1. meaning of "underdog"
  2. What does new developments mean?

  3. report about vs report on
  4. Is "Last time we were in a house was five weeks" a common colloquialism?
  5. Is it possible for the ‘yet’ within ‘Are we there yet?’ to mean ‘still’?

  6. "Peters tips the number" What does "tip" mean here?

  7. the meaning of "modelling"
  8. What does "cut" mean in an American football context?
  9. What does "off" mean here?
  10. "Shopping a return to television"

  11. What do you call somebody who eats a lot?

  12. Does "Vietnamese-born Australian" include child born in Australia by Vietnamese immigrants?
  13. Which word fill in the blank properly (about flow evenly/straightly)

  14. Can I replace "long" with "distant"?
  15. What could be the meaning of this phrase given below taken from one statement of purpose?

  16. What does "wrap" mean in this news headline?

  17. Suhel Seth said "We will endure the ethos of our civilization"

  18. What do the word these refer to?
  19. What is "puck" in coffee brewing?

  20. 'wrangle' mean in this sentence

  21. What's the vice versa of "they go low, we go high?"
  22. What does the word "should" mean?

  23. What is "meal penalty"

  24. The meaning of "think" in this sentence

  25. What does "dirt" mean here?

  26. What is the meaning of these sentences?
  27. meaning of "expenses' in "hand in expenses"

  28. Why does the author use ‘Now’ here?
  29. What's "(oft) with poss"?

  30. Does "be over later" mean today or later in the week?

  31. Is "Colorado" also a fish?

  32. The weird difference between 'compel' and 'compelling'
  33. Why behaviour pattern is named so?
  34. What does the word "that" mean?
  35. looking for one word or two English word combination to translate one Persian poetic word DelGard
  36. What is the 'input power lead'?
  37. Does "launch our own idea" mean "provide our own ideas"?

  38. Meaning of liberal coating
  39. Is the prefix "self" optional if the meaning wont change if it is removed?
  40. What does "Do the hinges hinge?" mean?

  41. What does "go-round" mean in this sentence?

  42. So, "Would have + PP" or "Would not have + PP" only refers to unreal events, right?

  43. What is the difference between giving up and giving in?
  44. The verb "to creak" and prepositions

  45. What do "imminence" and "paling" mean in this sentence?
  46. "while" has two meanings : 1. during the time that 2. at the same time as

  47. Does "across from" mean necessarily facing each other?

  48. Does uncommon mean not shared?

  49. What is the meaning of this sentence 'bouncing on the balls of her feet.'?
  50. Consumerism vs. Consumption

  51. He went up to the girl - what does 'up' mean?

  52. Why communication skills and not communicative skills?

  53. What is the name of the horizontal wooden piece between the wall and the floor in this image?

  54. What's the meaning of "endeavor" in this sentence?
  55. Position and different meanings of "still" in the sentence
  56. What does “produce” mean here?

  57. What does "lime" mean here?
  58. What is the meaning of "smitting his victims by score" and "colony" in the context below?

  59. Does "shatter" in "Shatterdome" really refers to storms?

  60. What does Sashimi being a staple mean?
  61. What does "former" mean under this context?

  62. Is the use of "at" and " to " according to the meaning of the sentence or are there general rules to be used?

  63. Could anyone help me with the meaning of the words in bold?
  64. The precise difference between "can" and "might"?

  65. The meaning of perceive in a context

  66. What does "pram" mean?

  67. What does it mean to "stock the campfire"?

  68. What's the difference between a restaurant and an eatery?
  69. Five concerns about this short driving related text

  70. A word/adjective that describe a "seems-to-be-an-ordinary” event:
  71. What's the difference between "lately" and "recently"?
  72. What does “addressing” mean in the below context?

  73. What exactly is an electric hook up?
  74. What does "prod home" mean in football (soccer)?

  75. What does 'simple' mean in the following context?

  76. Meaning of "Kingdom Come: Deliverance"
  77. What's the meaning of this sentence, "Americans aren't going to accept that this is the new normal" in this context?
  78. What's the meaning of "tip" in this context?

  79. What's the meaning of "have" in this context, "Some day Hermione's having, eh?"

  80. That was it - meaning?

  81. Should "cooking" and "cleaning" be taken literally in "...two men at once. One cooking. One cleaning."

  82. Difference between "What do you do?" "How do you do?" and "How are you doing?"
  83. Which definition of situation applies in this context?
  84. What does "drop" mean in this sentence?
  85. Does "outside" as a preposition also mean "besides"?
  86. "have you ever gone to" to ask past experience
  87. What does "structural tension" mean in this paragraph?

  88. What do "blacks" and "missions" refer to in this context about Australia?

  89. What does "get down" mean in football (soccer)?

  90. Does "dip" also mean "walk" in "dip out of view"?

  91. Meaning of a slang word found in a Tweet

  92. What does "grab" mean in this sentence?
  93. What does "asking all the questions" mean in football (soccer)?

  94. I bought something two days ago - quick question
  95. What does "break up" mean in this sentence?
  96. What is the difference between someone and somebody?

  97. Meaning of 'on the ball' and "scream" in football (soccer)

  98. and that in accordance with those laws, the circumstances before an action determine that it will happen

  99. its rotation will bring us back around to face inward in the solar system

  100. Talks- what does it mean here?