1. What's the meaning and usage of "One such proposal is FOR" and "The concept is OF"?
  2. “Jump out the car” Vs. “jump off the car”?

  3. "why not" or "why not to"?

  4. What does "3~4 times a charm" mean?

  5. Does "X and Y are different" only mean "X is different from Y"?

  6. What does "it may be offset, however, but the risks of the something" mean?

  7. Without it being a come-on

  8. Got vs made vs make

  9. Which of these expressions should I choose: depending on, based on, with consideration to, in regard to?
  10. What does "award a tender" mean?

  11. Reason for using "would" in "Why would you ask something like that?"
  12. Verbs of perception: see, hear, watch + object +[bare infinitive/ gerund/ adjective/ past participle/]
  13. Does “so” in the context give the meaning of “because”?
  14. relevant to the version in use as distinguished by the term ‘End User.’

  15. What does it mean "something wound"?

  16. What does 'subjunctive recrimination' mean in this sentence?
  17. What does this mean - "If I've burned bridges, they are not in this building?"
  18. Using "way too...” to suggest a lack of something

  19. to be worth the price of admission to something -- what exactly does this expression mean?

  20. Meaning of the expression "left of"
  21. meaning of 'tick off something to someone" here

  22. "more than that" in the context
  23. What tense is used in the sentence? Why it is "would have had" rather than "would have"?
  24. Help understanding a sentence

  25. What does "should" mean in this sentence?

  26. After how many? Usage of AFTER
  27. How is "to be more than" used?

  28. “Who gets to speak for what”?

  29. The implied meaning of "improve"

  30. What does "conversation" mean in this context?

  31. What does "a smaller number of people" mean?

  32. What is the difference among dealt/get dealt/got dealt?

  33. word for hesitation, "well" or "actually"?
  34. Is the usage of "subsequent" in "One or more subsequent EEGs were available for 21 patients." clear?

  35. How does "lost me there" suits here?

  36. What does "get children on the right path to success" mean?

  37. Does "before Dec 10 midnight" mean "before Dec 09 - 23:59" or "before Dec 10 - 23:59"?

  38. The grammar rules for the sentences with 'is', 'has' , and the switched position of object's adjective
  39. What is the meaning of this cliche: "purest form"?
  40. Can someone help me understand this phrase, couldn't understand it. if you add some example that will great

  41. What does "cue in to" mean?

  42. What is the meaning of "emerging science" in this context?

  43. The meaning of 'quirk aside'
  44. what does someone mean when they say " something passed beyond the limits?"

  45. What does "spread" mean in this context?

  46. What is `that it needs` in this sentence?

  47. on a doubtful point?

  48. What is a "peer survey"?

  49. Police "needed" him or Police "was after" him?
  50. What is the meaning of "Bussed his own dishes. You can always tell a gentleman"?

  51. Sylvester Stallone on Donald Trump - "Dickensian character" and "larger than life"
  52. Which of these sentences are correct

  53. Meaning of "sanitised" in the mentioned context?

  54. The meaning of "debt-strapped" in the mentioned context?
  55. What does "a sound one" mean?

  56. Meaning:"for what"?

  57. What is the meaning of "to go by the hours"?

  58. What does "conceive" mean in this context?

  59. What does "necessarily" mean here?
  60. What does "wild west mentality" mean?
  61. Does "He might have done it" mean "It is possible that he did it" or "It was possible that he did it"?
  62. I have some problems with the word "friendly"
  63. What is "heavy print" and where can I find a definition?

  64. Is modicum ambiguity acceptable in communication/writing? See the example below
  65. Can you say "maintaining something is high"?
  66. Glengarry Glen Ross movie quote meaning
  67. What does "wading" mean in the context of technology?
  68. The meaning of anxious when followed by subjunctive

  69. What does "package the loans into bonds" mean?
  70. "Creating a state of positive feedback." What does this mean?

  71. Would and used to

  72. What does the highlighted sentence mean in this paragraph?

  73. "Borne her in." What does this sentence mean?
  74. What does "For" mean in the sentence "could you come down here for a second?"?

  75. What does "walked heel to toe" mean?

  76. What does it mean: They "are not in it with" something?

  77. 'What delicious flavour these mangoes have!' or 'what a delicious flavour these mangoes have!'

  78. Meaning of "Analyze yourself"

  79. meaning of "punching sb right in the GD mouth"

  80. meaning of "underdog"

  81. Which definition of situation applies in this context?
  82. Which is a better expression between "as you wish" and "I don't care" in this context?

  83. What does "safe and sane" mean in this passage?

  84. “Alarming given” meaning?

  85. What does "crack down" mean?

  86. meaning of right off in this sentence

  87. What is "They Are Wont To Ascribe To Each"?
  88. Trying to make out the meaning of "strike"

  89. "win by getting a head"
  90. Help me understand "You become a ...creature who slips into a sort of mediocrity where...."

  91. The meaning of 'implicate' here

  92. The meaning of "think" in this sentence

  93. What does "check out the classroom" mean here?

  94. “Shroom-fuelled” meaning?
  95. Does "That bridge has been repaired for the past ten years." mean the repairs were completed 10 years ago?

  96. Is using "general plan of structure" appropriate in biology?
  97. What does "25 of them" refer to?
  98. Prone position, face up

  99. 'by the way' meaning 'along the way'?
  100. Does "provides" refer to the "wiggle room given to the timelines"?