1. What is the meaning of "you weren't going for it"?
  2. What does "wrap around my head" mean?

  3. What does "drop" mean in this sentence?
  4. Is the following sentence grammatically sound?
  5. One of Emily Bronte's sentence

  6. meaning of the phrase "sound about right"?

  7. A sugary coup: what's the meaning?

  8. meaning of the word "blog-tube"?

  9. how long combined with simple present perfect

  10. Is it that the psychologist comprehends the patient’s behavior or the patient his own behavior

  11. What is the meaning of "A is the good, B is the bad and C is the ugly"?

  12. Meaning of the phrase "go all [someone]"?
  13. what does ''abundant intentionality'' mean?

  14. Does "outside" as a preposition also mean "besides"?
  15. What does "muster through" mean?
  16. Meaning of The Sentence Given:

  17. What does "crack down" mean?
  18. What does "to be going to be" mean in this speech?

  19. What is the meaning of would here

  20. The meaning of "squishy hand-wringer"
  21. What does "structural tension" mean in this paragraph?

  22. What do "blacks" and "missions" refer to in this context about Australia?
  23. What's the difference between "To have" and "To make"?

  24. Meaning of "As music rubber hosed the air".

  25. What is "making up one's life"?

  26. What is the difference between "setup" and "install" based on computer programs?

  27. "Yet" with present perfect and simple present
  28. Does "dip" also mean "walk" in "dip out of view"?
  29. What is meaning of the "time to head XXX" forms?

  30. What does "I have a spare" mean in school context?
  31. Is or was, or would either option be correct?
  32. meaning of the phrase "play humans"?
  33. meaning of the phrase "keep one's head on in something"?

  34. How to tell someone that you still remember him?

  35. What can it mean: "to eat a fist"
  36. Does "Do this if any of As are B" and "Do this if some of As are B" means the same?

  37. Many pounds vs. Much pounds
  38. looking for one word or two English word combination to translate one Persian poetic word DelGard

  39. What is the role of "would" here?
  40. I bought something two days ago - quick question

  41. Using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in one sentence

  42. It's been X days since I last saw you - should i use an inclusive or exclusive count?
  43. Should not have p.p VS should have not to v

  44. Difference between OK and okay?
  45. What's the meaning of "coiled for action"?

  46. Meaning of “a hoot, a mess, a handful”

  47. What does "would" mean in a sentence?
  48. Meaning of 'to (not) burn old women as witches'

  49. Meaning of "no scratch no snatch"
  50. What is the meaning of "They fought so hard over who was to be king that the island broke in two"

  51. all toiling like cock-angels
  52. I haven't slept well vs I didn't sleep well yesterday?

  53. What does "In line with this theme of competition comes the expression..." mean in this paragraph?

  54. Two interpretations of “ if not more” in this sentence

  55. Meaning of the phrase "the thinking goes"

  56. Meaning of the word "for" in context

  57. What does "cut" mean in an American football context?

  58. What's the meaning of "in decimals" and "in fractions" in this text?
  59. Show candidates your warts.

  60. Available In/As

  61. What is the meaning of "to" in the sentence, "We awoke to the sound !"?
  62. What does "into the path" mean in football (soccer)?

  63. What does it means to had requirement on "Ability to see beyond immediate assignment to achieve results."

  64. its rotation will bring us back around to face inward in the solar system
  65. meaning of the compound word "low-draw"?
  66. "Crashing at the Y" What does it mean?

  67. How does "would" work in a sentence: The best choice would be...?
  68. What is the meaning of "put a knot in your tail"?
  69. A good place to start would be (with)
  70. Meaning of "as soon"

  71. What does "traps in a vice" mean?

  72. What is the meaning of "I weigh it off on 20 cents on the dollar"?

  73. What does "a lawgiver" mean?

  74. Meaning of ",that I've gone to sea, or have died of the rot." in the following sentence?

  75. "Where are you" vs "Where have you been"?

  76. What is a "lumpy business"?
  77. How does "would" work in this sentence?

  78. What is the meaning of "about" in "Love isn't all about flirting..." and "Love is about..."?
  79. My patients are past the point?
  80. Is "It sounds like she started cooking" a complex sentence?

  81. "ensuring social inequality." Is not this a mistake?

  82. What is the meaning of "Away off she saw something"?

  83. What is the meaning of "than" in the following sentence?

  84. meaning of the phrase "if we are to do something"?

  85. the way/how meaning difference
  86. Taking everything in

  87. What could be the meaning of this phrase given below taken from one statement of purpose?
  88. Metals can be damaged by water BUT diamond can't

  89. meaning of the phrase "telling effect"

  90. Trace Through The Workings Of

  91. The prepositions "for" & "to"

  92. Why not "for(be careful for)" but "of(be careful of)" in the below sentence is used?

  93. Difference in meaning between "good of" and "good for" and "good to"?

  94. How does "lost me there" suits here?
  95. What is the meaning of "of" in "be of interest"?

  96. pool of applicant

  97. the meaning of "peeling paint" in the mentioned sentence.

  98. What's the meaning of "grapevine"?

  99. "I wouldn't want to..." vs. "I didn't want to..."?
  100. When to use 'loquacious' and 'talkative'?