1. Epithet, sobriquet, and moniker: What's the difference?

  2. The meaning and origin of "hedge your bets"

  3. Older English Term

  4. Question of condition (sort of)

  5. Can an "opinion" be right or wrong?

  6. Does the term "Brotherhood" imply that all members are males?
  7. What does "hoof off" mean?
  8. What does “wardrobe’s worth” mean in this sentence?
  9. "A lot of students' concentration" - What is its meaning?
  10. What is the difference between "wry" and "dry" humor?

  11. Current usage of crass

  12. help me fix this sentence
  13. “I consider that …” in place of “I think that…”

  14. Is there a word for suffocation by chest compression?

  15. street snack and snack food meaning
  16. Meaning of Have a lot of heart?
  17. Rainwater vs. stormwater (storm water?)

  18. What is the difference between "pace" and "speed" in this context?

  19. Does word "Elfin" has any negative meaning?

  20. What do you call something that is hung like a painting, but it is actually made by carving?
  21. Signs vs. Signage

  22. "the smell heard the singing off of the fragments"
  23. What does "reaching nothing down" and "I was promoted to him" mean?

  24. Implications and Possible retorts of "Let's not get ahead of ourselves"
  25. Does "Bad Ass!" have a positive or negative meaning?

  26. Is "induction" about inducing or inducting?

  27. Origin and Use of "Do X a favour and do Y"
  28. What does the "removed" mean in this sentence?
  29. Meaning of "Teaming"

  30. Can a faculty be based on area1 and area2?

  31. What is the difference between "surely" and "definitely" in this context?

  32. Single word for?

  33. Word that means feeling sad when one should feel happy

  34. Usage of "East Indian" to distinguish from "Native American"
  35. How did "terribly" come to mean "very" or "exceptionally"?

  36. What does the phrase "play the ... card" mean?

  37. Did orphan ever refer to the losing of a father?

  38. the meaning of "do damage" in baseball context
  39. Meaning of these phrases from "Quality"

  40. Meaning of the phrase "two little shops let into one"

  41. "You ain't able to be sure about anything."

  42. to have something to do with

  43. what does the word "comprised" mean in this context? + a question about collocation

  44. difference between "earlier" and "early"

  45. Does "which wouldn’t have been at all unusual except it was during a rainstorm" mean "it would generally be "usual" but not during a rainstorm"?

  46. What does "on me" and "off of" mean?
  47. being talked about in front of me use of it as insult or descibing a person in front of them without their knowledge

  48. What does "being that of" mean in "X being that of Y"?

  49. Difference between stipulation and postulation
  50. Approach to vs. approach for

  51. Why does the word "emcee" exist?

  52. Other meanings for "punctual" besides "on time"

  53. What does this sentence mean? "I want to do me. I'm going to do me."

  54. What "can" means in sentences and everyday speech?
  55. What does "say" mean in this context?
  56. adjective or comparative adjective for measurements and rates
  57. we are in receipt of something
  58. Use of Say and Tell
  59. What does "party politics" mean in this context?
  60. What is the closest synonym for 'sanction' in this context?

  61. "A few" vs. "few"
  62. What does the meaning of 'we cashed in our loose change'?

  63. "a different take" (interpretation/viewpoint) versus "a different tack" (approach/alternative/direction)
  64. What does it mean to be 'debonair'?

  65. What does "be of something" mean?
  66. Could "nailed" mean "bound" here?
  67. What does "well above the average" mean?

  68. how to properly discriminate between two indirect sentences?

  69. Why did the meaning of “garble” change so much?
  70. Apps feel right?

  71. The meaning of get you

  72. thou/you and art/are In Shakespeare's sonnets
  73. Does "etiology" refer to the the original source or can it refer to a middle cause?

  74. What do people mean by "measurable definition?"
  75. Plot: 1. piece of land / 2. storyline > coincidence?

  76. Pick: "one of the classes" vs "one class"
  77. Is there difference between acne and pimples?

  78. What is the difference between "used to" and "I was used to"?

  79. What does this song quote mean?

  80. "Will" vs "Will be able to"

  81. What's the difference between mendicant and supplicant?
  82. What does ''words are taken with a kind of air'' mean?
  83. What does it mean? "my sister being who she was (harry potter)"

  84. I understood the meaning of the situation.. But what this expression mean exactly?

  85. what's you first thought, if I just saying the word accessory?

  86. What does 'let off the hook' mean in football (soccer)?

  87. A question about the origin and meaning of 'hours on end'

  88. The difference between "poetic" and "poetical" in usage

  89. In this situation, What does “that's as good as it's going to get, isn't it?” mean?

  90. Differences between "give" and "give way "
  91. Another word for begin low down in society

  92. The right understanding of the term "filter bubble"?
  93. What"s the meaning of "the raw physicality of"?

  94. Is it possible to say "I take myself with a grain of salt?"

  95. What is the meaning of Shaze?
  96. Is "boilerplate" a pejorative when discussing legal documents?

  97. I'v spent two years each in A and B writing and Reporting
  98. Does she still have all of her fingers?

  99. An old, obsolete meaning for "hump"?

  100. network radio and television