1. What is the positive word for "not forgetful"?
  2. What is the filling of the stapler called in English? (picture attached)
  3. What is the positive form of "stalk"?

  4. Word for "Trying Suddenly"

  5. What do you call the individual "rounds" you pay in a slot machine?
  6. A long cloth which fans hold up in stadiums
  7. Exact word for specific pain in muscles after exercise

  8. Word that could use for " reaching to the point where one is referring quickly"
  9. What's the meaning and usage of "One such proposal is FOR" and "The concept is OF"?

  10. What do you call Obama's face expression "not bad"?

  11. What is this called in English? paper / sheets/ blank page (picture is attached)

  12. What is the brown cardboard covering coffee cups called in English?

  13. What is a word to describe a graduate with the highest graduation score?

  14. What would you call someone who sneaks into and stays in places where they have to be signed up, e.g. classes/country clubs

  15. Appropriate words for packages

  16. How to get rid of too much "of"?

  17. How to point out that something is written as intended and not an error?
  18. What is a collective term for animals that people can ride?
  19. Word for someone who creates maps

  20. What is the small room in the entrance of the flat called?

  21. What is the basic unit of a chain called in English?
  22. Drive out a fly
  23. Formal alternatives for "to be justifiable"

  24. What do you call refreshments seeds, like pumpkin seeds?

  25. What to call someone who does not sleep much
  26. "Doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well"
  27. What's the part at the end of the shoelace called in English?

  28. Please correct the below sentence. I need to complete this sentence with useing some polite words and correct grammatical words
  29. What is the English word for the tests that are made by a memory of people?
  30. Word for Speaking abstractly

  31. "Gaining access" to cultural heritage

  32. Does "at all costs" work in this sentence?
  33. How to refer to *one side* of headphones?

  34. word for hesitation, "well" or "actually"?

  35. the usage of the word - Can we save "the word"? What can I use instead of it here?
  36. What do you call this place where various goods are sold?

  37. What is "house committee" called in the UK?
  38. How sound does it make when a tree falls?

  39. How to convey that the doctor has asked his patient to perform certain medical tests?
  40. How do I express दिल लगाना in English? It literally means 'attaching heart.'

  41. Is there a word for (the metaphorical meaning of) "Stellschraube" in English?

  42. dives into the water

  43. What is the correct name for the meal for friends or extended family members?

  44. An adjective for a woman showing lots of skin?

  45. A word/adjective that describe a "seems-to-be-an-ordinary” event:

  46. which one is more natural? government "forced" or "ordered" to reconstruct the apartment?

  47. A term for glass half wall

  48. Is there any word mean `split text into sentences`?

  49. One word to say make something lose its function

  50. Is there an adverb to mean "in written form" (similar to "orally" for "in oral form")?
  51. What do you call the sharp end of a slide (slide as in playground)?

  52. Word for remembering everything you read
  53. Is it called 'crank'?
  54. A word or a phrase to describe a person who distort your message and pass it to another person

  55. How to extend "Some people do this, other people do that..." by a third part?

  56. Word request - What is the word to describe a line or sentence that you can sing
  57. Can't make out one word in BBC documentary Civilization

  58. How to convey that the main point of an article is not something and is something else
  59. Word for coming to a conclusion due to a pattern of events

  60. How to describe this font feature in English?

  61. What's the proper word for this type of 'porridge'?

  62. Is there a word to describe or to refer to a child who talks sweetly?
  63. When you say something out of conjecture or by guess
  64. What is a formal synonym phrase for "What the hell are you talking about"?

  65. Idiomatic ways to say something like "the starting time for the meeting is put off for one hour"

  66. Another word for "private"
  67. Is there an antonym for "improve on"?

  68. Someone who always goes to extremes in everything
  69. One word for body's intimate/private parts?
  70. Scared + Worried

  71. What is a single word meaning "an overvalued object" or "an overpriced object"? Akin to 'bubble' for stocks, but more precise / better

  72. Which of the taxonomy categories could fit the example provided by this post?
  73. What is a word for people I follow?

  74. Say ABCDE is a pentagon. Is "ABCDE" the name of this pentagon?
  75. Which word to describe a person who agrees with anything?

  76. "last week, this week, next week" what comes later in this series?
  77. What is the word for someone who sells pictures or works of art?

  78. The word for "unable to change"

  79. What do you call a term someone savoured and defiled a bit of food and left it
  80. someone who tries to be funny but they're not

  81. Opposite word of Nomophobia

  82. How are skill nouns formed?
  83. A person with a mindset of mutual growth
  84. Independently thinking student

  85. Is there an English term to describe the change from one time increment (e.g. hour) to the next?

  86. Does a "gesundheit" for coughing exist?

  87. What do you call a person who checks if everything is all right?

  88. How do you call a check procedure that checks "all" and "every" part?

  89. What do you use to "package"?

  90. Word for "penis" when speaking to children

  91. Single word for "able to be expensed"

  92. A person whom you consider to be your potential companion?

  93. The quantity of one fourth of a glass or a cup

  94. Looking for the right word - feeding pills into a tray

  95. Does the earth revolve, rotate or go (a)round the sun?

  96. Word for the group of people who supporting a corrupt leader

  97. How to make a question when we have AS in the answer?

  98. Do you call salt, soy sauce, etc. "seasoning"?
  99. What is the correct way to write "customer list"?

  100. What is the correct word for "Semangat" in English?