1. "Greetings" as a greeting

  2. Tension, Nervous and Stressed?
  3. Can "also / as well / too" and "always" be in the same sentence?

  4. Upon the whole / on the whole / as a whole

  5. What does "fancy" mean?

  6. The weird difference between 'compel' and 'compelling'
  7. Is it correct to say no need of thanks?
  8. The man I want to go there. <- Is this grammatical?

  9. loved? or beloved? (what is the difference?)

  10. Can “clean off/out/up” sometimes be used interchangeably?
  11. Is "during" or "while" is correct in the given sentence?

  12. little doable or very little to do?

  13. What is the difference between raw food and ingredients?
  14. How to use compare word in a sentence

  15. what are the difference between "at this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..." and "this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..."?

  16. What is the meaning and difference of XXX-facing and XXX-oriented?

  17. meaning of "be knocked off"
  18. for or to in a sentence
  19. Deducting an advance from an expense: what (verb) happens to the expense?

  20. Happy to hear that!/ Great to hear that!/ Glad to hear that!

  21. While framing a sentence using a team,

  22. is "you were sweet to help me / for helping me" the same as "it was sweet of you to help me"?

  23. "Your bonus will be prorated for your first year." - Incorrect use of prorated?

  24. "Younger ... elder ..." vs "younger one ... elder one ..."

  25. Stir your imagination / arouse your imagination?
  26. Question on "hard time"

  27. Repetitive use of word "Basically"

  28. topic vs. section

  29. Difference between 'cautious with or in' and 'cautious of or about'?

  30. earliest + verb?

  31. What's the meaning and usage of "One such proposal is FOR" and "The concept is OF"?

  32. "a chance to meet" vs "a chance that we meet"
  33. A word for not being too formal or restricted

  34. "First" in middle of the sentence
  35. How can I intuitively know that the "in" in "in 3 days" means "after"?
  36. What other ways to say 'mess place'?

  37. Think of start doing something

  38. the use of word 'voiceless'

  39. What is the correct way to frame this sentence?
  40. How to use both correctly in a sentence

  41. because in a sentences with a verb

  42. Happy birthday dear (person's name)?

  43. what does "the latter" mean and refer to?
  44. which starts, starting
  45. Regarding anytime in English
  46. Invitation wording

  47. Meaning of "In among"

  48. difference between diplomatic and forthright?

  49. How to convey that the doctor has asked his patient to perform certain medical tests?
  50. How to put this idea
  51. Can towering be used as a lone adjective?

  52. Would it mean another 6 a.m within the 24 hours?

  53. What are the differences between "there" & "in there".?

  54. "Stability concern" or "instability concern"
  55. Can I start a sentence with the word maybe?
  56. OF or FOR or During: Correct Preposition Usage
  57. How do I use "like" vs "likes" in speech and sentences?
  58. how to say "Sahur" in English?
  59. "of which" (there?) still can be grasped the traces?
  60. how to say "Koperasi" (Indonesian language) in English?
  61. Which real/common English words, e.g. names, sound like [tsɑŋ55]?

  62. Is the phrase "repeat again" always symmantically when requesting a repetition?
  63. Is a reflection a picture or an image?

  64. Is it 'German-born' or 'Germany-born'? Which one is correct in this context?
  65. Can I say "pain is relieved" or "soreness is relieved"?

  66. What is the opposite of 'followers'? And the context is NOT social networking sites

  67. what 'a hatch' really means
  68. The second most
  69. My dream is to become a dentist or My future dream is to become a dentist
  70. Is "grossingly" a word?
  71. Difference between 'once a year' 'once in a year' 'once every year'

  72. Is the sentence including "too far off" ambiguous without contexts?
  73. Corresponding verb for "system architect"
  74. What is the difference between smartphone cover and case?

  75. How to use this phrase - contribution to solving a problem
  76. When you say something out of conjecture or by guess

  77. Usage of "On this case"or"in this case"

  78. What is the ( probably obsolete ) word ( verb ) "bootslitting"?
  79. How is "spade" and "shovel" racist?

  80. The word that describes the things you do as a person

  81. What's the difference between "center" and "centre"?
  82. Why do people say "sports shoes" but not "sport shoes"?
  83. What is the meaning of would here

  84. Can "bulge" have the following meaning?
  85. "is gone" in past/future constructions
  86. 'Pass something on (to somebody)' - what does 'on' mean?
  87. What are the differences between "so + adj+ that" & "too + adj + that" / "so + adj" & "too + adj"?

  88. What is the term for the child of my aunt or uncle?

  89. "Do you mind me asking" vs. "Do you mind my asking"?
  90. "Foundations" as title of an introductory section

  91. 'intricateness' vs. 'intricacy'

  92. What is the term for a list of people who have permission to access your data?

  93. What's the rule for using these ones?

  94. One word substitution
  95. Is there any difference between "was always doing something" & "would always do something"?
  96. Which is better "drive to do" vs "drive in doing"
  97. "Mail something", "Send something in the/by mail"

  98. should I say "companies directors" or "company directors" when I am describing many directors of different companies?
  99. In regard to short

  100. looking for one word or two English word combination to translate one Persian poetic word DelGard