1. What's wrong with these two sentences?
  2. all most vs almost

  3. Contribute, Word usage

  4. How can I transform?
  5. Difference between "be tagged as" or "be labelled as"?
  6. Word that could use for " reaching to the point where one is referring quickly"
  7. Usage of working on

  8. What's the meaning and usage of "One such proposal is FOR" and "The concept is OF"?
  9. 'After' as an auxiliary verb
  10. How to use a word when its meaning is both countable & uncountable?
  11. Correct use of 'mayhap'
  12. To arrive on/with/??? flight

  13. Having/has/had Questions

  14. The weird difference between 'compel' and 'compelling'

  15. What's the difference between "buy gum at the store" and "buy some gum at the store"?
  16. in vs. with- which is correct in the following sentence?

  17. What's the difference between "rough" and "tough"?
  18. Which one(s) of “up”, “above”, “over”, “on” and “upon” is (or are) correct for this sentence?

  19. What's the difference between upshot and takeaway?

  20. Can a participle phrase modify a whole sentence or clause? Or do they have to stick to a specific word or phrase?

  21. Can we use "Now" for a present habit because we mentioned a past habit previously?
  22. In a forum it happens
  23. Sprinkle- word usage
  24. A formal way to request for updated information in business email writing
  25. subject + to promise + pronoun + infinitive verb

  26. Yes/ no in questions

  27. The usage of "alone"

  28. is it correct: a pencil with length of 5cm?

  29. To be past participle

  30. Why do we say "little damage," and could the word "little" be substituted for a synonym?

  31. Using "way too...” to suggest a lack of something
  32. Usage and meaning of "Up next" and “Coming up next"

  33. Which of the following verbs are the most common regarding to meetings?
  34. Are 9000/10000 words enough to be like a real native speaker?

  35. Using contrasting words "merit" and "demerit" in a sentence
  36. Difference between "reprimand", "rebuke", "chastise", "scold", "upbraid", and "castigate"

  37. "capability of doing" or "capability to do"

  38. "of which" (there?) still can be grasped the traces?

  39. I need help teaching prepositional usage to daughter with auditory processing disorder

  40. What Is The Difference Between 'To Create' And 'To Make'?
  41. I'm not sure about the use of "great nature" and "reinforced concrete buildings" in this composition

  42. Meaning of the words in the sentence
  43. After how many? Usage of AFTER

  44. What does the phrase "by the time token" mean?
  45. Saw in a movie subtitle but didn't understand

  46. When I use one instead of a/an?
  47. Use of "only" as modifier

  48. Please correct the below sentence. I need to complete this sentence with useing some polite words and correct grammatical words

  49. Could I use "whom" instead of "which" in this sentence?

  50. Two repeated uses of 'under' in one sentence? Would it bother you?

  51. So, "Would have + PP" or "Would not have + PP" only refers to unreal events, right?

  52. application of the word 'vision' in writing reports

  53. How to use the word 'suitable' properly?

  54. How does the word "screaming" modify the verb phrase "come out"?

  55. Does "at all costs" work in this sentence?

  56. Is the usage of "subsequent" in "One or more subsequent EEGs were available for 21 patients." clear?

  57. Can I say "pain is relieved" or "soreness is relieved"?
  58. the usage of the word - Can we save "the word"? What can I use instead of it here?

  59. We wait or we await

  60. How "would prefer" & "would rather" used in combination with "rather than" when refer to another person?
  61. How to convey that the doctor has asked his patient to perform certain medical tests?
  62. How do I make this sentence better? Thank you, guys

  63. He just trumped

  64. "plan" or "prepare" for future?

  65. Difference between 'cautious with or in' and 'cautious of or about'?
  66. Complex sentences with omission of verbs in dependent clauses
  67. Regarding anytime in English
  68. What does "Hala is never worn by a pregnant woman" mean?
  69. what are the difference between "at this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..." and "this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..."?

  70. Stop The scratching -- what does it mean

  71. Can I use "exchange" instead of "discourse"? What exactly is "media discourse"?
  72. "start from the beginning" vs "begin from the starting"

  73. The usage of "teach"
  74. What are the differences between "there" & "in there".?
  75. Winters or winter
  76. Word Usage of "Forget"

  77. Are the verbs "parlay" and "draw on" interchangeable?
  78. Which word fill in the blank properly (about flow evenly/straightly)
  79. "rounded the corner" phrase

  80. Of vs. for in a given context with reasons

  81. Term For Someone Who Makes Another Aggrieved

  82. Sincere to or Sincerity to

  83. Is the usage of "successful" in "Was John successful practicing golf and surfing?" correct?

  84. What is the use of the Present Simple Tense in this sentence "I think he is at home" & "I think chocolate is great"?

  85. The usage of "humor"

  86. Pitch a fit and throw a fit
  87. What does "a sound one" mean?
  88. Got blushed or blushed

  89. I thought vs. I thought that

  90. Why does 'of' use in this sentence

  91. how to form a sentence. find below example

  92. We are doing a project together
  93. To describe an accomplishment in CV

  94. Discount vs Discounts

  95. It show the increase(s)

  96. Difference between "kid", "boy", "child", "children"

  97. What is the meaning of would here
  98. What is the expression for saying grateful?

  99. which one is more natural? government "forced" or "ordered" to reconstruct the apartment?
  100. Our priority is to have