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  1. Meaning of "is said"
  2. “Jump out the car” Vs. “jump off the car”?
  3. Synonyms for "never-ending issue"

  4. The right preposition in the mentioned sentence?

  5. How to use phrase "think so" as perfect of recent past?
  6. 'Went' vs 'have all gone' vs 'goes' after a future perfect clause

  7. "unintentionally" or "unintendely"?
  8. 'After' as an auxiliary verb

  9. Do you use Got (Past Tense) instead of Have (Present Tense)?

  10. "suffice to say" vs "it suffices to say" vs "suffice it to say"
  11. Present progressive tense

  12. Play with something vs play something
  13. The right position of "too" in the mentioned sentence?

  14. When should I use simple past and when I should use simple past progressive?
  15. Is it correct to use "always" in front of a sentence?

  16. "off the top of your head" meaning? When to use?

  17. "Roll a 40 down the street" meaning

  18. What's the difference between "extinguish fire", "fight the fire" and "put out fire"

  19. Transitive verbs & Intransitive verbs

  20. Can someone translate this OE version of passage into modern english?
  21. Is "to satisfy a connection" idiomatic in the mentioned text?

  22. Strict with punctuality v.s Strict about punctuality

  23. Is it idiomatic to use "it is just that" for adding an extra point to what one just mentioned?
  24. How do you address a person's assistant?
  25. Is it idiomatic to use "those" when referring to what is previously mentioned with "certain"?

  26. Until the rain season ended... (Use of future tense)

  27. I'll make "all my effort" to do that - acceptable idiom?
  28. was awarded vs has been awarded

  29. Is the ellipse made in the mentioned sentence idiomatic?
  30. What is the filling of the stapler called in English? (picture attached)

  31. Difference between "did save" and "saved"
  32. Is it correct to say that the "statement has its own merits and demerits "

  33. What is the meaning of 'well'?(in this context)

  34. Usage of "had" in this context

  35. the usage of “something starts from”?
  36. "why not" or "why not to"?

  37. That's not fair / not being fair
  38. will or be going to in this situation
  39. "nearby" or "the nearby"?
  40. What is the meaning of "a buzzy sensation" in the paragraph below?

  41. Will it be acceptable to use continuous here
  42. Usage of Present perfect and present continuous tense

  43. Are we having classes tomorrow? vs Do we have classes tomorrow?
  44. Active-passive voice
  45. What do you call Obama's face expression "not bad"?

  46. Introduce your self, is the `could` usage appropriate?

  47. "such a view" or "one such view"?

  48. There 'is' people or There 'are' people?

  49. My question is about usage of tenses

  50. What's the difference between the phrases "to train with" and "to do training with"?

  51. Past Simple: before or earlier
  52. Sentences with (noun+adjective+preposition) structure
  53. Present perfect continues tense

  54. How to use a word when its meaning is both countable & uncountable?
  55. Correct use of 'mayhap'

  56. Is it correct to connect upper case cursive letters to lower case ones?
  57. Using the correct word against collaboration and Collaborative

  58. Rough book or draft notebook?

  59. Use of the subjunctive versus conditional mood
  60. What does the word "which" refer to in this sentence?
  61. Present Continuous vs Simple Present
  62. What have I said vs What did I say
  63. What does "3~4 times a charm" mean?

  64. When to use simple past or present perfect? (I called him or I have called him)

  65. Difference between the syntax
  66. "in order not to" or "in order to not"?

  67. There is something with church clock
  68. How to use article in this particular situation?

  69. There is something about bell

  70. Do you ever use "being" instead of because
  71. What is wrong with the sentence ''Only you and him can do this work fast."?

  72. What does 'limited' mean in the passage?
  73. Passive voice of "This surface feels smooth"
  74. It's simple or perfect?

  75. What is this called in English? paper / sheets/ blank page (picture is attached)
  76. To arrive on/with/??? flight
  77. Having/has/had Questions
  78. My question is about an expression "way too good for me and don't deserve you "

  79. Active - Passive Voice

  80. The weird difference between 'compel' and 'compelling'

  81. What's the difference between "buy gum at the store" and "buy some gum at the store"?

  82. Past tense or Present Perfect tense

  83. The intransitive use of preposition 'up'
  84. What's the difference between "thesis" and "paper"?
  85. The or without the
  86. Error spotting : Maya wasn't promoted to the post of a manager till for a few months of her resignation

  87. "Upon" versus "on the basis"

  88. “Had he not stamped on that money”?

  89. Exact word for specific pain in muscles after exercise

  90. Is the usage of "information" in infinitive sense idiomatic?

  91. in vs. with- which is correct in the following sentence?

  92. How can we encourage someone to do somethings

  93. In other part of the country again, to give the example of Minnesota, you would probably pay only half of that maybe $400 or 450 a month
  94. Meaning of "You say" as in "-Sorry I can't party I'm busy -You say you're busy"

  95. What's the difference between "rough" and "tough"?
  96. Which one(s) of “up”, “above”, “over”, “on” and “upon” is (or are) correct for this sentence?
  97. How to preferably use "broad" or "wide"

  98. What's the difference between upshot and takeaway?

  99. How to say that you are not a part of a line (queue BrE) and you are just watching or checking?

  100. Can a participle phrase modify a whole sentence or clause? Or do they have to stick to a specific word or phrase?