1. Present progressive tense

  2. Until the rain season ended... (Use of future tense)
  3. I'll make "all my effort" to do that - acceptable idiom?
  4. Present perfect continues tense

  5. Having/has/had Questions

  6. How to say that you are not a part of a line (queue BrE) and you are just watching or checking?
  7. About the structure of this paragraph

  8. There is nothing here worth {for} dying for

  9. how to use "at...convenience"

  10. Wh clause usgae

  11. I will be coming from tomorrow onwards!

  12. Is "wish/if only + I/we + would " possible?
  13. What's the Difference between "all" and "all the"

  14. Wh clause usage

  15. Phrasing a sentence

  16. Is it correct to ask "Between who and who does s/he stand?"
  17. Is "bicycle born human" correct in this context?
  18. What does the sentence "Songs often speak of or sing of the importance of music to the heart and to the soul"?

  19. Should I write "expertise I will have gained" or "expertise I have gained"?
  20. Is "described on the face" or "is described on the face" correct in this sentence?
  21. "Could we move the meeting to 3pm?"
  22. To be past participle

  23. I just want to know whether these two sentence are correct and are giving the same meaning

  24. Can I say "working in Google will create great learning opportunities with highly skilled and motivated scientist colleagues surrounded"?
  25. Wh clause in English

  26. 'Didn't happen' or 'haven't happened' before

  27. "Growing so much" vs "so much growing"
  28. Is this sentence grammatically correct? Beginning a sentence with 'with'

  29. two articles for a single person

  30. Use of "A few" and "Despite"

  31. Practical training, internship or practice?

  32. Please correct the below sentence. I need to complete this sentence with useing some polite words and correct grammatical words
  33. "go to look for somebody in the place" vs "go to the place to look for somebody"
  34. Is there someone who can correct my text naturally?

  35. "the whole thing isn't necessary" meaning not all is necessary?

  36. using two adjectives consecutively "it's best scalding..."

  37. I am keen to discuss further (with you) about how I can contribute to your company

  38. usage of 'neither.. nor', 'not...or' and 'not.... nor'

  39. room vs seat vs space
  40. since and for :contexts

  41. Posiibilty checking in a sentence

  42. Having+verb3 in different tenses

  43. his being vs being

  44. I took for a ride the motorcycle (which Rohit has) bought yesterday

  45. can we use ''adverbs of frequency'' with other ''expressions of frequency''?

  46. I won't be able to leave for office until they (arrive)
  47. Is "the team HAD not won any match last year" correct? Shouldn't it be "the team DID not win..."?

  48. Mostly liked / most liked / liked mostly / liked most

  49. How to use "advantageous" instead of "advantage" in a sentence

  50. coordinating conjunctions

  51. semi-colon, comma or full stop
  52. win the assembly elections (with a) sweeping majority
  53. The temple is(A)/within a hundred yards(B)/from my house

  54. The food basket contained an error

  55. "had" versus "had had" :if I "had had" money, I would have bought this car
  56. Usage of "by" in SO advertisement
  57. Extra spacing within a sentence
  58. Winters or winter
  59. Sentence Construction
  60. What is the difference between these three sentences?

  61. To + (verb) as infinitive/gerund

  62. Is "increase their chance of being burgled" clear in this sentence?

  63. explain the error

  64. Sentence correction- Which one is correct and Why?

  65. two year or two year's

  66. Had did or Had done in English Sentence

  67. Is modicum ambiguity acceptable in communication/writing? See the example below

  68. can you explain the error

  69. How to use this phrase - contribution to solving a problem
  70. what's wrong with this sentence?

  71. sa fast as or as fast
  72. Rather than reject: Sentence structure
  73. When someone gets a face-lift surgery
  74. Follow the antecedent, Adjective Clauses

  75. on and off vs off and on

  76. Commence "on" vs. "from"

  77. Long dependency of phrases in a sentence

  78. Active/passive voice : Let the poor (not be insulted or be not insulted?)

  79. Can I say: "I'm very glad to be a part of X's team"?

  80. Which is the correct way yo use in business mails in below sentences

  81. meaning of these sentences about dancing

  82. Sentence Construction: "Which players will be part of a squad today?"

  83. Do we need to change 'and' to 'or' when the affirmative sentence is modified to negative or interrogative?

  84. How to change "I am glad that we are not going to face X" to a less certain expression

  85. Successfully with, or with successfully?
  86. Past perfect in a two clause sentence with the same subjects and before

  87. How to explain about difference of the one figure in the paper with other figures
  88. What is the proper construction of this question - "...for who are we" or "...for who we are"?

  89. Analyze the structure: A particular bacterium that has never encountered a particular virus
  90. sentence correction:What would the cavalry (doing) out here?
  91. Help to understand this sample sentence in the Oxford dictionary
  92. error correction :Ankita is disgusted _____ the habit of her brother
  93. Use of "From where" and "Where from"
  94. Present perfect and past simple in one sentence
  95. Why does my book say that "to wear a nice dress" is an error in this sentence?
  96. "more depressed than her/she"

  97. application of article "the"

  98. Clause in English Language

  99. What is the correct says of `how to quickly remember 10^x to 2^y`
  100. Past perfect continuous tense