1. meaning of 'among others'
  2. difference between annoyance and anger (other than intensity)

  3. Is "we talk later time" correct in "Until we talk later time, take care."?
  4. What does them refer to in the text
  5. What does "move down the agenda" mean?
  6. How is "to be more than" used?

  7. What does "check out the classroom" mean here?
  8. taking that as understood
  9. Idioms in Imagine Dragons' "Thunder": "Just a young gun with a quick fuse"

  10. What tense is used in the sentence? Why it is "would have had" rather than "would have"?
  11. What does 'legislate a priori' mean?
  12. The meaning of 'I'm blowing it' by Superman
  13. Having a confusion with this sentence

  14. Which or that in sentences

  15. , and they were fond of one another as friends who have come together in early youth "often are".
  16. What does "a smaller number of people" mean?
  17. What does "sparkle" mean in this: "Vampires Don't Sparkle"

  18. What is "a student-loan refinancing form"?
  19. "a significant question is that..." vs "one significant question is that..."
  20. 'by the way' meaning 'along the way'?
  21. How to interpret "much to" in "much to the chagrin of its original investors" sentence?
  22. What's the meaning of "with" in "Trembling with fear"?
  23. The grammar rules for the sentences with 'is', 'has' , and the switched position of object's adjective

  24. “Should not have been” vs. “Should have not been”
  25. What does this use of "tingling" meaning?

  26. "Stability concern" or "instability concern"
  27. Help understanding "so airtight can’t anybody meddle with it" - should it be "so airtight that" ?
  28. What's the meaning of "be wheeled around" in this context?
  29. What is the meaning of "it's just that" in this video?

  30. difference between "having" and "coming to have" in the mentioned context?

  31. I do not understand the role of "respectively" in this
  32. "In their thousands" and "in the thousands"
  33. What does "…one of the above" meaning?

  34. What does it mean "to shade in a map" and "outline a map" in this context?

  35. What does "in the old dame" exactly mean?
  36. Why do we use "car + by" in this sentence?

  37. Does "provides" refer to the "wiggle room given to the timelines"?
  38. What does "necessarily" mean here?

  39. What is "to imagine Diana like that!"?
  40. What does it mean: They "are not in it with" something?
  41. I have some problems with the word "friendly"

  42. Confusion about the sentence "if the companies or is well known in the west...."
  43. What does it mean? "That reminds me that you paid for something else."
  44. What does "make the whine" mean?

  45. what dose it mean 'as a whole' in the following sentence?
  46. what does ''abundant intentionality'' mean?

  47. Which definition of situation applies in this context?

  48. What does "ad agencies don't want to know." mean in this sentence?

  49. "If I did find out" vs. " If I found out"

  50. What does "were just opening" mean here?
  51. Would and used to

  52. What does "fostering inclusion" refer to, or mean?
  53. Is it possible to have two adverbs on both side of verbs, and simultaneously modify or describe the same verb?
  54. What's the meaning of "look down" this student had said?

  55. What does "crack down" mean?
  56. the usage of "having come into"

  57. Why "offending," instead of "offensive"?
  58. Comparative questions with regard to perfect aspect of present tense
  59. What does "In line with this theme of competition comes the expression..." mean in this paragraph?
  60. What does "dying weeks" imply?

  61. What does "blue corn moon" mean in this song?
  62. What does "But I got to get to and from where I come" mean?
  63. The meaning of anxious when followed by subjunctive

  64. Two interpretations of “ if not more” in this sentence

  65. On math and what not?

  66. What is the meaning of "quite" in the sentence "You are quite from me."
  67. The contextual meaning of "would" in the sentence

  68. "it modulo" meaning in Math context?
  69. After his writing/ after he has written

  70. (The) Use of Electronic Devices not allowed in classroom-Needing "the" or not?
  71. Is using "general plan of structure" appropriate in biology?
  72. "but that occasionally"
  73. What does "make a rare return appearance" mean?

  74. I am to blame for not getting the project vs I am to blame to not get the proejct?

  75. What does ‘along’ mean in this sentence?

  76. What does "cut" mean in an American football context?

  77. Please help me to understand this clause
  78. Meaning: their fathers?

  79. Explain the sentence in the context
  80. What is the meaning of "about" in "Love isn't all about flirting..." and "Love is about..."?
  81. What does "leave somebody free to do something" mean?

  82. What does "China’s richer tech valuations may have been a draw" mean?
  83. What does "get" mean in the following conversation?
  84. What does "side by side" mean in "...painting side by side."?
  85. What's the meaning of "flag out" in this sentence? And what does the entire phrase mean?
  86. We'd as well be 10 minutes back in time?
  87. The connotations of 'You tell!'

  88. Which of the taxonomy categories could fit the example provided by this post?
  89. What is a "therapeutic agent" in this case?
  90. What is the meaning of to have been and founding?
  91. What does "conversation" mean in this context?

  92. "haven't" vs "have no" vs "does/do not have"

  93. What is the meaning of "outlive" and "the same age" in this sentence?

  94. what's the meaning of "the leadership is turning on itself"?

  95. Where have you been for the last two weeks?
  96. Flare the scent?
  97. I bought something two days ago - quick question

  98. What does {dysfunctional quiver} mean in this sentence?
  99. What does "crust" mean in the following passage?
  100. Past Perfect or Present Perfect for the verb "Think"?