1. What do sentences without adjectival complements refer to?

  2. This is an excerpt from movie Lucy. One word, "One" eludes me. What does it mean?

  3. In the passage below what does the word crêpes Suzette mean?

  4. Can "in" replace "forming"?

  5. "Speaking of which" vs "Speaking of such"
  6. What does this line of dialogue mean?

  7. Sprained ankle vs. twisted ankle
  8. “In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month
  9. Why would the waiter in "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" be scared of getting home earlier?

  10. Should we say Do what you can't or Try what you can't, what's the difference
  11. "our bodies lose their rhythm" vs. "our body loses its rhythm"
  12. "Upon" versus "on the basis"

  13. Meaning of: Cognitive Dissonance

  14. What does "at scale" mean?
  15. What does it mean when someone says "I don't need your descriptive linguistic lessons today?

  16. "for worse as well as better" meaning

  17. What is the difference between Community College and Junior College (JUCO)?

  18. "Agree on" vs. "agree with" vs. "agree to"

  19. "Why it is" vs "Why is it"
  20. Difference between 'kindness' and 'politeness'

  21. What does "Take care sweets" mean?
  22. Misplaced modifier?

  23. put each sentence into passive voice in two different ways
  24. Difference between "I am" and "I'm" for the feeling and punctuation

  25. What's the difference between language and dialect?

  26. grammar and meaning "He latched onto her arm and wouldn't let go."

  27. The meaning of "go thou"

  28. Is "over" meaning "again" related to "over"'s other meanings?

  29. Does "capitalistic enterprise" mean capitalism in this sentence?
  30. "Bless you" & sneezing

  31. usage of "look down at" to convey a meaning

  32. Paragon as a Verb
  33. Question about come across and synonyms of it
  34. Baltic Freight report

  35. Storing field terms

  36. about the song “Another Day of Sun”
  37. Can we use 'describe' to replace the word 'characterise'?
  38. the population "doubled from one million"

  39. What does "Slide on build" stand for in the PPt presentation?

  40. how to use 'whereby'

  41. turn the following sentences into passive

  42. Member Countries & Member States

  43. Definition of brief (verb)?

  44. What does 'scale' in this sentence mean?
  45. Difference between "May" and "Let" in biblical language
  46. Is there anything that cannot be called a thing?
  47. Why are the pinky and index fingers called the pinky and index fingers?

  48. The meaning of "do a full-pipe roughie"

  49. What does "on the circuit" mean?

  50. Grammar/ meaning I don’t wanna wait another minute to find out whether you love me anymore

  51. "Polarized" or "polarizing" opinions?
  52. Where does 'still waters run deep come from? What does it mean?
  53. What does "the look of" mean in this context?
  54. grammar/ meaning Her story seems true. — often followed by to + verb ▪ Her story seems to be true

  55. grammar/ meaning “To look at him, you'd never think he was 80!”

  56. What is the etymology of the word freedom?

  57. the connotations of "above all"

  58. Is versionize a real word?

  59. Time and tide wait for no man

  60. Do "high watermark" and "high-water mark" have the same figurative usage?

  61. Why does "theatre" mean both a place for performances and also a military location?
  62. When did "for days" start meaning "marvellous"?

  63. Is this sentence correct? Can you help me understand it?

  64. "Inaptitude" vs "Ineptitude"
  65. Meaning of the phrase, "Neither shall live, while the other survives"?
  66. The meaning of "unrefined alcohol"
  67. The implied meaning of "improve"

  68. Mind + Action Ing? is it correct for ask anything to someone?

  69. What does "Ready Player One" mean? :)

  70. What is the meaning of these lines from Bram Stoker's Dracula?
  71. How to respond to a question with adjective, which has negative meaning (e.g. unrelated, unnecessary, inconvenient)
  72. Anyone know the word that the teal haired dude(itsuki) says in this video?

  73. What does this "take" mean?

  74. Learning Rigg's Phonics, Need Verification About My Definitions of Phoneme and Grapheme

  75. Minimal outfits vs. minimalist outfits?

  76. Using "either" and "even"

  77. If that's how you want to play it
  78. "When people are used to you doing something, they want you to stay in that lane"?
  79. Misprint or misunderstanding?

  80. Are these sentences correct?

  81. Enigma 'to myself' vs Enigma 'upon myself' vs Enigma 'unto myself' Correctness, Meaning, Applicability & Usage of all 3?

  82. What is difference between "I have worried (verb)" and "I have been worried (adjective)"?

  83. Xenophobia. Racism and other descriptors of cultural appropriation
  84. What is the difference between "irreligious" and "non-religious"?

  85. Just got more crowded Vs Only got more crowded from there
  86. Origin of the word or slur pisshead in British vocabulary

  87. Meaning of "It will be but ..."

  88. Can the word "appeasing" be use to describe pleasant objects?

  89. Repair vs Repairing
  90. a formulation 'within' an engineering problem VS a formulation 'for' an engineering problem
  91. Is it "to be sad over" or "to be sad about"?
  92. grammar / meaning Does “treating” in the example sentence mean “because he treats” or “and at the same he is treating” or just “and he treats”?
  93. What do you call a psychologist who works with the criminally insane?

  94. What does 'contrasting' mean. in this case of 'must draw their examples from contrasting markets'
  95. The difference between the meanings of "assumption" and "hypothesis" in the mentioned context?

  96. Can I say this "He got his creative imagination that makes a professional designer out of him"

  97. What is the origin of the phrase "hot take"?

  98. Contemporary definition of Sexual Predator
  99. A word for something familiar, but in reality not
  100. What's the difference between ‘old-fashioned’, ‘obsolete’ and ‘antiquated’?