1. Umbrella term for economic, social, and demographic trends

  2. Need alternative phrases to "calendar week" and "calendar month"

  3. Expression to the describe the act of "going live"
  4. And so on and so forth - do I have to say the last part?

  5. 1920s American terms for mother and father?

  6. tens of thousands meaning

  7. Phrase to refer to community of people who come together to exchange knowledge
  8. Looking past someone (expression)
  9. Is the word "entertainment" appropriate with reference to a movie or book about WWI?

  10. Designing him a logo vs. Designing a logo for him
  11. It would be grateful vs. other expressions
  12. Expression/word for reading a book quickly?

  13. “To seek without... getting off a shot”
  14. Expression to describe 'making a final effort'

  15. the use of "nothing" in reporting formally

  16. Take over a part of a job
  17. "Because you couldn't? Or because you wouldn't?"

  18. In English Language usage is there anything which ought to make a careful writer avoid the phrase "historical context?"

  19. How do you call..? vs. What do you call...?

  20. difference in the usage of hyphen
  21. What does the mean of "Bye bye"
  22. "nothing but complex"?
  23. What does "always in my hair" mean?

  24. What does 'contrasting' mean. in this case of 'must draw their examples from contrasting markets'

  25. Can I mean "be useful or beneficial" by "do good to something/do good."?
  26. The implication of "turn the mattress"

  27. a general order was too big a lick

  28. "going to" usage

  29. Origin of the expression "part and parcel"
  30. How to express curiosity politely?
  31. What can we call " an employee who is under-productive but the quality of his work is enviable"
  32. Can I say “It has only been today that.....”
  33. English phrases \ idioms for - taking personal responsibility for your happiness

  34. What is some synonymic expression for "Cut it out" or "Don't do this"

  35. Term for bad press release

  36. Can I say "Battle your way through to something"?

  37. Meaning of "lines around the block"
  38. Is x plotted against y or is y plotted against x?
  39. Can a person be 'in perpetual motion'?

  40. Does the sentence contain an error in the adverbial phrase?
  41. When should "no problem" replace "you're welcome" as a response to "thank you"?
  42. Is "cheering you on" appropriate in this context?

  43. I would like to find a proper adjectives for "university"

  44. Expression for something being the right target / solution for something else

  45. How to describe dad's reaction in English?
  46. How are 'by hands' and 'by hand' different?
  47. What to call an "online illustrator"?

  48. The expression,"You lie like a dog in straw"

  49. How do we use 'Stockholm syndrome' in a sentence?
  50. Another verb for "speaks to"

  51. Nouns as adjectives question
  52. 'A book is not always a good book just because it is written by a famous writer.' Is this acceptable?
  53. The grammatical explanation of "After 10 minutes of me nagging her"

  54. What is the difference between the idioms “Feeling guilty” and “State of guilt”

  55. Is the usage of "ma'am" in the Philippines correct?
  56. to have something to do with

  57. Repair, renovation, overhaul

  58. Usage of phrase "I maintain and satiate a healthy appetite"

  59. Where does "the sky is falling" come from?

  60. Appropriate reply to "Thank you for your time"

  61. What do you call someone who comes up with excuses, so they don't have to do something that they said they will?
  62. To a Pathological End
  63. Is the structure "This is because... and so..." grammatically correct?

  64. Looking for another word of effect, result .
  65. Can I say "X decreases the contribution of our report"?

  66. What does "taking a standard" mean?

  67. Is "believe oneself to be" a fixed expression?

  68. Meaning of be wired to do
  69. General expression for the role playing game phrase "Bad-Wrong-Fun"

  70. In a random vs in a randomised order
  71. The 00s equivalent for "so 90s"
  72. Put ( in / on ) a great performance
  73. Word for "Vicarious Shame"? (Spanish: "vergüenza ajena")

  74. what does "oi lad!" mean?

  75. A Term for a Character Trait

  76. Does the word "character" in "character development" refer to a fictional character or "character" as in the psychological qualities of someone?

  77. 'something more like'
  78. 'Only piano', 'Just piano', or both?

  79. Does "You flatter me" have negative connotations?

  80. Expressions describing discount
  81. Dismissing all of a person's arguments because of one fallacy
  82. Where does the phrase "possession is ( nine points | nine-tenths ) of the law" come from?

  83. Expressions for something that was/went successful or that has completed?

  84. Generic word for something that produces itself
  85. "All of a sudden" vs. "all of the sudden"
  86. Is "wait up!" considered correct English?

  87. One word for "Leave haggling in the middle to get the price knocked off"
  88. Can you say "it's not mine" when you dislike something?

  89. Idiom for something that appears to be easy but is in fact hard

  90. To "resign in disgrace"

  91. How to use "come true" for something other than hopes and dreams and wishes?
  92. get the door for her so she doesn't scrape in on the curb? what does it mean?

  93. Where does the expression "long odds" come from?
  94. Is it awkward to start an email with "I am [my name]. I am writing to ask you...."?
  95. Starting Email mentioning weather

  96. "Sir or Madam" vs "Madam or Sir" in formal letter

  97. An adjective for the time that is excited by Christmas?

  98. What is the origin of the phrase "I'm game"
  99. What is a nice way to say "kicking ass"?
  100. Is there an expression similar to "I am not worried about the sky or the ground"?