1. Instead of (date) or instead of on (date)

  2. Broke into Vs. Broke to Vs. Broke in.

  3. Which is grammatically correct between these sentences?
  4. Should I use "as" or "since" in the following sentence?

  5. I work (in) downtown

  6. What does "at the other end" mean?

  7. sitting "by" the computer Vs. sitting "next to" the computer?
  8. "In March this year" or "last March"?

  9. Bowed down at / before / in front of the altar

  10. Using the word with
  11. 'On the computer' vs 'At the computer'

  12. The prepositions "in/at/for" with a game

  13. Which preposition should I use, "on" 1st January or "in" 1st January?

  14. What is the difference between "in" and "at"?

  15. I'm waiting for you ON/AT/IN the second floor?

  16. “Jump out the car” Vs. “jump off the car”?
  17. I went home by foot/ in the bus

  18. Question about preposition

  19. Play with something vs play something

  20. The right preposition in the mentioned sentence?

  21. Why do you say "The Force is strong with him" instead of "in him"?
  22. Strict with punctuality v.s Strict about punctuality

  23. The intransitive use of preposition 'up'

  24. in vs. with- which is correct in the following sentence?

  25. Which one(s) of “up”, “above”, “over”, “on” and “upon” is (or are) correct for this sentence?

  26. usage of 'adjective + of'
  27. Use of "gain employment" expression?
  28. There is nothing here worth {for} dying for

  29. IN treatment or AT treatment? IN soil layer or AT soil later?
  30. difference between ‘interest in' & ‘interest for'

  31. Do Prepositions Alter Meaning of a Subject?

  32. The prepositions "for" & "to"

  33. when to use "for" and when "of"?
  34. Should I use "previous experience in" or "previous experience of"?
  35. Is there any possibilities that we can use “in” here in this case?
  36. How verb can be used after the preposition?

  37. "capability of doing" or "capability to do"

  38. I need help teaching prepositional usage to daughter with auditory processing disorder
  39. What should be used here, "until" or "to"?

  40. "in my car" vs "on my car"

  41. Should "materials" and "processing agents" be plural or singular after "any" in this sentence?

  42. In the storm Vs. by the storm
  43. ...enroll in/at/for a festival?
  44. I got paid "for" or "by" the job?
  45. "Accomplice of" or "accomplice with"
  46. "struggle for" or "struggle of"
  47. "Discoursed of"

  48. Along/In The Greatest Dimension
  49. Sentences start from Preposition

  50. "confusing X for Y" vs. "confusing Y for X"
  51. Should I use "from", "among", or "between" in the following sentence?
  52. Appropriate for vs appropriate as
  53. By vs through prepositions

  54. Prepositions: what relationships do 'to' and 'of' express?
  55. Usage of "to" vs "from"

  56. Sentence Construction

  57. "victim to" or "victim of"
  58. Of vs. for in a given context with reasons

  59. Reasons for OR reasons that
  60. I trust you will show forbearance [to/for] me a few minutes more so that I can finish this work
  61. Graduation/Infection Rate Among/In

  62. You can contact me on/over/by Skype
  63. Difference between "good at" and "good in"

  64. "A hit with" has the preposition "with" – why not "to"?
  65. What are the differences between "of noun" and "adjective"?
  66. What is the meaning of about in "(it) isn't about how long it has been... It's about ..."?
  67. "Proposed her" vs. "proposed to her"

  68. "Listening Music"
  69. "surprised at" vs "surprised by"

  70. sort out the problem by giving your opinion on "opinion on/of/about"

  71. What is the expression for saying grateful?
  72. time expression with from ... to vs between
  73. Preposition ( made of vs made from )

  74. "Stop To" vs "Stop On"; Which will be correct in below sentence?
  75. Occur at / with or something else

  76. Do you have an account on Facebook/ on YouTube/ on Twitter/ on Intragram/ Google+?
  77. Does "A is connected near B" sound natural?
  78. A games console with the verb "play"
  79. "For the way in which..."
  80. on/along do both mean the same here?
  81. prepositions "of" or "by" thesis title

  82. I won first place in/at the contest, which is correct?

  83. Which is the correct way yo use in business mails in below sentences
  84. "Beyond over" for long distances
  85. have so much the start of/on/over us

  86. He gains happiness "by" or "from" watching flowers?
  87. Using the right preposition (after, within, afterwards)

  88. subject "of" or subject "on"

  89. "....Up ahead" what is it called when preposition followed by another?
  90. Stuck with two prepositions -You can come from/on Monday on!
  91. Jump with/in/for anger

  92. Fill in the blank with preposition

  93. Use of "From where" and "Where from"
  94. Difference between "in time" and "on time"

  95. Which is correct "in its path" vs "on its path"

  96. "Our mission is not to __, but (to) __." Should there be a second "to" in this sentence?

  97. Change in my usual work / change from my usual work

  98. Making out the difference between "at Christmas", "in the Christmas holiday", "on the Christmas day""

  99. "Nowhere near ready/finished" vs "Nowhere near being ready/finished"

  100. What should I use: on, at or another preposition... in "the wind blows....."?