1. Is there a term among heavy computer users for a cat who treads on the keyboard to highly deleterious effect?

  2. Word for removing things from a shelf before cleaning
  3. What's the word for a small present to appease someone's anger?
  4. Equivalent English phrase for "don't roll around where you've fallen"

  5. Is there a word for colloquial forms of address?
  6. Dad, auntie, nana, grandpa, etc... What is this group of words called?

  7. is there a proverb/idiom for "To be lion among sheep rather than sheep among lion"

  8. Is there a way to polite/idiomatic/proverbial way to convey that it not my responsibility
  9. What's the term for business conducted over time, as opposed to in one meeting?

  10. Is there a word for the act of checking an id / passport?

  11. Term for figure of speech in: 'Life is awesome, I confess'
  12. What is gender neutral for fraternity/sorority?
  13. The opposite of "technical skills"

  14. Term for this category of counterintuitive "facts"
  15. Word / idiom meaning things you had to have seen live

  16. Word or short phrase for "Movers club"
  17. "It was just an example"
  18. What does the phrase "Mind your business" mean or refer to?

  19. Is there a way to describe the situation of things being at 60° to one another?
  20. Brief words to describe people who are not able to shop because of old age and / or absence of shops nearby
  21. Word or phrase for sharing content that was written by you but you don't want it to look as publicity

  22. What word means "to encourage entropy" or "promote chaos" or something similar?

  23. Formal word for existence of a thing without one's desire?

  24. Phrase meaning "perceptible on the timescale of human attention"

  25. Creative way to say "It was a coincidence."?

  26. "so much..." or "such..." discrepancy
  27. English, complete the phrase

  28. Polite version to hint someone's at fault
  29. English equivalent to Dutch "Mopping while the tap is running"?
  30. Word for earning less than spent

  31. Need a word to generalize weapons, gears and items

  32. Idiom for a complex task that can't be done a better way, and any changes made would only further complicate?

  33. What is it called when for comic effect, behavior and words typical of one situation are used in a different situation?

  34. Single expression referring to “above or below average”

  35. A word for the feeling of 'I don't want to be like them'

  36. What is the verb 'to be' for the phrase "The mechanics of the mind"?
  37. A phrase or expression for: Work on task 2 is dependant on task 1 finishing

  38. Collective term for race, gender, age, religion, income class, etc

  39. What is the opposite of a prefix?

  40. What do you call an authority who issues certifications?

  41. Perception versus Reality
  42. Word or Phrase specifically for a sale or transfer between two divisions or branches of the same company

  43. Is there a stronger version of "even"?

  44. A word for "making a statement which is broadly anecdotal"?
  45. Similar phrase to "I've been around for x months" / "I've been alive for x months"
  46. What is an appropriate single word to use instead of saying "I am sorry to hear that." or "I am sorry that you are sad"?

  47. Proverb/idiom thats getting together to fight common enemy but killing weakling to fight among each other
  48. Rephrasing "a field is becoming ripe for" or "maturing" with a more appropriate sentence
  49. The ship "set sail" or the ship "sets sail"?
  50. More formal way of saying: "Sorry to bug you again about this, but ..."
  51. Word or phrase for "not being into something that much as the other person thinks"

  52. Use of participle 'considered' in the sense 'currently under consideration'

  53. What do you call a person who sees it below his dignity to ask question related to his profession?

  54. Something working so well you don't notice it working
  55. Adverb for indicating the coming statement being more important than the previous one
  56. "Aggressive Amount" of something

  57. Word meaning crying, but not crying?

  58. How to verbalize a feeling that is opposite to wanting to commit suicide?

  59. Alternative to "I'm sorry" as meaning "I empathize" when speaking to my spouse

  60. Looking for an phrase or illustration to describe someone who doesn't get the value of something

  61. What to call a very unlikely combination or construction?

  62. Another way to say "do as you please"?

  63. neither i owe you any money nor you owe me any money

  64. Idiom for a person who gets owned/caught red handed for his mistake but shows as if nothing is wrong

  65. Is the word "radial" in proper usage if I want to describe a star-like structure?

  66. Succinct way to express that a person does well with emotions

  67. The nature of an action that leaves something as it was before

  68. Bernini did what, exactly, with St. Peter's Basilica's entrance?

  69. To purchase a course or to enroll in a course?
  70. "While this was happening, Beijing played its hand skillfully" Does it sound natural?
  71. What would you call a person who doesn't like questions being asked of them?

  72. *X is not available in A and(?) so(?) neither/nor(?) is it available on B*

  73. Compact formulation for "the 66% of villages which are the poorest"
  74. What would you call the stylistic omission of punctuation?
  75. Idiom/proverb for When people start following a tradition/value then it is death,lose value of existing traditions/values

  76. A more generic term for "installed base"
  77. Variant of the phrase "broad brush strokes"
  78. Does the sentence: "While common credence..." make sense?

  79. Item between 'minor' and 'major'

  80. "Psychological disposition of car ownership" - is that a term?

  81. Word/phrase to describe time of an event relative to a second event

  82. How to answer to "I'd like to speak to John" on telephone?
  83. If an animal is not a predator (e.g. a herbivore), but has nothing that eats it, what is it called?
  84. Looking for word or succinct phrase for group incompetence

  85. The tendency to try to find the answer to questions in one's own mind

  86. Is there a more accurate way to describe "short vowels" and "long vowels"?

  87. How to say that something occupies my mind so much
  88. Term for concern about changing or correcting quotations: "scholarly accuracy"?
  89. What's another way to write "and on top of that"?

  90. A phrase that means "to finally select (or decide) something"

  91. Antonym for Hypochondriac or another word completely?

  92. The simplest way to say "Split Videos Into Segments"

  93. What is it called when an idiom is used so out of place that it is ridiculous?

  94. What's the activity called that asks customers to contribute ideas, picks the best idea and then rewards the contributor?

  95. Difference between abuse and misuse
  96. What are alternative words or terms for "company stationery"?
  97. What can we call a job position who handle inquiries?

  98. Dirt in the edibles
  99. What is the term used to remind someone to submit something that is in a rush and important in a business term?

  100. What do I call the operation of printing the expiry date and batch number on a drug vial label?