1. Usage of "the blessing of giving more than receiving" in a complex pargraph - a few questions

  2. Is the pronoun "us" grammatical in: "it is worth us examining"

  3. Can you put a quote next to a semi colon?

  4. Might come or might came or something else?

  5. What can we conclude about the subject and action of below sentences

  6. Is it okay ,sometimes, to capitalize 'you' in a middle of sentence?
  7. Should it be "it's our birthday today" or "it's our birthdays today"
  8. Some Kind of + article/zero article

  9. Grammar: Yes, I don’t have to and No, i needn’t
  10. “In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month
  11. "to resolve that sth be done" or "to resolve that sth shall be done"?

  12. Please help me understand this chat conversation with a friend

  13. I need clarification on the use of the word "either"

  14. Conditional sentence difference

  15. Illocutionary Act classification
  16. Will have been found vs will be found

  17. "Elaborate" as a transitive verb?
  18. Is the Title of a Chapter of a Book a Proper Noun?

  19. Is this "When doing something" sentence correct?
  20. Active/Passive Voice
  21. which one I should use Noun or Gerund? Are both sentences correct?

  22. semicolon, colon, dash or comma to add an independent clause to a list (I'm sorry I can't word this better)

  23. English grammar rules

  24. Which is correct "The party who makes the request " or "The party which makes the request"
  25. "so many ...that"

  26. Use of until or for in the sentence below
  27. Is “Master of Architecture Graduate” grammatically correct?
  28. Is it correct to say "more time"?

  29. Where to place ''recently'' in a sentence?
  30. I read a sentence " in what appears to be a first request of its kind" what is the meaning of "in what" in this sentence?

  31. grammar and meaning "He latched onto her arm and wouldn't let go."
  32. How to punctuate "..irrelevant to the question: is X true?"
  33. what part of speech is "fun" in the sentence below
  34. Difference between "it", "this" and "that" when referring a previous sentence

  35. Trever Noah's "Born a crime"

  36. Can you say "I could've gotten into Harvard if I weren't sick that day"?
  37. Can we say this
  38. Can I use the verb ‘to calculate with’ in a given example?
  39. I'm feed up of being vegan. Need to start less fleshy meet. How about I try some chicken?

  40. My wife and my, or I?
  41. Comma needed to offset expansion clause?
  42. Determining the role of "to" in these sentences
  43. difference between "have difficulties" and "find difficulty" ?! and also between "very" and "very much"

  44. Task 1 process diagram ( coffee manufacture ) . Help me i'm in hurry ㅠㅠ

  45. Is "Spring would already be better" correct in English?
  46. I didn’t get anything correct or not ?
  47. What are subject, predicate and object in "Shop's name is SuperPizza."?

  48. Didn't want to or don't want to

  49. imparts such values as -or- imparts values such as

  50. "on the attached" or "in the attached"

  51. Mac OS X "Revert Changes" usage/syntax in dialog?

  52. Comma before "than" [What better way to celebrate.., than...]

  53. "driver contact details" vs. "driver's contact details"

  54. "Guys, don't be idiots" or "Guys, don't be an idiot"

  55. Subordinating clause of time in the middle of a independent clause

  56. Can I say "temporarily accessible by invitation only"
  57. Grammar/ meaning I don’t wanna wait another minute to find out whether you love me anymore

  58. What does "of or" mean in this sentence?

  59. grammar/ meaning Her story seems true. — often followed by to + verb ▪ Her story seems to be true

  60. grammar/ meaning “To look at him, you'd never think he was 80!”

  61. Where do i put periods and commas
  62. Is it right to say "She has been excellent at academics and in her career"?

  63. " nightfall, tents are set up for sleeping in comfort." What type of phrase is "sleeping in comfort"?

  64. What is to be added as an article or prefix before any name of language?
  65. Use of suffix and agglutination to form antonym of "hope"
  66. Is this an independent or a dependent clause?

  67. Use of 'The' before 'State University'

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  69. tenses of a sentence, but with a qualifier date

  70. how to use the word 'facet' instead of 'aspects'
  71. Buying direct vs buying directly

  72. "that represents" vs "representing"
  73. "a reduction in X" vs "a reduced X"

  74. Does the sentence, “When am I?” Make grammatical sense?

  75. Abstract noun of loud

  76. When transforming a sentence to passive, is it necessary to include "by somebody"?

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  80. Need help about *Is known for*

  81. since + had p.p or since + past simple

  82. not sure about the grammer
  83. all things baseball

  84. Why should an article be placed before "business lunch or dinner?"
  85. “That these ... makes” – why “makes” and what is the role of “that”?

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  90. "Have been having classes" or "have had classes for three months"?

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  92. Are these sentences correct?

  93. Is "Applications open on December 15th" correct grammar?

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  98. Please help to score and give feedbacks on my ielts writing below. Thank you in advance!
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