1. Paragon as a Verb
  2. to be drawn to someone
  3. Girls Dance with Girls, Boys Scratch their Elbows
  4. Question about come across and synonyms of it
  5. How did epilogue and epigraph come to take on meanings opposite spatially when used in books?

  6. Above all vs. primarily
  7. Use of the phrase with abandon
  8. How do you understand this phrase with 'the both of you'?

  9. What does "her mama leaned hard" in this Emmylou Harris Song mean?
  10. Freed / free / exempted from the examination or test
  11. "Accommodate" vs "accommodate to"?

  12. what is the meaning of "bragging rights" in the following?
  13. Meaning of a Direct Answer to Something
  14. Are these two statements equivalent?

  15. Usage / examples of "of which"

  16. what is the meaning of "locked in a tie"?

  17. What's the meaning of the expression "The take home is ..."?

  18. To have a different opinion

  19. Which sentences conveys what I mean to say clearly with little less words

  20. Meaning of the Given Sentence

  21. Does "a value between two values" imply the two values are included within the range?

  22. What's the origin of the phrase "cruising for bruising"?

  23. Meet someone at the time when you are not working

  24. the connotations of "above all"

  25. Meaning of "rather ... nor"
  26. What is the best way to describe a "bad legacy"?
  27. In Rudyard Kipling's poem, "if", what do "unforgiving minute" and "worth of distance run" mean?

  28. what does "I am not feeling up for it" mean? when can you use this?
  29. Addiction vs Compulsion

  30. Etymology of the word "Alambric"
  31. Defining "quain"

  32. a confusing definition of "rationale"
  33. Is this sentence correct? Can you help me understand it?

  34. The ambiguity of: see / hear / listen to news

  35. as soon as conveniently may be after my decease
  36. what does 'things on the bucket list' in this context mean?
  37. Can the word ‘fillet” be used as a verb to mean criticize or ridicule?
  38. What is the meaning of "should" in the following excerpt?

  39. meaning of Your odds of survival are reduced

  40. Word order in the Hail Mary prayer

  41. Upside down vs downside up
  42. Difference between 'appears to be' and 'proves to be' or 'turns out to be'
  43. Im looking for other words or ways to say "work" & "practice"

  44. What does "Timing as an aspect" mean?
  45. Decadence of the word decadence

  46. Does "get a diagnosis" imply you think the result will be positive?

  47. Valid meanings for the word smart
  48. Conjunction vs conjuncture

  49. how much of this stuff we can channel
  50. "a good man" or "a good fit"?

  51. What does "shareholder" mean in the Guy Ritchie's movie "Revolver"?
  52. can a figure in a paper be titled "questions respective [topic] ?"

  53. will be convenient for the meeting
  54. Need help with this one - as far as one's own achievements are concerned

  55. what's the meaning of"ceef gay"

  56. What does "He would miss the paycheck…" mean?

  57. meaning of Break a deal

  58. Meaning of "...within this landscape of settlement— how do we encounter and build..."
  59. Is calling someone 'didactic' risking offense?

  60. meaning of the word "vulnerable"

  61. Does this make sense to you?
  62. What's the difference between tuition and teaching?

  63. What does "take a call" mean?

  64. Please help me make sense of this sentence

  65. What does 'contrasting' mean. in this case of 'must draw their examples from contrasting markets'

  66. What do you think the meaning of "do you know what user entered to see this message?"
  67. The meaning of "not without some merit"

  68. 'packed like sardines' vs. 'chock-a-block'

  69. Is “curiouser” in fact a word (like in the famous phrase “curiouser and curiouser”)?

  70. Which is more wet: ‘moist’ or ‘damp’?

  71. A word for something familiar, but in reality not
  72. What does "boi" mean in this context?

  73. What does "in the capacity of" mean?

  74. St Patricks Day related phrase

  75. Grammatical name for BEFORE HE COULD REACT
  76. Use of participle 'considered' in the sense 'currently under consideration'

  77. Meaning of "first of its kind to see major deployment"?
  78. Are 'glimpse' and 'glance' interchangeable as verbs?
  79. What does "hang out" mean in this specific sentence
  80. Adverb for “of this”
  81. When to use "commitment" or "obligation"?

  82. What does "what is your deal?" mean in an informal, romantic context?
  83. What does “big league” in President Trump’s remarks mean? Is it common to use “big league” in English as an adjective or adverb?
  84. What is the meaning of "the deep significance" in this sentence?
  85. must have his own way meaning necessity or remark

  86. An honorarium including flight and hotel will be included

  87. Meaning of 'by' when combined with year

  88. "I'm flattered" meaning

  89. Help!! Word or phrase that is said at the end of a sentence to indicate that the reality of it is worse

  90. Meaning of 'white goods'?

  91. Meaning of 'undoing the constitutional gains'?
  92. What does 'to be maxed out' mean?

  93. Struck vs Stricken
  94. What is the effect of the scat lyrics in “Dream Boogie”? Langston Hughes
  95. Word / Phrase request for someone who loves to propagate education among others

  96. Word that means really committed/devoted

  97. Is this correct usage of "latter"?
  98. What is the difference between "the ban on" and "the ban of"?

  99. A word for one who loves only one girl throughout his life

  100. Question of condition (sort of)