1. "book an appointment" in a more casual way

  2. What is this called?
  3. Usage of "the blessing of giving more than receiving" in a complex pargraph - a few questions
  4. What is the word/phrase for a person at a company that has very specific knowledge and nobody else at the company does?
  5. What's the difference between It's like to ~ vs It's like ~ing?
  6. Opposite of 'Midas touch'?

  7. Opposite of "Sugar Daddy": A young person supporting an older person (financially, materially, sexually)

  8. To think a little about it VS not thinking at all
  9. What does "at scale" mean?

  10. what is the origin of the expression, "I'm with stupid?"

  11. Global socially acceptable way of acknowledging that I'm being a "pedantic w****r"?
  12. What does "Take care sweets" mean?
  13. What is the meaning of the saying full of beans and vinegar?

  14. Phrase for restaurant ad

  15. What do you call a dancing sunbeam?

  16. at/on/in a more general level?

  17. Is there a better expression for "not all roses"?

  18. Can you say "ending result"?

  19. What's a better way of saying "This assignment will ..." or "This essay will ..."
  20. Field Name for "positive, negative or neutral"

  21. Idiom that means 'to present one thing in many different ways'

  22. What are some negative words that are used to make positive statements? (such as "no problem")
  23. identifying a specific fallacious argument
  24. Is there anything that cannot be called a thing?

  25. What's the Idiom or typical expression when a person "takes a joke further"
  26. Someone Selective About Sharing Information / Knowledge for Exclusive Use

  27. Partially melted snow on ground

  28. What's the word for “busting the myth”?

  29. "I shoulda 'STOOD' IN BED?"

  30. Does the expression " to conquer its limitations" exist?

  31. What is the unstimulating effect that affects an adrenaline junkie who has to retard his thrill?

  32. Expressions that mean "same thing"
  33. This one time I needed help

  34. One word for "Leave haggling in the middle to get the price knocked off"
  35. Please help to score and give feedbacks on my ielts writing below. Thank you in advance!

  36. George "roots from" or "has roots in" the Campbell family: which is correct?
  37. Origin of 'the new normal' as a freestanding phrase

  38. What is the term to describe when people words have veiled or alternate meanings?

  39. Is "how much ever" correct here?
  40. Is the construction "It allows to ..." proper English?

  41. Express agreement by referring to other paper?

  42. Is "'Thanks' doesn't seem like the appropriate word; it fails to convey the gratitude I feel" correct?

  43. What's the word/phrase that you use to say: you're just changing the words, yet the meaning/intent is still the same?

  44. I can't remember the phrase: "Putting (Blank) to (Blank)

  45. Who, what, when, where and why?
  46. The Control (Reverse) of a statement in research

  47. Is it "to be sad over" or "to be sad about"?
  48. What is a more effective way of saying "there is no way for me to physically be able to..."

  49. Job position “has open” or job position “has been open”
  50. What do you call a psychologist who works with the criminally insane?

  51. What does 'contrasting' mean. in this case of 'must draw their examples from contrasting markets'
  52. "nothing but complex"?

  53. Is there an expression or idiom to express in an informal/funny way that it is a person's fault when something is not working?

  54. Word for "Trying to be funny in a serious situation"
  55. What does the phrase "made my hair" generally imply?

  56. Is there an alternative way of saying something has been 'a topic of dispute"?

  57. Expression to mean "in action"

  58. Term for bad press release

  59. 'My hands are occupied' or 'My hands are full'?

  60. Are "unestimated" and/or "non-estimated" correct English?

  61. What is the meaning of "all zero at the bone"? I can't make it out
  62. Grammatical expression
  63. Meaning: Right Except No

  64. What is a phrase used to describe this phenomenon?
  65. Better phrasing for "increasing x, increasing y, and decreasing z"
  66. Why are cup sizes referred to as "double X" not "X squared" or "two X's"?
  67. Is there a "much more" in the sense of "let alone", similar to "much less"?
  68. What's the most common expression for "rovesciata" in the UK?
  69. Term for a reliable source of income
  70. Idiom/expression that indicates that you can do something conveniently/quickly?

  71. "Per documentation:" vs. "Per the documentation:"

  72. A saying indicating how some professionals don't apply their skills for themselves
  73. Looking for a specific word for anger caused by someone's selfish action
  74. Medallion with compartment inside
  75. "all the human knowledge" or "all (of) human knowledge"

  76. Ranting against a poorly understood concept

  77. what does the phrase "singular intellect" mean?

  78. How did "used to" become a phrase?

  79. Is there a name for the expression "the end justifies the means?"
  80. What is the difference between the idioms “Feeling guilty” and “State of guilt”
  81. Is there idiom “not made of rubber (elastic)”?
  82. some other ways to express the fact that I have been learning something for a certain period of time but still haven't mastered the ABCs of it?

  83. "You can" vs. "You can do"
  84. "Managed to" vs "tried to"
  85. Can I say "X decreases the contribution of our report"?

  86. Would be "need to unite" a suitable expression?

  87. Looking for another word of effect, result .

  88. Analysis of the Phrase "if you have questions, then I'll be available after class

  89. Another way to say "to become a better person"

  90. A simpler version of "the likes thereof"
  91. Can somebody help me proofread a sentence
  92. Is this phase correct "If you need me in cooperation ?"

  93. Origins of the phrase “You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”?

  94. Origin of the expression 'glass half full or half empty'
  95. What is the history of using the word "say" to start a sentence?

  96. Is there an expression or idiom to express a heavy burden left by some previous leadership?
  97. How to better reword this sentence? (cover letter writing question)
  98. "interaction" vs. "interacting" vs "to interact"?
  99. a word to express a feeling that is less than excited
  100. Is there a better way to say "Do you want to experience that? You will"