1. Difference between "contrived" and "stilted"
  2. What is a ramble house?

  3. What is difference between "You did a hard work" and "You worked a lot"?

  4. The meaning of 'stretch' here

  5. About a word "pitiful"

  6. What does "to rumble one's assurances" mean?
  7. What does "it" indicate in this sentence?
  8. wondering what "the goods' means in this sentence

  9. Does "be over later" mean today or later in the week?
  10. How did "discursive" come to have two opposite meanings?
  11. Compounding of — teakettle

  12. What is the root word of "Refactoring"?

  13. I bought something two days ago - quick question

  14. What is the positive form of "stalk"?

  15. what does Mrs. Clinton's "deplorables" mean?
  16. "visitors to somewhere"
  17. Be vs keep with verb+ing

  18. What is the meaning of "[to] butterfly <something>"?

  19. The weird difference between 'compel' and 'compelling'

  20. A word to say I'm "full of expectations and impatient to see it"?

  21. Can we omit “own” word from "It was your own fault"?

  22. What is the definition of 'order' here?

  23. What does "just" mean in this context?

  24. Does “so” in the context give the meaning of “because”?
  25. What does 'subjunctive recrimination' mean in this sentence?

  26. Understand ‘Finance’ from its origin

  27. What Is The Difference Between 'To Create' And 'To Make'?

  28. A couple of questions about Tale of Two Cities opening

  29. What does "notch" mean?
  30. “Who gets to speak for what”?

  31. What does a "3x great-uncle" mean?

  32. So, "Would have + PP" or "Would not have + PP" only refers to unreal events, right?
  33. What's the difference between drug and medication?

  34. Does "at all costs" work in this sentence?
  35. What does "You have the right to an attorney" mean?

  36. the usage of the word - Can we save "the word"? What can I use instead of it here?
  37. Capable of being proven or proved?

  38. Why does "hulled" mean "devoid of hulls" rather than "having hulls"?

  39. Does "shatter" in "Shatterdome" really refers to storms?

  40. What does "Hala is never worn by a pregnant woman" mean?

  41. Can I use "exchange" instead of "discourse"? What exactly is "media discourse"?
  42. What is the meaning of this cliche: "purest form"?

  43. What does "spread" mean in this context?
  44. Are the verbs "parlay" and "draw on" interchangeable?

  45. Which word fill in the blank properly (about flow evenly/straightly)

  46. What is the difference in meaning between both sentences?
  47. What does the "but" mean in this sentence?
  48. A word/adjective that describe a "seems-to-be-an-ordinary” event:

  49. Difference between "kid", "boy", "child", "children"

  50. What's the meaning of "straight baller" in this sentence? Is "baller" a solid word in English?
  51. which one is more natural? government "forced" or "ordered" to reconstruct the apartment?
  52. "Hi there!" -- What does this 'there' mean?

  53. Is "self-proclaimed" negative word?

  54. Pay tribute to?

  55. What does "intervening" mean in this sentence?

  56. What does "snookums" mean?

  57. What are the differences between "so + adj+ that" & "too + adj + that" / "so + adj" & "too + adj"?
  58. meaning of "underdog"

  59. Which definition of situation applies in this context?
  60. Trying to make out the meaning of "strike"
  61. discourage and forbid- difference in meaning

  62. What's the meaning of "this year agone"?

  63. The meaning of "think" in this sentence

  64. Better vs should
  65. The meaning of perceive in a context
  66. “Shroom-fuelled” meaning?

  67. What does "former" mean under this context?
  68. What does "he was likely to be in the sixth year before he finished it" in harry potter mean?

  69. The bearers don't have the meaning of soldiers in this context?
  70. Is there any better or pretty words for 'a person who don't want to kind'? In positive way
  71. The meaning of 'sobering'
  72. Is that correct. Can we use sentense THE use like this

  73. Where about is a 'low brow'?

  74. Unusual meaning of "to play with"
  75. What is the "Vacuously" mean?

  76. What exactly is an electric hook up?

  77. Clarify some things from the song by Elton Britt - Uranium Fever
  78. What does "dramaturgical" and "mediatized" mean in this context?

  79. the meaning of "modelling"
  80. What is the difference between "normal" and "regular"?
  81. Someone who always goes to extremes in everything

  82. One word for body's intimate/private parts?
  83. What is a "snotling"?

  84. What could be the meaning of this phrase given below taken from one statement of purpose?
  85. the meaning of 'distinction' here

  86. the meaning of 'poor' here

  87. What is the difference between grey and gray?

  88. What is the meaning of ''this on his thing'' in this sentence?
  89. Rhetorical - Meaning & Usage
  90. "mind-numbing" can be meant "extremely shocking"?

  91. "Prise" and "Prize" are a matter of locations (AmE and BrE) or they are different in meaning?
  92. `Own a politician` means `bribe a politician`?

  93. "used to" and "had"

  94. What is "made" here?

  95. What is the mean of 'obstacle'?

  96. What does "get out of dodge" mean?

  97. Meaning of the word "calls" in the context below
  98. Meaning difference between insinuate and imply

  99. What does 'paint-peeling' mean here?
  100. What does "gandmelon" mean?