1. Separate speech signals that are bandlimitted
  2. How to convert the mean and variance of a processed received signal into a SNR or BER?

  3. Adding phase to a signal that has multiple frequencies
  4. How to recover frequency and damping coefficient from superposition of damped oscillators?

  5. How can i sketch this signal flow?

  6. 1/3 Octave Analysis
  7. Audio Features suitable for short clips
  8. Independent component analysis for one observation of a Signal
  9. Baseline Correction: What is the concept of a baseline shift and baseline correction?

  10. Getting a weired behavior when windowing an audio signal

  11. Confusion in Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR)

  12. Why the energy is a good feature extraction for detect disturbances in signal processing?

  13. Understanding the definition of signal's bandwidth
  14. CMV: COLA constraint is not necessary
  15. how to make the amplitude equal zero on the desired frequency?

  16. Using Goertzel Algorithm in under-sampling

  17. Frequency at which the maximum amplitude occurs of a signal
  18. Model Based CoSAMP

  19. How audio watermarks are captured

  20. What would be the proper notation for denoting part of signal that satisfies a condition?

  21. Creating 2D array to play audio in left and right channel in matlab

  22. Summing magnitudes of individual frequency bins

  23. Apply band pass filter (BPF) before calculating the power of a signal (PSD)?
  24. Can the Tonality index in psychoacoustics model be positive?

  25. How to edit audios so that they have the same length

  26. What kind of signal is described by this exponential expression?
  27. How can I calculate the average band power from raw EEG signals?

  28. why do we use radian and( angular frequency) to express the waves?

  29. How to check if a signal is power signal or energy signal?

  30. Help with IQ balance equations?
  31. Power Amplifier Characterization
  32. Is deep learning killing image processing/computer vision?

  33. Is it possible to find a signal that reduce the PSLR without expanding 3dB main lobe for autocorrelation?
  34. how can we represent a Big Data set in Graph Signals. (Big Data in Graph signal Processing)


  36. IIR Lattice Filter in C programming

  37. Find the power of the signal with the help of Power Spectral Density using P Welch function in Matlab ?

  38. Accelerometer BMI160 changing bias

  39. Finding baseline (reference) of nosiy data and lag/lead between 2 signals
  40. "Fourier Transform can localize signals in frequency domain, but not in time domain." -- What does it mean in layman's terms?

  41. Determine if two signals are the same?

  42. Interpreting the FFT results of a structural vibration problem

  43. Does changing the frequency of a wave cause a change of the phase of the same wave?
  44. what is angular frequency ! what does it mean?

  45. Wavelets and bank filters

  46. Any better way to detect Signal with ADC Overflow problem?

  47. Calculating impulse response of system

  48. How do I perform Spectral Analysis (FFT, Windowing, Detrending) on Sonic Anemometer Data?
  49. Spurious When $F_s/F$ is not an integer

  50. Recover IQ samples from signal
  51. Uncertainty Relation between time and frequency

  52. Usefulness of Matrix Notation for Linear Periodically Time-Variant Transformations
  53. Frequency spectrum of complex equivalent Baseband Signal - Frequency Content around carrier frequency

  54. DVB-T RF signal to digital

  55. Suggest me some good references for sonification

  56. application of wavelet to vibration signal
  57. Distinguish between sinusoidal oscillations and rythmic pulses

  58. How do we use signal::filter and signal::butter in R for EEG data?

  59. Overlapping power-of-cosine windows with constant weight
  60. MFCC Classification

  61. Implementing Wavelet family matrices

  62. Angular re sampling

  63. Calculate RMSE and DTW before or after signal normalization

  64. Alamouti Scheme. MISO. STBC for real constellation
  65. Signal Processing for Discrete Events
  66. How to make sense of audio file's $\textrm{dBFS}$?
  67. Variance of deterministic sine wave

  68. Changing the number of cycles of an sinusoidal input signal

  69. Flat vs frequency selective fading in MC-CDMA?
  70. Digital filters in LabVIEW
  71. RF signals database

  72. How can we find the signal power of $x_{out}(t)=\frac{1}{2}Am(t)\cos \theta$?
  73. Time-invariant and Time-varying Systems

  74. Demonstrate that $x(t)$ and $\hat{x}(t)$ are orthogonal

  75. Determine the optimum receiver and the corresponding $P_{eM}$ for an AWGN channel
  76. Significance of $ \lambda $ in Basis Pursuit

  77. Why are LTI filters not able to output frequencies not present at the input?

  78. Calculating SNR for ECG signals

  79. Correlation of the amplitude and angle, and various modulations

  80. DSP Hardware recommendation or is it even needed?
  81. Need a better step detection algorithm
  82. Why does signal averaging reduces noise levels by more than $\sqrt{n}$?

  83. Teager-Kaiser Operator vs. Hilbert Transform
  84. How to calculate THD+N from signal
  85. Instantaneous velocity and displacement from acceleration signal using a proper filtering method

  86. MATLAB remove noise
  87. filter design steps and process

  88. I am Confused in basics

  89. What's the difference between Chirp-Z Transform and DFT?

  90. Recommended literature to learn essential aspects of signals and its propagation

  91. NMSE of complex numbers
  92. FFT Frequency bin relationship

  93. How to calculate average difference between two signals in percentage or score?
  94. What is meant by finite action signal

  95. Frequency extracted from MATLAB's $\tt fft$ is not very accurate

  96. Can we find the skewness of Fourier coefficients?

  97. Quantify the difference between two audio spectrograms

  98. Extracted envelope via Hilbert Transform is tracking the signal

  99. Sourse separation from known underdetermined mixing matrix
  100. Why look at power spectral density for stochastic processes?