1. can we use ''adverbs of frequency'' with other ''expressions of frequency''?
  2. When X, better Y than Z
  3. How to use this phrase - contribution to solving a problem

  4. Reducing adverb clauses

  5. How to message or call someone to open the door?

  6. how to illustrate this meaning in the sentence
  7. Should I use have or had for both of the sentence below?
  8. Confusion about the sentence "if the companies or is well known in the west...."

  9. How you will spend your time in day?

  10. "Tucked" vs "tucked myself"

  11. Which is correct in this context "are that of a" or "came to be from"?
  12. Is "increase their chance of being burgled" clear in this sentence?

  13. Successfully with, or with successfully?
  14. sentence structure, noun phrase
  15. Use of having in a sentence
  16. Difference Was kidnapped and had been kidnapped

  17. How to explain about difference of the one figure in the paper with other figures
  18. What's wrong with my message?

  19. What is the best way to say the following sentence?

  20. Idiomatic ways to say something like "the starting time for the meeting is put off for one hour"
  21. "Movies are stories, casts, topicality, all important." Is this English correct?

  22. Clean up time: Put away your toys

  23. 'experiences' or 'enterprises'- What is correct in this sentence?

  24. Can I use not only... but also... with two different subjects?
  25. Can I combine verbs and adjective in a sentence? Example `It is easy to read, edit, remove, and visually appealing.`

  26. What is the difference of these forms?
  27. Why is "a road" incorrect in this test?
  28. "I spent two years in this place and {it was/they were} the two worst years of my life."

  29. How should this sentence be improved? "When an already-understanding person explains to a not-already-understanding one"?
  30. "they've misunderstood" or "they've been misunderstood"

  31. 'Work towards' usage

  32. Past perfect with exact time expression

  33. Present tense in the past
  34. about position of who what etc. in interrogative and negative sentence

  35. Is it incorrect to say "he/she is the perfect body type"?
  36. Independent clauses in conditional sentence
  37. Past perfect continuous tense

  38. What is the best choice among the four below sentences?

  39. After his writing/ after he has written

  40. Odd sentence (to me...)

  41. Present perfect and past simple in one sentence
  42. (The) Use of Electronic Devices not allowed in classroom-Needing "the" or not?
  43. Sentence construction: in spite of
  44. I am to blame for not getting the project vs I am to blame to not get the proejct?
  45. Is it right? "I hope this keeps her pleasantly occupied to not get board."

  46. one the one hand, on the other with more than one sentence

  47. Meaning of 'subject + to + infinitive'?
  48. I went to Canada to learn English vs I went to Canada for learning English

  49. Is the given construction grammatically correct?
  50. Can I replace "so that" by something more pretty?
  51. Sentence meaning simple present tense
  52. Is the apostrophe used correctly in "people's interest in their ancestor's family..."?
  53. have + past participle, versus did + verb?

  54. what is right to more than one school system ?

  55. What should we use for upcoming event Were to be and are to be?
  56. I just want to know whether these two sentence are correct and are giving the same meaning

  57. Is "wish/if only + I/we + would " possible?

  58. It is such a nice place

  59. Correction of a sentence
  60. Asking about height of a human being

  61. Practical training, internship or practice?
  62. Asking about weight

  63. Use of approximately only in a sentence

  64. Which is correct and why?

  65. how to use "at...convenience"
  66. Interchangeability of "such" and "which"

  67. Can I put "if" or "once" after "that"?

  68. Which is correct tense to be used with last year?

  69. How do you ask people to give credit when they distribute your article?
  70. How should we reverse the twice as ... as?

  71. Think somebody + adjective
  72. What's the Difference between "all" and "all the"
  73. "Post lunch" or "after lunch" which is correct?

  74. "her dream that" or "her dream that was that"?

  75. How to describe I am one of only two people on the team with engineering background

  76. Is "into the house" an objective complement, or an adverbial phrase?
  77. "Sheriff's hiring of political supporters under fire" & "building a community outreach wing his critics say doubles as a re-election team"

  78. Meaning of "Look at me still talking when there's science to do"

  79. What's the meaning & structure of "Another stripped faculty doors of banners referencing Taiwan"?

  80. Use of "But for"
  81. help to understanding the past participle form
  82. application of article "the"
  83. "go to look for somebody in the place" vs "go to the place to look for somebody"

  84. Can the verb 'abhorrent' be used in this way?
  85. Regarding for someone to V phrase

  86. Difference between May Have and May Be

  87. "since late on the previous evening"

  88. The temple is(A)/within a hundred yards(B)/from my house

  89. Does she have or has she got? Which one is correct?
  90. Natural way to use "same as" + relative clause
  91. Use of "Should" at the beginning of a sentence

  92. usage of 'neither.. nor', 'not...or' and 'not.... nor'
  93. What's the structure of "the U.S. officials told about the incident were asked to keep quiet about it"?

  94. How to avoid double repetitive words usage?

  95. Confuse about questions structure

  96. I am keen to discuss further (with you) about how I can contribute to your company
  97. 'Didn't happen' or 'haven't happened' before

  98. A transitive verb to imply "to cause someone/something to romp"
  99. "Growing so much" vs "so much growing"

  100. Is this sentence grammatically correct? Beginning a sentence with 'with'