1. which is correct? need help with English

  2. Is "which is directly affecting our operational duties" correct in this sentence? Should it be "which are" instead?

  3. were VS are - We all started panicking and looking around to see if there [were/are] any unattended tickets around us

  4. Regarding for someone to V phrase

  5. Can I replace "so that" by something more pretty?
  6. Explaining a Statement in More Shorter Way
  7. How to use "may" twice in one sentence

  8. Sentence construction: in spite of

  9. "After his writing" vs. "after he has written"

  10. 'immediately before', 'right before' and 'just before'

  11. The use of "since" in “The Empire had long since fallen to the Barbarians”

  12. Is the apostrophe used correctly in "people's interest in their ancestor's family..."?
  13. What is the difference between 'I'm going to go to work' and 'I'm going to work'
  14. Does she have or has she got? Which one is correct?

  15. Why are there two verbs in this sentence? (A raid ... starting late on Wednesday yielded as much as 20 tonnes...)
  16. 'Didn't happen' or 'haven't happened' before
  17. Writing dates in texts

  18. Having+verb3 in English
  19. It is such a nice place
  20. Difference between "have done" and "had done".

  21. We are aware of that we are short on time
  22. "my hours are set", "coverage", "time window"

  23. Practical training, internship or practice?
  24. Change the school or schools?
  25. how to use "at...convenience"
  26. How should we reverse the twice as ... as?

  27. how to write a sentence politely asking to be in touch?
  28. Do these two sentences have the same meaning?

  29. meaning of these sentences about dancing

  30. Natural way to use "same as" + relative clause

  31. IS this sentence correct or not?
  32. How to use "outperforms" in a comparative structure?

  33. I need to ask him whether he has done any grave mistakes in his last birth

  34. Long dependency of phrases in a sentence

  35. Can the verb 'abhorrent' be used in this way?

  36. To + (verb) as infinitive/gerund

  37. What is the main clause here?
  38. Is this "It could've been more thrilling as I was expecting something more at that time." correct?

  39. Can I write something like this: "I found an answer on is and why is it important to do that."
  40. How to arrange the noun and its pronouns in a sentence?

  41. What's the grammar of "was as far as ever from realizing his dream of an independent Italian kingdom"?
  42. Placement of 'Immediately' in sentence

  43. usage of 'neither.. nor', 'not...or' and 'not.... nor'

  44. When can we use more than one dot (period?)?

  45. Do not or does not?

  46. Meaning of “threw me off”

  47. Can I start a question using "Any chance"?

  48. Is this sentence grammatically correct? Beginning a sentence with 'with'
  49. The opposite of 'What do these two sentences have in common?'

  50. Formation of passive participle clause

  51. "Growing so much" vs "so much growing"

  52. Should I write "expertise I will have gained" or "expertise I have gained"?

  53. Defining introductory clauses with contrast to subordinate clauses

  54. Does the expression "there's a while" exist?

  55. "her dream that" or "her dream that was that"?

  56. I will be coming from tomorrow onwards!

  57. Sentence Construction

  58. Why is term been is using in Present Perfect ?
  59. Can the word "one" be used to refer back to another word in the sentence?

  60. What's the grammar of "there's no stopping her"? What's the difference between "there's nothing to stop her" and "there's no stopping her"?
  61. "My X is to be Y-ing Z" Is this gramatically correct?

  62. When to use below sentence construction while talking about past?
  63. When someone gets a face-lift surgery
  64. Difference between "I went to the toilet" and "I had gone to the toilet"
  65. What does the bold part function in grammar? What is the structure?

  66. Is it correct to say no need of thanks?

  67. I still remember the first time i listened to this song
  68. What's wrong with this sentence, and how can I write it correctly?

  69. "I did well" vs. "I did good"
  70. Sentence Construction: "Which players will be part of a squad today?"

  71. How to undsestand "hence the name by which they are known and ending with the Lateran Treaty of 1929"?

  72. semi-colon, comma or full stop
  73. Which choice best expresses "I will keep your secret." in Passive/Active voice?

  74. able vs enable ?? which is to be used
  75. Gerund at the beginning of a sentence

  76. What does 'Going to want to' mean?
  77. How to understand "and found it ever increasing", particularly "it"?

  78. What is the difference between these three sentences?

  79. can we use ''adverbs of frequency'' with other ''expressions of frequency''?

  80. "Device calibration" or "calibration of a device"?

  81. Which is correct in this context "are that of a" or "came to be from"?

  82. coordinating conjunctions
  83. Is "increase their chance of being burgled" clear in this sentence?

  84. infinitive vs gerund usage
  85. How to use this phrase - contribution to solving a problem
  86. To be past participle

  87. Independent clauses in conditional sentence

  88. How to say correctly the root directory is "auto filling"?

  89. use of indefinite article (help with sentence example)

  90. Reducing adverb clauses

  91. Correct use of time matches or time match

  92. help to understanding the past participle form
  93. about position of who what etc. in interrogative and negative sentence

  94. "is read & note" other than "is to read & (to) note" or "is reading & noting"?
  95. Why is the "I'm in a hurry" correct but the "I'm hurry" isn't?

  96. sentence structure, noun phrase

  97. A spoken English sentence construction

  98. Is it 'to reach' or 'reach'?

  99. How to understand this sentence (underlining blue), especially "the" and "that so"?

  100. What's the grammar of "live happily ever laughter"?