1. Better way to say "responsible for official public written communication"
  2. English equivalent of Chinese saying "Keep quiet and make big money"

  3. Difference of "as/like in the previous week"

  4. Alternative to "I'm sorry" as meaning "I empathize" when speaking to my spouse
  5. Is there a phrase for the following?
  6. What to call a very unlikely combination or construction?

  7. Alternative phrase/word for 'Up to this point'
  8. A word or phrase for a non-military attack on a country's home soil
  9. What is the state in which a person is put to sleep using anaesthesia called?
  10. What is it called when an arguer blames an action upon subconscious thoughts?
  11. Another way to say "octupled"
  12. Is there a specific word for a two-floored house?

  13. Phrase for events/experiences that don't seem significant when you retrospect
  14. "While this was happening, Beijing played its hand skillfully" Does it sound natural?

  15. Is the word 'request' by itself a polite form of asking for something?

  16. Word or expression for this kind of person
  17. Is "reverse success" a readily understood phrase to English readers?

  18. Replace "Happy birthday " with something else?

  19. Variant of the phrase "broad brush strokes"
  20. Is it ok to say "this number feigns in comparison to"

  21. "Business user" and "non-business user"?
  22. A more generic term for "installed base"

  23. Is there a phrase for making a problem that's intermittent, into something repeatable?

  24. Is there a more accurate way to describe "short vowels" and "long vowels"?
  25. word for "good person who does st bad for the good of the people"

  26. Is there a word or phrase for the feeling you get after looking at a word for too long?

  27. How to title number of days that were weekend days?
  28. The name of this "incredulous" face expression?

  29. The tendency to try to find the answer to questions in one's own mind
  30. Word for someone who dismisses contrary opinions as irrational?

  31. How to describe this body position?
  32. Expression for "making a big incident/problem as a minor one"

  33. What is the word for arranging a meeting between two persons?

  34. The relation of a person you share a half-sibling with

  35. Another way to phrase...

  36. a person who calls out for eliciting ideas from others and does what he wants

  37. What's a shorter way of saying, "Can you increase the temperature of the air conditioning please?"
  38. What is the smile that occurs when a kid asks you for something you really know but you can't explain to them?
  39. other ways of saying 'to want something bad enough'

  40. Word/Phrase for something to be grateful for

  41. A term for someone denying an accusation but appearing guilty as a result

  42. Word or phrase for things that are only noticed when they break? (or are pointed out)
  43. Term or idiom to describe a best friend since your childhood
  44. Is there a single word or phrase for "excessive humility disproportionate to ability or achievement"?

  45. Here’s a tough one. I need a verb that means “to be a quandary/dillemma”

  46. Grammaticality of and possible alternative for " Hope you both have a great day"?

  47. Is there a term for when just by saying that something is broken and showing it to someone fixes the issue?

  48. Synonym for "bringing together for the common good"

  49. What is the Term for a Widow's In-Laws?

  50. How to ask about delivering time of a product?
  51. Phrase to describe a fix that doesn't address the underlying issue?
  52. What's a phrase or word that describe acting, writing and directing at the same time?

  53. What can we call a job position who handle inquiries?

  54. Single word that describes a group of people that irrationally support a lost cause?

  55. A word for a person who does not do what she knows would benefit her and she is able to do
  56. A word/phrase for a maybe-answer to a request?

  57. I am looking for a word that can be used to describe a person who can switch bodies with another human

  58. What is a business equivalent of "Frog in the well"
  59. Equivalent English phrase for "don't roll around where you've fallen"
  60. what idiom you be used when a person is wrong in accusing others for what he himself is suppose to do

  61. 'Doing for someone' -- correct expression for cleaning or housekeeping?
  62. Is there a word or phrase for a process that takes in one thing and returns another thing of the same type?
  63. What is the term to describe a person who answers a question with irritability?
  64. Looking for a proverb/idiom that means dont get lot of people to decide on your personal trival matters

  65. Is there a phrase for people who love getting physically tired?
  66. Word / idiom meaning things you had to have seen live
  67. What is the verb for "concept becomes word"?

  68. What property do "heterogeneous" and "homogeneous" describe?

  69. How can I ask to the writer is male or female politely?

  70. Really struggling on coming up with a clever business name
  71. What is the word or term used to describe when a simple job is made unnecessarily difficult?

  72. An English idiom for the common Hindi phrase - 'Ulti Ganga Bahana'(as in Reverse The Flow Of the river Ganga)

  73. Is there English equivalent of phrase "If two friends fight the third outsider will take away with the prize shield"

  74. A word or phrase meaning 'paying an unhealthy amount of attention to something you like/want'.
  75. Word/phrase used to describe the search for something specific

  76. Word for a sudden phrase completing/changing a memory
  77. word/phrase for "always needing to be the best"
  78. Alternative for "overshout" somebody/something
  79. Word or Phrase for Pupil Miosis Caused by Headlights

  80. Is there a phrase for the generation that is taking care of three generations of family members?

  81. Is there any word for the the feeling/act when the food is so tasty that you close your eyes and chew it slowly?

  82. what is a term for "not caring for something that isn't beneficial to you"?
  83. What is it called when someone only wants something that is highly desired by someone else?

  84. What is the meaning of the phrase, I'm partial to your abracadabra?
  85. Word/phrase for a character in a play/movie/story who is not a main character but interacts with at least one of them

  86. What's the expression for "someone doing what you intended to do before you"

  87. An alternative word choice for "oh shit/oops"

  88. Word/idiom for not only to get restless, worried or scared (oneself) but also to make others worried /scared
  89. What do you call the facial expression or the state just before bursting into tears?

  90. "It was just an example"

  91. What would you call a person or people who does not know your language in either of the scenario
  92. Is there a word/phrase to describe expressions of moral righteousness accompanied by inaction?
  93. Is there a non-idiomatic word or phrase meaning the same as "on the fly"

  94. Idiom/proverb applicable when a driver forces his car into roundabout without stopping just because he thinks he has signaled ahead of time
  95. Word or phrase for sharing content that was written by you but you don't want it to look as publicity

  96. Is there a more literary term for a "parallel" in a story?
  97. What is the idiom/proverb for "the more you pressure someone they will run away from committing"?

  98. What is the idiom/proverb for "You have to fend for yourself, no one is going to come for our rescue"?

  99. Opposite of Hoarder

  100. English equivalent phrase for “To set a fire and also to go and extinguish it”