1. What does " good you have it" means?

  2. To + (verb) as infinitive/gerund
  3. The man of double deed

  4. What does "take a lap out of each day" mean in this context?

  5. I don't get this joke "Massive Attack On Pentagon Page 14 News", can anybody explain me its meaning?

  6. The meaning of "asked of" in this sentence
  7. Meaning of the word "calls" in the context below
  8. What is the meaning of "seem as vernacular as artificial" in the sentence?

  9. The meaning of "fresh off of"
  10. "match with" or "match in" in phrase like "Match with skills"?

  11. Culinary heritage?(meaning)
  12. what does “go-to destination” mean?

  13. SNL line about getting a donut
  14. What does "the Trump suit for the hand" mean?
  15. "two weeks apart one different period" meaning?

  16. Making sense of McInerny sentence, possible obstacle: meaning of 'to wish away'

  17. meaning of 'a theory of political human nature'
  18. Idioms in Imagine Dragons' "Thunder": "Just a young gun with a quick fuse"
  19. Which or that in sentences

  20. "That be me" in the movie The Hateful Eight

  21. What does "maximum should be at least" mean?

  22. "Go off" vs. "go" when describing an event

  23. Meaning of "by which time" when referring to a range of times

  24. "BETA" is Latin for still doesn't work?

  25. "In their thousands" and "in the thousands"
  26. What does "to feel oneself welling up" and "to get some tissues close by" mean?
  27. Can 'be one with' mean 'unite' in the context below?
  28. What does the high point mean

  29. What the first/second part of the day referring to?

  30. What does "a bubble before proper consoles" mean?
  31. What does "snooze like a lump" mean?
  32. Possible nuance in meaning of 'the first thing to observe'

  33. Which subject does the participle phrase refer to in the sentence?
  34. what dose it mean 'as a whole' in the following sentence?

  35. What is the meaning of "if for no other reason than"?

  36. What is the meaning of levy a fine

  37. "like this" vs. "this way"

  38. Does the phrase "to get something done" have different meanings?

  39. What's the meaning of "sit down" and "sit up"?
  40. What does this phrase mean? "Good at the moment, bad in the long run"?
  41. What is a modular degree course?
  42. What is the meaning & tense/verb phrase of: 'I had been away for almost five years'
  43. What are gag call letters and what's funny in the WDOPE, KUNT, and WA6 acronyms?

  44. what does "drive one's hands together" mean?

  45. Why "yours truly" means "me"?
  46. What is the meaning of "jammer extraordinaire?"
  47. "Have you ever worked in a ..." vs. "Have you ever been working in a ..."
  48. Difference between "on the fringe" and "on the fringes"

  49. What does "head on back" mean?

  50. What does "In line with this theme of competition comes the expression..." mean in this paragraph?

  51. The meaning of "have left" in the context
  52. The meaning of "within view of"
  53. Two interpretations of “ if not more” in this sentence
  54. What does "rank dishonesty" mean?
  55. On math and what not?
  56. It be not until ~ that ~

  57. "it modulo" meaning in Math context?
  58. What the part of speech of some phrases of the sentence

  59. The difference between 'beneath the sea' and 'under the sea'
  60. What's the meaning and usage of “Speak with your feet”?
  61. meaning of the phrase "T plus" in context?

  62. A smile "plays about one's lips"? Shouldn't it be "plays on one's lips"?

  63. "Sweep the strings of"
  64. Meaning of "by the time" in the mentioned sentence?

  65. The connotations of 'You tell!'
  66. Idioms in Coldplay's "The scientist"

  67. What does "tapping into the pocket of sunlight" mean?

  68. Can "that is" mean "I mean"
  69. Where have you been for the last two weeks?
  70. Do Prepositions Alter Meaning of a Subject?

  71. I bought something two days ago - quick question
  72. What does {dysfunctional quiver} mean in this sentence?
  73. Difference between "be of great importance" or "have great importance"
  74. The meaning of "look someone off"

  75. "Take to the streets," "take it to the street," and "take it to the streets"

  76. What is the exact meaning of the phrase "to get to + infinitive"?

  77. What's the meaning of "etch out"?
  78. I don't hold anyone's ambitions against them senator?
  79. The meaning of "How low can you go?"

  80. Take Broad/Wide View of

  81. We can scarcely admit that

  82. What does "in one form or another" refer to in this sentence?

  83. "Commence many frustrating/embarrassing mistakes." meaning in the below context
  84. What does "just" mean in this context?
  85. Step to it, to it
  86. After how many? Usage of AFTER
  87. I want to know the meaning of this sentence

  88. The meaning of "have someone up to do"
  89. asking about the concept of a title

  90. What does it mean "a few weeks into"?

  91. Difference between "at this point", "at this stage" and "in this point"?

  92. What is "heavy print" and where can I find a definition?

  93. What does 'of' mean in 'to be predicated of'?
  94. What does "like few others" mean?

  95. Posiibilty checking in a sentence

  96. “Back to” vs “Back in”?

  97. Do "to be conversant in a foreign language " and "to be competent in a foreign language" mean the same thing?
  98. Act On Somebody
  99. Is there any difference between these three phrases: capture/win/steal sb's heart?

  100. What does "dramaturgical" and "mediatized" mean in this context?