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  1. Is there a word that describes something cheap, reliable and simple?

  2. It seems too much to ask -- Is this correct expression?

  3. Brief words to describe people who are not able to shop because of old age and / or absence of shops nearby

  4. Grammatical terms

  5. Special word for death anniversary
  6. What's the name of this literary device?
  7. What is the correct term to accept role in meeting?

  8. Paragon as a Verb

  9. How do you say "Come on, man" to a woman?

  10. What is the word for the opposite of "preferred"?
  11. Meaning of 'imaginatively' in this sentence from Bertrand Russell

  12. I wasn't known vs i didn't know

  13. Is 20 dollars here a direct object or a predicate complement? 'This book cost me 20 dollars.'
  14. Is this an indirect object + direct object?
  15. Can I use the verb ‘to calculate with’ in a given example?

  16. Is 'ounces to a pound' a grammatically correct prepositional phrase?
  17. to be drawn to someone

  18. Hi English is not my native language i own a website and i want a suitable title

  19. Equivalent English phrase for "don't roll around where you've fallen"

  20. Are there some similar phrases or words like "hail" as in "hail the king"?
  21. Is 'causatory variable' a word? How can I say that better?
  22. Thirst is the need to drink. Hunger is the need to eat. _____ is the need to get drunk
  23. How do I convert this sentence to third person

  24. Is there a generic term for Lovecraftian horror that doesn't use the words "cosmic" or "horror"?
  25. English usage and grammatically correctness
  26. "Doctor's appointment" or "doctors appointment"?
  27. English, Latin, or Malay pronunciation of betta fish
  28. Comma needed to offset expansion clause?

  29. When is an event so old that the phrase "the other day" no longer applies?
  30. Meaning of "grain of sand"

  31. Significance the run verb

  32. What's a word to describe an apartment when its owners are on vacation?
  33. Less formal equivalent of " like a gentleman "

  34. is this sentence correct with the present perfect?

  35. Girls Dance with Girls, Boys Scratch their Elbows
  36. Question about come across and synonyms of it

  37. Word for "can become a result"

  38. How did epilogue and epigraph come to take on meanings opposite spatially when used in books?
  39. if u told me i would have leave without saying another word?
  40. Would a drinking straw, made out of natural straw, be called a 'straw straw'?

  41. Can subject and verb come after the rest of the sentence?

  42. What is the word for an unintentionally uttered prophecy?
  43. What's another word for 'the only option?'
  44. Infinitive as an adjective

  45. Should we use the word "Actually" before a sentence?

  46. Can you tell is the next sentence right?

  47. Even you or you too?

  48. What is the difference between 'number' and 'numeral'?

  49. Above all vs. primarily
  50. Neither for A nor for B?

  51. shopping in vs shopping on
  52. Formal and informal sentences usage
  53. Is there a specific term for the association of certain verb(s) with certain nouns (as direct objects)?

  54. perfect continuous conditional tense doubt

  55. Is there a word for releasing a fish or an animal into a (natural or artificial) habitat?
  56. Is there an English counterpart for the unit of time `5 minutes` (一个字)?

  57. "I thought about how this machine ___." (confusion on past vs. present)
  58. Correct rule for placement of a pair of parenthetical commas in a sentence

  59. The double "ff" in tariff

  60. How can a run-on sentence be valid as, say, a rhetorical device?
  61. Why is "bangs", meaning fringe, used in the plural?
  62. Use of the phrase with abandon

  63. Reduce the commas and change the sentence?

  64. Punctuation after titles in quotation marks?

  65. Is this a comma of contrast?

  66. What is this verb noun association called in linguistics?

  67. Is there a single word for the image associated with a movie?

  68. Term for putting someone else's name on one's work?

  69. What is the correct way to say One and Two-sided Limits?
  70. Synonyms of Talk about
  71. What's a word for the opposite of Accountability?

  72. Cinematic term for: A known symbol confirms the location of the scene

  73. Is there a word that can exactly express "to divide something into two parts'?
  74. Is it erroneous to use "nude" and "naked" to refer to a half-covered body?
  75. What is the the word refers to heating and cooling at the same time?
  76. Is this a correct english sentence:

  77. How do we pronounce the names of Greek gods and goddesses?

  78. Can "unlike" and "like" be used intercahngeably here?

  79. What does '{I gave one to} [the] both of you' mean?

  80. How do you understand this phrase with 'the both of you'?

  81. So that I can vs So that I may
  82. Word for when someone was being sent back and forth between lots of places to get something done

  83. Does the word " each summer" have the present or past meaning?
  84. My glasses has "prescription?" (comparing with fashion glasses) What is a better/correct term?

  85. What does "her mama leaned hard" in this Emmylou Harris Song mean?

  86. Deterministic Simple Subset of English
  87. Freed / free / exempted from the examination or test

  88. Is it an idiom?

  89. how do I transform "that can be used" into active voice?
  90. Do you "buy on" or "buy from" online webshops?
  91. How many passive tenses are there in English?

  92. Meaning of "There as a man, if that he was a man, not that his manhood could be call'd in question" in Byron's Don Juan
  93. "Accommodate" vs "accommodate to"?

  94. what is the meaning of "bragging rights" in the following?

  95. What's the difference between "steady" and "stable" and "stationary" and "still"?
  96. Adverbial modifier with the insertion of comma

  97. A term for how a word is defined

  98. Can "informatively" be used in this way (like a disclaimer)?

  99. Has or had + would have been?

  100. Usage of Past Perfect Tense