78. Variant of the phrase "broad brush strokes"

  79. Does the sentence: "While common credence..." make sense?
  80. What is the word for the action of overriding something?

  81. What word best describes talking sweetly but in a sarcastic manner?

  82. What other word can I use to say a series of/ collection of (movies, books, plays, etc...)?

  83. Any word or phrase or idiom that describes a person who takes the pleasure from the misfortunes of others?

  84. so-and-so/such-and-such term used with countries and places
  85. Succinct word or phrase to begin quoting approximately what someone said

  86. A dream come true - is it correct
  87. Ranting against a poorly understood concept

  88. What does "sense of community" mean?

  89. Rephrasing "Audience-minded" or "Audience-attentive"
  90. The thing a person with a one-track mind is stuck on
  91. Is there a word, phrase or idiom for "a person who is incapable of thinking about the future"?

  92. How is "caballito blanco" expressed in English?

  93. The tendency to try to find the answer to questions in one's own mind

  94. Is there a more accurate way to describe "short vowels" and "long vowels"?
  95. Better to use: "Lots of" or "A lot of water" is wasted.?

  96. In search of a phrase to contrast "new" and "established" Canadians

  97. What is the right word/phrase for receiving and registering goods in a company?
  98. Phrase for people who make unrecognized contributions
  99. Term to refer to the 'advantage because of someone's experience'
  100. Word or expression for Undermining your authority by being too strict