1. Does the telecommunication “last mile” derive from the jail “last mile”?

  2. When did we start naming our dogs Rover, and why?

  3. Is "denigrate" a racist word?

  4. What is the origin of BrEng ‘bird’ meaning “young woman”?
  5. What is the origin of "in a jiffy"?
  6. Etymology of "punk"?
  7. How to memorize differences between ingenious, ingenuous, and indigenous
  8. Origin and evolution of 'on the bubble' in senses related to 'having an uncertain outcome'
  9. Why is "handsome" usually used for men, not women?

  10. Etymology of "Buff" and "Nerf" as used in video-game slang

  11. What is the origin of this phrase?

  12. What is the entomology of "ligger"?

  13. Why does the past tense form of sleep have a weak suffix?
  14. Etymology of informal use of “favor” in the U.S

  15. Is there a phrase that means sleeping with someone without sex?
  16. Did English ever have a formal version of "you"?

  17. Dolo: Rhymes with "solo?" / Short for "down low?"

  18. Is "over" meaning "again" related to "over"'s other meanings?

  19. Why doesn't “astronomy” end with an “s”?

  20. Etymology of "computer" before computer referred to a machine
  21. Origin of 'finest hour'

  22. Why does American English still write "glamour" with a "u"?
  23. What is the origin of the word "Latin"?

  24. When did "Happy ending" get used as a euphemism?

  25. What is the etymology of the word freedom?
  26. What is the history of "nil" in British football /soccer?
  27. Are jeeps just jeeps or are they named after the brand?

  28. "Awoken" vs. "awaked"

  29. When did "for days" start meaning "marvellous"?
  30. Where did the idiom "anally retentive" originate?

  31. Crush the spearhead leek

  32. Why did 'and such' become so frequently used recently?

  33. Is there a relation between "earl" and "early"?
  34. Why is it “sooner or later” and not “soon or late”?

  35. Why is "substitute" used incorrectly in this sentence: "I would like to substitute the French fries with mashed potatoes"?

  36. How did "issue" come to mean "problem"?

  37. How did a "ton" come to mean "one hundred" of something?

  38. When and why did our galaxy gain the name "Milky Way"?

  39. Is it acceptable that the verb "absorb" is used intransitively, especially in the medical and advertising communities?

  40. How did the relatively new usage of the word "convicted" to mean "committed" or "dedicated" come about?

  41. What is the origin of the phrase "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?
  42. What is the origin of the phrase "hot take"?
  43. What's the origin of the "judo chop"?
  44. Where does the phrase "No ifs, no buts, no coconuts" come from?

  45. Why is a rhyming word beginning with "h" put before another word to create a new term?
  46. How did failing things and clothes end up with the same word?
  47. How did the term "esquire" come to be used for lawyers?
  48. Should LOL be LA? "Aloud" and "Out loud", a history

  49. History of the phrase "strange fruit"

  50. What is the origin of 'Gosh'?

  51. Why did Old Testament scholars choose to employ "to know" in a sexual sense?

  52. Where did "I lost it" come from?
  53. Why does "tar" mean “thank you”?

  54. Why does "ph" make the "f" sound?

  55. What is the origin of the phrase "bad blood"?

  56. Pairs in common idioms/phrases
  57. What's the etymology of "athlete's foot"?

  58. What's the origin of "lit"?

  59. Where does the term "my bag" come from?

  60. How were "might" and "may" used in the past?

  61. "On Tap" in the Sense of "Coming Up"

  62. What's the etymology of "dash"?

  63. Why are cup sizes referred to as "double X" not "X squared" or "two X's"?

  64. The "hash" in "hash out the details "

  65. When was the word 'being' first used to refer to a human being or sentient being?
  66. Origin of the word "Blatting"
  67. What does the verb "nig" mean?
  68. Why is the “o’ in “clover”, “cove” and “over’ pronounced differently in “cover”?
  69. Where does the idiom “root for something” come from?
  70. What is a carpenter if he doesn't carpent?
  71. Why do some "ing" verbs change tense to "ung" while others go to "inged?"

  72. Why does "savior" have an "i"?

  73. How is the ending -le or -el determined?
  74. Why is the BrE “petrol” called "gas" in AmE?

  75. Why did "sceptical" become "skeptical" in the US?
  76. When did 'RINO' begin to be used as an acronym for 'Republican in name only'?
  77. Usage and origin of "prioritize"

  78. Word for what a "handyman" does?
  79. Origin of "wannabe" and its precursors

  80. Usage of "some in form of"

  81. Was Knick knack an actual game?
  82. Why is it spelled "curiosity" instead of "curiousity?"

  83. Idiom: in my neck of the woods, AmE

  84. Origins of the phrase “You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”?

  85. Origin of the expression 'glass half full or half empty'
  86. What is the history of using the word "say" to start a sentence?

  87. What does "ends of life" of John Stuart Mill mean?

  88. What is the origin of the expression "the clothes they stood up in"?
  89. Why does one "laugh to see a pudding crawl"?

  90. What is the origin of "pre-plan"?

  91. How does 'so much as' develop to mean 'even'?

  92. What's the difference between "note" (noun), "notation" and "annotation"?

  93. How might've 'even' arisen from emphasizing identity?

  94. How did 'even' semantically shift to mean 'so much as, hardly'?
  95. How may 'mope' be an Ideophone?

  96. To cold pig something
  97. The Cobbler's children have no shoes

  98. Origin, history and precise meaning of "banger" in the US music industry

  99. Satan - when did the word come into every day use?
  100. Why do we say "run apps" and not "walk" them?