1. "adjectives whose meaning is ..." Why not "adjectives whose meanings are ..."?

  2. Not a lot of his friends...!
  3. Can "wondering" be using in the following way?
  4. "Not be upset" vs "not to be upset"

  5. "it" vs "this" vs "that" when referring to a preceding word

  6. I want to talk about some recent corrections
  7. Odds: singular or plural?

  8. Compound subject with or without conjunction?

  9. Complex sentences with omission of verbs in dependent clauses

  10. What's the difference between "at the end" and "by the end"?

  11. If I had not gone to the party, I won't meet my friend who came there
  12. about 'be worthy of ~ing', 'be worthy of being p·p'
  13. Which one is grammatically correct and why?

  14. no pen to write with/no pen which he can write with
  15. can we use ''adverbs of frequency'' with other ''expressions of frequency''?

  16. Confusing syntax
  17. How to use this phrase - contribution to solving a problem
  18. "This is the reason that I brought it up" is correct?

  19. Should I use have or had for both of the sentence below?

  20. Comma usage of non-restrictive and restrictive clauses containing that and which
  21. How you will spend your time in day?

  22. Considered a... or Considered as a..?

  23. What is the meaning of would here

  24. Why is there a proposition and why is it "in" in THIS sentence? Why is "be" used other than "should be"? What's the structure of the that-clause?

  25. Staying up late

  26. Replace adjective participle with relative pronoun
  27. using two passive verbs with a same subject

  28. I don't understand the following sentence of structure

  29. Which one of these 2 sentences is correct?

  30. Can I say I am wondering what the most interesting part of your day was?

  31. 'intricateness' vs. 'intricacy'

  32. Which is correct sentence?

  33. Is it correct to say "he is one of the most respected among all Romans"?

  34. I need help [ with / to / verb+ing ]
  35. Can the verb "watch" be used with that-clause?

  36. "Not a single customer comes by." Is it correct?

  37. causitive or not?
  38. "Pretending to be" or "pretend to be"?
  39. If it hadn't been for

  40. Can we use verbs like 'miss' and 'love' without the pronouns?
  41. "Yet" with present perfect and simple present

  42. Where can I put "who knows what else" in a sentence?

  43. Is there any difference between "was always doing something" & "would always do something"?

  44. I won't go with you or come with you

  45. He might have had to stay late tonight
  46. about the present perfect
  47. Take care vs care

  48. What are the combinations of "there-is" or "there-are" called in English grammar terms?
  49. I want to stop using "I" vs I want to stop to use "I"

  50. What is the different between Ever and Never?

  51. Questions about "Bad things come in twos/threes"?

  52. Is infinitival "TO" a preposition?

  53. The difference of "'s" and "of"?

  54. Why is it "citing" and not "was citing"? And why is it "called" and not "was calling"?

  55. What's wrong with my message?
  56. How could an adverb come straight after a transitive verb?
  57. Making sense of McInerny sentence, possible obstacle: meaning of 'to wish away'

  58. Difference between the usage of "a" and "any"

  59. Is there anything grammatically wrong with this sentence?
  60. How to join two passive sentences?

  61. Which they may not be using anymore
  62. Which is grammatically correct between these sentences?

  63. IS THIS SENTENCE GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? can be seen as different and distinctive from...
  64. when or before sounds better
  65. It was put on your desk by Peter. What’s wrong?

  66. 'I hope this helps' vs. 'I hope this will help'

  67. The question about "Had done" and "did"

  68. Is this phrase correct
  69. These things are what are needed

  70. Past Perfect or Present Perfect?

  71. They go or they went?
  72. How about someone do something?

  73. Could you please help me whit these sentences?
  74. How to use "hinder" in a sentence?

  75. Verbs on second conditional
  76. Comparative questions with regard to perfect aspect of present tense
  77. Is there a mistake regarding subject-verb agreement?

  78. Don't say we didn't tell you?

  79. A good place to start would be (with)
  80. Have something done or have done something

  81. Have or made a scoop of ice cream?

  82. Subjunctive use in that-clauses

  83. Relative pronouns
  84. Two interpretations of “ if not more” in this sentence

  85. What word would could I use for this
  86. "they've misunderstood" or "they've been misunderstood"
  87. Grammar of "meet" and "met" here
  88. How to wish someone good events

  89. What should I use "am going to" or "will"?

  90. What is the sense of using "have had" in this context?
  91. can help protecting or can help protect

  92. It be not until ~ that ~
  93. Using definite articles in a sentence

  94. May I use this kind of preposition?(sorry about, sorry at, sorry on, sorry to)

  95. When to omit pronoun after "but"?
  96. Gunfire/Explosion Went Off

  97. How to treat the verb after 'work' when treating 'work' as a plural

  98. Past perfect continuous tense

  99. Where to add plural 's' in two connected words

  100. early this year or early 2017?