1. Repeated use of quotes on a term

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  3. "wasn't it you,the one that made the cake" or "weren't it you,the one that made the cake"
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  12. "My and my sister, Anna Smith's records" or "My and my sister's, Anna Smith, records."

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  14. "I don't like all/every X": does it mean I only like some X, or I like no X?
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  38. Website's usage

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  76. "atheistic scientist" vs "atheist scientist"
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  78. indefinite article usage: "a thing of something can be found here" vs. "the thing of something can be found here"
  79. Why is 'I fully understand your feelings' correct and not 'I am fully understand your feelings'
  80. In the poem "If—", why does Kipling say "If you can... don't deal in lies"?

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  87. The "ask". Is this a buzzword or just bad grammar?

  88. Is the word “key” of the sentence an uncountable noun or an adjective?

  89. Is this sentence grammatically correct? I grew up in Paris, after I turned 18 I would go to Barcelona
  90. I would like to know if the sentence below is constructed grammatically? (have had)
  91. The plethora of environmental issues are rising or a plethora of environmental issues is rising?
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