1. A speakers' club/ a speakers club/ a speaker's club
  2. Is the tense use correct here?
  3. I bought something two days ago - quick question

  4. What does "each step is Man Friday on the move" mean?

  5. Present progressive tense
  6. What is the connotation of "up" in phrases like "eat up" and "wait up"?

  7. Wh clause usgae

  8. Do Prepositions Alter Meaning of a Subject?

  9. Without it being a come-on

  10. Wh clause usage

  11. What does shrug off mean here?

  12. What does "just" mean in this context?

  13. Wh clause in English

  14. What does it mean? "being into someone"
  15. A couple of questions about Tale of Two Cities opening

  16. After how many? Usage of AFTER

  17. What does the phrase "by the time token" mean?

  18. SNL line about getting a donut
  19. Take Broad/Wide View of

  20. In the storm Vs. by the storm

  21. what does “go-to destination” mean?
  22. Posiibilty checking in a sentence

  23. What does "wtf" mean?

  24. Does "before Dec 10 midnight" mean "before Dec 09 - 23:59" or "before Dec 10 - 23:59"?

  25. It be not until ~ that ~
  26. Can I say this "He got his creative imagination that makes a professional designer out of him"

  27. The meaning of "stand down" in this sentence

  28. What does "cue in to" mean?

  29. What is the meaning of "emerging science" in this context?

  30. What does "sentiments charm" mean?
  31. What does "a bubble before proper consoles" mean?
  32. Step to it, to it

  33. What can "to scratch the itch" in different meanings?
  34. What does "it will be recalled that.." mean?

  35. What's the difference between "give out" and "give away"?
  36. What is the meaning of "to go by the hours"?

  37. To + (verb) as infinitive/gerund

  38. Why does 'of' use in this sentence
  39. Difference between "at this point", "at this stage" and "in this point"?
  40. What does "Put a Little Muscle" mean?

  41. Gonna "miss me by the hair"?

  42. What are the differences between "of noun" and "adjective"?

  43. To give a lift - collocation or idiom?

  44. What does "one provocation too many" mean?
  45. What is "heavy print" and where can I find a definition?

  46. How to interpret "up to at least"?

  47. What is the meaning of"that broke meter"in this context?

  48. "like this" vs. "this way"

  49. time expression with from ... to vs between

  50. What does the highlighted sentence mean in this paragraph?

  51. meaning of "if a day"
  52. What is the meaning of "bucket on the head" in this context?

  53. What is "They Are Wont To Ascribe To Each"?
  54. "for that matter" - not only for generalization purposes?
  55. What does "he was likely to be in the sixth year before he finished it" in harry potter mean?

  56. "I don't like bread" vs. "I like no bread"
  57. What is meant by "got jumped"?
  58. What is the meaning & tense/verb phrase of: 'I had been away for almost five years'
  59. Is "down to presentation" an idiom? And what does this line mean?

  60. what's the sentence meaning?

  61. Do people commonly say "go down" to mean "go to sleep"?

  62. What does "dramaturgical" and "mediatized" mean in this context?

  63. Double "always": a typo or not?
  64. Meaning of 'read the service'

  65. Meaning of "Pull it over"?

  66. The meaning of "have left" in the context

  67. What is the meaning of levy a fine
  68. What is the meaning of the quote "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link?

  69. the meaning of 'pull oneself up' here

  70. "Show up" vs "Pay a visit"
  71. the meaning of 'hard devout Christians that they were' here

  72. What does "to bite into life" mean here?

  73. What is a modular degree course?
  74. What does this sentence mean? Is "result out of" an idiom?

  75. The meaning of 'have something upon one's soul'

  76. What's the provenance of the phrase "bob's your uncle"?
  77. what does "drive one's hands together" mean?
  78. What does "it does not pay" mean in this sentence?

  79. What does "head on back" mean?

  80. Reply to "How are you?" : Are "I'm thirsty" "I'm hungry" "I'm angry" etc. okay?

  81. What is "making up one's life"?
  82. Is this sentence is relative restrictive clause? What does the sentence mean?

  83. Does "blanket charge" have two distinct meanings?

  84. What does "get to be" mean?
  85. Do you count the current one?
  86. What does "watch the world walk with you" mean in the sentence "Or stroll up the Cowley Road and watch the world walk with you"

  87. What does "get out of dodge" mean?
  88. Meaning of the word "calls" in the context below
  89. What does "right his life off the field" mean?

  90. Exist always or always exists

  91. Why "yours truly" means "me"?

  92. Is "lie one on" really an American English slang expression for "getting drunk"?
  93. Saying "sure" to reply to a stranger's "have a great day"?

  94. How to ask my friend to call me

  95. As many / as many as

  96. "Exclusions apply.": What does it mean?

  97. Pull or push through

  98. 'As to why' vs. 'why'

  99. "The Night of": common phrase ? Or just "the night of <something>"?

  100. "For the life of me/mine" phrase