1. Present progressive tense
  2. How to use phrase "think so" as perfect of recent past?

  3. That's not fair / not being fair

  4. Present perfect continues tense

  5. "in order not to" or "in order to not"?

  6. Do you ever use "being" instead of because

  7. It's simple or perfect?
  8. Having/has/had Questions

  9. The or without the
  10. in vs. with- which is correct in the following sentence?

  11. How can we encourage someone to do somethings

  12. In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month

  13. Can a participle phrase modify a whole sentence or clause? Or do they have to stick to a specific word or phrase?
  14. Use of "gain employment" expression?

  15. Being+past participle, with and without "to be"
  16. Past perfect tense with adverb "never"

  17. I-Dislike-You Mode
  18. Past real conditional

  19. The grammar construction "having watched"

  20. Is this a correct sentence?

  21. I have played football yesterday. is it Correct?
  22. Wh clause usgae
  23. Type 2 or 3 conditional
  24. which tense should we use in these conditional sentences?

  25. Ever vs Never, where to put them and which is better to use
  26. Wh clause usage

  27. What's this called?
  28. Which version is correct: the passions (is) described

  29. "it" vs "this" vs "that" when referring to a preceding word

  30. grammar/ meaning Her story seems true. — often followed by to + verb ▪ Her story seems to be true
  31. meaning of "deepen relationship" and "deep"

  32. difference between "it" vs "this" vs "that"

  33. Verb + same verb+ing
  34. Can "will + have + participle" be used in questions?

  35. Verbs of perception: see, hear, watch + object +[bare infinitive/ gerund/ adjective/ past participle/]

  36. Is there a rule for when a demonym can be used as a noun and an adjective?
  37. "Add readme" or "Adding readme"?

  38. To be past participle
  39. Is there a phrase "many a weekend"?

  40. Did you have a moment to talk? vs Do you have a moment to talk?
  41. Type 1 Conditional sentence

  42. What is the meaning of "I make this appointment"?

  43. Wh clause in English
  44. grammar/ meaning “To look at him, you'd never think he was 80!”

  45. Difference between “May” and “Let” in prayers
  46. get introduced vs getting introduced
  47. Help understanding a sentence

  48. Is grammatically and syntactically correct to use present continuous tense instead of using present perfect tense?

  49. Is using false subject "It" in this sentence correct?
  50. "There is something on the wall" or "on the wall there is something"
  51. How are "to be gotten rid of" and "to get rid of" different?
  52. What is the usage of 'had' in a sentence?
  53. What should be used here, "until" or "to"?
  54. Past continuous vs. Past perfect
  55. The Z of A and B: plural or singular

  56. Which of these two sentences is grammatically correct?

  57. Please correct the below sentence. I need to complete this sentence with useing some polite words and correct grammatical words

  58. passives vs adjectives
  59. why the answer in this question is "(A)"?

  60. What is wrong with this sentence? "Becoming a leader is a very predictable process."
  61. Could we say "honorable mentioned" to express "I have got honorable mention"?
  62. How does the word "screaming" modify the verb phrase "come out"?
  63. I'll bring you to your mother's
  64. What is the difference among dealt/get dealt/got dealt?

  65. How do you differentiate between these two types of 3rd conditional?

  66. Is it an adverb clause, a relative clause or a noun clause?

  67. Can I say "pain is relieved" or "soreness is relieved"?

  68. Is it okay to say that'll happen in the future by using present tense verb as in "Soon it's Christmas."?

  69. Identifying the correct tense
  70. Trace Through The Workings Of
  71. "we were planning" versus "we planned"

  72. We wait or we await

  73. usage of 'neither.. nor', 'not...or' and 'not.... nor'

  74. Posiibilty checking in a sentence

  75. Having+verb3 in different tenses

  76. What's grammatically wrong with this sentence?

  77. How do I make this sentence better? Thank you, guys
  78. It be not until ~ that ~

  79. He just trumped
  80. I should choose "installed' or "was installed"
  81. Is it ok to say, "by 2020 I would be the most famous teacher in town"?
  82. Confusion between definitions
  83. can we use ''adverbs of frequency'' with other ''expressions of frequency''?

  84. the function of used to in sentences

  85. Greatest number or highest number

  86. What does "He speaks with a driving if shambolic wit" mean?

  87. Complex sentences with omission of verbs in dependent clauses
  88. The grammar rules for the sentences with 'is', 'has' , and the switched position of object's adjective
  89. What is the name of such sentence in English syntax? (Pronoun + auxiliary verb + noun / adjective)

  90. Until sentences

  91. grammar / meaning Does “treating” in the example sentence mean “because he treats” or “and at the same he is treating” or just “and he treats”?

  92. Isn't this sentence incomplete?

  93. 'would have had to

  94. What is the difference between ‘pay attention to something’ ,‘focus on something’ and concentrate on something'?

  95. the dinner / dinner - grammar question

  96. Ask to do, could and could have done

  97. Which sentence is correct? (as well as)

  98. "Could have been" vs "Had been"
  99. How is the sentence "It means something different" grammatically correct?

  100. Has begun vs began