1. Word for Speaking abstractly

  2. I want to talk about "time" and people will understand that I'm talking about time which belongs to clock

  3. What other ways to say 'mess place'?
  4. The opposite of online course

  5. what is the term for someone who likes to be the center of attention, by talking about himself and his greatness
  6. Word for coming to a conclusion due to a pattern of events

  7. A word or a phrase to describe a person who distort your message and pass it to another person
  8. When you like someone but you cant tell why you like them
  9. Please help! Don’t know what this word is
  10. How to convey that the doctor has asked his patient to perform certain medical tests?
  11. What word can be used for a person who expects quick results?

  12. Is there a noun that mean "touchedness"? As is "being touched"?

  13. A word/adjective that describe a "seems-to-be-an-ordinary” event:
  14. How do you call it in English when the foam loses its volume?

  15. What do you call this?

  16. how to say "Sahur" in English?
  17. What is the English word for "accepted/acceptance by the society"?
  18. Is there an accurate synonym for the word "brae"?
  19. What is the opposite of 'followers'? And the context is NOT social networking sites

  20. Can running deer be described as "churning"?
  21. Appropriate word for a specific situation

  22. Keep vs retain vs maintain for product features

  23. Corresponding verb for "system architect"

  24. Is there any phrase for the German "Föhn-Wind" in English?

  25. When you say something out of conjecture or by guess

  26. What's the term for a person who can/will do anything for money?
  27. Scared + Worried
  28. The word that describes the things you do as a person
  29. What is the name of this part of banana under the peel (picture attached)

  30. How to get rid of too much "of"?

  31. An appropriate antonym for "evolution"
  32. What is the term for a list of people who have permission to access your data?
  33. One word substitution

  34. “Lower-case” is to “upper-case” as what is to “capital”?
  35. looking for one word or two English word combination to translate one Persian poetic word DelGard

  36. "White-side" meaning "from all flanks"?

  37. Idiomatic ways to say something like "the starting time for the meeting is put off for one hour"

  38. What is a single word meaning "an overvalued object" or "an overpriced object"? Akin to 'bubble' for stocks, but more precise / better

  39. Collective nouns for the years of the first and the second decades of a century

  40. Is there a word that means "to throw to the garbage"?
  41. A more general word for "nationalism"

  42. What is a good expression for saying that two things share some similaraties?

  43. Is there an English term to describe the change from one time increment (e.g. hour) to the next?

  44. What do you call the "collars" of a bathrobe?
  45. Word that means "in the process of being repaired"?
  46. American equivalent of British "takeaway"

  47. Gender-neutral honorifics
  48. Word request - What is the word to describe a line or sentence that you can sing
  49. Good and very good

  50. Word or phrase for the period between starting to learn something and being very fluent at it?

  51. Is there another expression for 'adding to the beauty of'?

  52. Socially adept person

  53. What is the opposite of "star" (celebrity)?

  54. How to make a question when we have AS in the answer?
  55. Is "petroblue" a color?
  56. What is a word for people I follow?
  57. How can I bring up 'bullet points' in a follow up letter?

  58. Which of the taxonomy categories could fit the example provided by this post?
  59. The US/UK word for Turkish sandwich filled with meat, salad and sauce

  60. What's the opposite of 'profanity'?
  61. The word for "unable to change"

  62. Phrasal verbs with this meaning of "on" in them

  63. Word for fear that a book might not be upto our expectation

  64. Word for unused in a while?
  65. How do you say someone writes a lot of unnecessary words?
  66. Looking for a term that describes a system that favors rich over poor

  67. How sound does it make when a tree falls?

  68. Word for "Trying Suddenly"

  69. Word that could use for " reaching to the point where one is referring quickly"

  70. What's the name of the game of throwing stones to the surface of water?

  71. What is the word for something that you don't use much?

  72. What do you call the standing ads outside of a store?

  73. Is there an antonym for "improve on"?
  74. A transitive verb to imply "to cause someone/something to romp"

  75. What's the meaning and usage of "One such proposal is FOR" and "The concept is OF"?

  76. What do you call a long "chain" of a repeated character?

  77. Formal alternatives for "to be justifiable"
  78. Words that mean "walked in an annoyed manner"

  79. Word for "hard to see because it's twinkling"?

  80. A word that describes "can't wait" in the following sentence
  81. What is the door frame hole called (where the door latch goes)?

  82. Vocabulary to refer to "the act of keeping something in its original/good state"?
  83. Term for "bearer of bad news"

  84. A session to make up a canceled class
  85. Is there a word for "the state of deserving something", such, as, say, "deservance"?

  86. An adjective for an event that happened in a night dream

  87. One-word synonym for 'out of context'?

  88. Is word "interlocutor" used in casual conversation?
  89. "compile" vs. "compiling" vs. "compilation"
  90. A word request - something over burned and its outside becomes black
  91. someone who tries to be funny but they're not

  92. A practice(?) I have ... since I was an undergraduate student

  93. Phrasal verb for “appear unexpectedly”

  94. What do you call someone who attends the same university as you?

  95. How would I describe someone walking with crutches?
  96. The antonym of "diss"

  97. What's the adj and adv form for 'quality'?

  98. How can I say that someone is taking too long?
  99. Word meaning "with light shining behind"?

  100. Someone who fails to pay their debt