1. Clear the stock or Clear out the stock
  2. Should I use "as" or "since" in the following sentence?
  3. What is the positive form of "stalk"?
  4. Is it correct to use the word "sideways" to mean "towards both sides"?

  5. Usage of 'awarded' 'awarded with' or 'rewarded with'

  6. "At the corner of the bar" or "In the corner of the bar"?

  7. all most vs almost

  8. "as usual" vs. "as normal"

  9. "to suggest an answer for" or "to suggest an answer to"?

  10. They or these. What should I use here?

  11. Usage of a continuous time expression in a past simple sentence
  12. A neutral expression to understand that more cannot be done at a late stage?

  13. Last ever meaning

  14. Difference between "be tagged as" or "be labelled as"?

  15. What's the difference among "extinguish fire", "fight the fire" and "put out fire"
  16. "unintentionally" or "unintendely"?
  17. How to use a word when its meaning is both countable & uncountable?

  18. What's the difference between "thesis" and "paper"?

  19. What's the difference between "rough" and "tough"?

  20. What's the difference between upshot and takeaway?

  21. Use of "gain employment" expression?
  22. Phrase to express activity in landing a job

  23. Can we use "Now" for a present habit because we mentioned a past habit previously?
  24. alternative for the word stumble

  25. What verb do I use with ‘hobby’?
  26. "complete honesty" or "absolute honesty" in the mentioned context?
  27. "Long-lasted" or "long-lasting" in the mentioned context?

  28. Should I use "previous experience in" or "previous experience of"?
  29. She wasn't expecting a call or she weren't expecting a call?
  30. Which of the following verbs are the most common regarding to meetings?
  31. Correct use of the word communication or communicating
  32. Have or had? What's the difference when used in a relative clause
  33. Why is "with the telescope" correct?

  34. Difference between "reprimand", "rebuke", "chastise", "scold", "upbraid", and "castigate"
  35. I need help teaching prepositional usage to daughter with auditory processing disorder
  36. "one more step" or "one step further" or "one more step further"?
  37. "most" or "the most" in the mentioned context?

  38. Practical training, internship or practice?
  39. What is the proper way to use ' ones ' or ' one's ' this word in sentence?
  40. Two repeated uses of 'under' in one sentence? Would it bother you?
  41. Should "materials" and "processing agents" be plural or singular after "any" in this sentence?

  42. Is there difference between bedding, bedclothes and linen or are consider synonym?
  43. Take Broad/Wide View of
  44. Does "at all costs" work in this sentence?
  45. What is the best verb for "undertaking an IPO"?

  46. word for hesitation, "well" or "actually"?

  47. Can I say "pain is relieved" or "soreness is relieved"?
  48. Is it right to say "to have the maximum speech perception"?

  49. What do you call this place where various goods are sold?
  50. The difference between " former", "previous" and "last"
  51. We wait or we await
  52. How "would prefer" & "would rather" used in combination with "rather than" when refer to another person?

  53. "plan" or "prepare" for future?

  54. "Color nonograms" or "Colored nonograms"
  55. Regarding anytime in English

  56. Didn't or haven't -- which makes sense?

  57. Which is correct "a car which" or "a car whose" ?
  58. what are the difference between "at this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..." and "this time tomorrow / yesterday / next week..."?

  59. What is appositive and modifier?

  60. Should I use "from", "among", or "between" in the following sentence?

  61. A place that I will like or would like?

  62. By vs through prepositions

  63. semi-colon, comma or full stop

  64. Word Usage of "Forget"

  65. Has begun vs began
  66. Are the verbs "parlay" and "draw on" interchangeable?

  67. Which word fill in the blank properly (about flow evenly/straightly)

  68. Of vs. for in a given context with reasons

  69. Term For Someone Who Makes Another Aggrieved

  70. Is there a word for (the metaphorical meaning of) "Stellschraube" in English?

  71. Sincere to or Sincerity to
  72. Wish or Hope; what suits here?

  73. usage of "develops", "generates" and "produces"

  74. Reasons for OR reasons that
  75. One-hand or One-handed?

  76. What is the use of the Present Simple Tense in this sentence "I think he is at home" & "I think chocolate is great"?

  77. You can contact me on/over/by Skype

  78. Got blushed or blushed
  79. Why "Windows market share", not "Windows use share"?
  80. To describe an accomplishment in CV

  81. What are the differences between "of noun" and "adjective"?
  82. "An hour" or "a hour"

  83. Discount vs Discounts
  84. Difference between "dramaturgic" and "dramaturgical"

  85. A word/adjective that describe a "seems-to-be-an-ordinary” event:

  86. What is the expression for saying grateful?
  87. which one is more natural? government "forced" or "ordered" to reconstruct the apartment?

  88. Pay tribute to?
  89. What is the common word for the cover of the pot-cooking?

  90. Ask feedback(formal)
  91. What is the difference between symbol and sign?

  92. What are the differences between "so + adj+ that" & "too + adj + that" / "so + adj" & "too + adj"?

  93. Interchangeability of cat and tomcat
  94. prepositions "of" or "by" thesis title
  95. What's detailed difference between "special" and "especial"?
  96. Use of concerning
  97. Do we care about the rules of "Speculation Modals" when we change speculation modals from "direct into indirect speech"?

  98. Does “pregnancy cravings” have a particular word?

  99. Use "time-slots" in a sentence
  100. A verb for "flattery"