1. Explanation of this line from A Christmas Carol
  2. What does 'limited' mean in the passage?

  3. "off the top of your head" meaning? When to use?

  4. Can someone translate this OE version of passage into modern english?

  5. Strict with punctuality v.s Strict about punctuality

  6. What is the meaning of 'well'?(in this context)

  7. There is something with church clock

  8. There is something about bell

  9. "Upon" versus "on the basis"

  10. In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month

  11. the meaning of "as best as"
  12. it begs to be made fun of

  13. the population "doubled from one million"

  14. Does "whenever" mean "only when" or "in all cases when"?

  15. Contrasting ‘for a shade’ and ‘to a shade’ in DIckens
  16. Without it being a come-on

  17. What is the meaning of 'gravy' in this sentence

  18. “Communicated” in this context

  19. What does "the tassels on the latter bristling" mean?

  20. Got vs made vs make

  21. What's this called?

  22. Then nothing / meaning in context

  23. grammar/ meaning Her story seems true. — often followed by to + verb ▪ Her story seems to be true
  24. headline from Daily Mail

  25. meaning of "deepen relationship" and "deep"
  26. The prepositions "for" & "to"
  27. Does “so” in the context give the meaning of “because”?

  28. Is my understanding of this quote correct?

  29. Is "thus + adverb" idiomatic?

  30. Wrap up under the blanket of idiom
  31. You against the whole world - what does it mean?
  32. Usage and meaning of "Up next" and “Coming up next"

  33. What does 'surgery' mean in the following sentence?
  34. grammar/ meaning “To look at him, you'd never think he was 80!”
  35. what does this sentence mean in the following passage?

  36. Difference between “May” and “Let” in prayers

  37. Meaning of ‘walked vaguely’

  38. Are these two constructions semantically the same or different?
  39. Meaning of sentences talking about falling out of love

  40. Help understanding a sentence

  41. How to respond to a question with adjective, which has negative meaning (e.g. unrelated, unnecessary, inconvenient)
  42. "Seems married" vs "seems to be married" vs "seems to have got married"

  43. Substitute for "high school"
  44. The implied meaning of "improve"

  45. exposed to the alleged causes
  46. What's the meaning of lunch in a bit
  47. Take me on, take on me (not in the song)

  48. Take Broad/Wide View of

  49. What is the difference among dealt/get dealt/got dealt?
  50. Is the usage of "and till" appropriate?
  51. Trace Through The Workings Of

  52. Meaning of the phrase "as is the case for"

  53. How does "lost me there" suits here?

  54. What is the difference between Boner and Butcher?
  55. Along/In The Greatest Dimension
  56. In, "They are talking cars and deals", what does "deals" mean?

  57. What does "fix the flat on your car" mean?
  58. Can I say this "He got his creative imagination that makes a professional designer out of him"

  59. What is the meaning of this cliche: "purest form"?

  60. grammar / meaning Does “treating” in the example sentence mean “because he treats” or “and at the same he is treating” or just “and he treats”?
  61. What does "cue in to" mean?
  62. Meaning of as soon
  63. What means the phrase "Record what you are drawn to"?

  64. Usage of "Chances are ..."
  65. What does "spread" mean in this context?
  66. What is `that it needs` in this sentence?
  67. Meaning of the word "as" in the phrase "as from"

  68. How do you say “examenes extraordinarios”

  69. grammar / meaning “The surprise attack sent the enemy running”

  70. grammar / meaning “He takes in sinners and eats meals with them, treating them like old friends…!”
  71. What's the meaning of domestic transfer?
  72. What does 'scaffolding' mean in the following context?

  73. "Home life happy?" meaning

  74. "pros and cons" vs "advantages and disadvantages"
  75. What does "a sound one" mean?

  76. Meaning:"for what"?
  77. Is there any difference in terms of meaning in these two sentences

  78. think I can do anything
  79. Difference between "at this point", "at this stage" and "in this point"?
  80. What does "gas and alcohol don't mix" mean?

  81. I would like to know nuance of creepy

  82. What are the differences between "of noun" and "adjective"?

  83. To give a lift - collocation or idiom?
  84. Are these definite time markers?
  85. differences between phrases
  86. What is "heavy print" and where can I find a definition?
  87. Can you say "maintaining something is high"?
  88. What is the meaning of would here
  89. Meaning of the phrase "think something"
  90. What does "wading" mean in the context of technology?
  91. conjunction to link two clauses
  92. Why 'could' can't be used as the past term?
  93. "Yet" with present perfect and simple present
  94. Is "performance" countable in the sentence below?
  95. What does the highlighted sentence mean in this paragraph?

  96. "Can you see it?" vs "Do you see it?"
  97. What is the meaning of this sentence? Is it normal to say this or is he scolding me?

  98. "Borne her in." What does this sentence mean?

  99. In recognition of your invaluable help
  100. What does "For" mean in the sentence "could you come down here for a second?"?