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  1. Word to describe an absorbing activity which causes one to fail to notice the passage of large amounts of time

  2. What do sentences without adjectival complements refer to?
  3. Want a semi-formal American equivalent for the British expression “value for money”?

  4. A view on, for, about, of, to, in?

  5. This is an excerpt from movie Lucy. One word, "One" eludes me. What does it mean?
  6. "book an appointment" in a more casual way

  7. What is this called?

  8. The most idiomatic verb for "connection"? create? establish? draw? ...?

  9. Questioning my use of "in question"
  10. Does the telecommunication “last mile” derive from the jail “last mile”?

  11. Can all base forms of verbs express wish?

  12. Usage of "the blessing of giving more than receiving" in a complex pargraph - a few questions

  13. Is the usage of “does no longer exist” grammatically correct?

  14. Equal to + gerund

  15. When did we start naming our dogs Rover, and why?

  16. What is the word/phrase for a person at a company that has very specific knowledge and nobody else at the company does?
  17. Is "denigrate" a racist word?

  18. I need to further understand how to use “stringent” in a sentence
  19. What word to use when you don't want to eat more food?

  20. Is the pronoun "us" grammatical in: "it is worth us examining"
  21. How should I write this: "Hello, Gloom!" he greets. or "Hello, Gloom!" He greets

  22. Sentence Structure Question

  23. What’s the word for the sexual attraction that comes from sensing your partner’s own lust?

  24. "Footsteps Sounds" or "Footstep Sounds"

  25. What is the origin of BrEng ‘bird’ meaning “young woman”?
  26. Play with something vs play something

  27. Which verb do I use in: “All you need in life is/are coffee and good grammar”?
  28. In the passage below what does the word crêpes Suzette mean?
  29. Nervous Tic: Splaying Hands

  30. Confusion caused by delays in human communication: layman's term word or phrase

  31. Can you put a quote next to a semi colon?
  32. Can "in" replace "forming"?

  33. How can I transform?

  34. "Speaking of which" vs "Speaking of such"
  35. "even to" and "to even"
  36. Might come or might came or something else?

  37. Present progressive for "decided" future with no human agency

  38. Synonym for factotum

  39. What slivers of beauty lurk in, or what slivers of beauty lurks in

  40. A change of mind
  41. the usage of “something starts from”?

  42. What is the origin of "in a jiffy"?

  43. What does this line of dialogue mean?

  44. 'Lodge a complaint' vs 'file a complaint'

  45. Noun for a person who appreciates the experience of living with and through hand-made/human-made stuff?

  46. Sprained ankle vs. twisted ankle

  47. Etymology of "punk"?
  48. "How to not be seen" vs "how not to be seen"
  49. Is "why you" a valid sentence?

  50. "Cannot be disproven" e.g. solipsism is ______

  51. How to memorize differences between ingenious, ingenuous, and indigenous

  52. A person who acts in front of people differently

  53. the cylinder's axis OR the axis of cylinder?

  54. What can we conclude about the subject and action of below sentences
  55. Is it okay ,sometimes, to capitalize 'you' in a middle of sentence?
  56. What's the difference between It's like to ~ vs It's like ~ing?

  57. Is there any adverb or phrase to introduce a supporting quotation?

  58. Is it correct "always" is used in front of a sentence?
  59. Can anyone edit this sentence?

  60. Is there a Germanic word for "science"?

  61. My question is about usage of tenses

  62. Use of comma in a specific way

  63. Words that sound like the letter they begin with

  64. Should it be "it's our birthday today" or "it's our birthdays today"

  65. "See you all" or "see you everyone"

  66. What do you say "to achieve more than the goal"?
  67. What does "one week's notice" mean in this context?

  68. Simple present, or present continuous?

  69. Word(s) for being grounded because of circumstance

  70. Why don't we give our grandparents a call _
  71. Meaning of: Have you ever been issued a passport [...] for travel by another country of Ireland or Israel?
  72. What is the single word for this style of mixing?
  73. Past or present tense in relative clauses in the present
  74. Do you think I answered the question

  75. Origin and evolution of 'on the bubble' in senses related to 'having an uncertain outcome'
  76. How to show – not tell – nervousness?

  77. Some Kind of + article/zero article

  78. Why does "no problems" go with plural verb?
  79. Antonym for "thimble"

  80. He's been granted a special treatment
  81. Word like "sirsee" for an unexpected, usually small, gift?
  82. Posessive pronouns after a noun?
  83. What's sentimental lollipop?

  84. What would you call entities that are early in adopting and the ones late in adopting technologies or modernity

  85. continue [through] to
  86. The opposite of "technical skills"
  87. In English, are apostrophes supposed to be a ‹ ’ › or ‹ ‘ › or ‹ ‛› or ‹ ' › — or are those all the same so it doesn’t matter?
  88. Single word request for the effect of an expert's presence

  89. Word that describes a person's occupation?
  90. A term meaning "a name used as an embodiment of a concept"

  91. Grammar: Yes, I don’t have to and No, i needn’t
  92. Single word for a person who makes things difficult
  93. Opposite of 'Midas touch'?

  94. “In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month
  95. "With who" vs. "with whom"

  96. Using a comma before "even if."

  97. To (preposition) + Gerund

  98. Single word request for exercise book

  99. Have you been cooking something? or Have you been cooking anything?

  100. "to resolve that sth be done" or "to resolve that sth shall be done"?