1. How to calculate average difference between two signals in percentage or score?

  2. Hamming Window, python 2.7
  3. Overlapping power-of-cosine windows with constant weight

  4. Differences between FFT from acceleration, velocity and displacement data of a dynamic system
  5. Compensating effects of a system with a known transfer function
  6. Finding the parameters and endpoints of a sinusoid
  7. What is the product of Dirac Delta function and $t$?
  8. How to make sense of audio file's $\textrm{dBFS}$?

  9. Hilbert Spectrum vs. STFT

  10. Changing the number of cycles of an sinusoidal input signal

  11. Speckle pattern - speckles detection

  12. Pre-emphasis: What is connection between parameter a and 6db/oct?
  13. Flat vs frequency selective fading in MC-CDMA?

  14. Digital filters in LabVIEW

  15. simulate new wavelet on MATLAB
  16. How to convert the mean and variance of a processed received signal into a SNR or BER?

  17. Determination of periodicity in data and finding mean

  18. 1/3 Octave Analysis

  19. How to generate the weibull fading channels in Matlab

  20. Independent component analysis for one observation of a Signal

  21. Baseline Correction: What is the concept of a baseline shift and baseline correction?
  22. How to find the second maximum (Peak sidelobe Level) from the list of cell data and next convert to double data in the matlab?

  23. Why the energy is a good feature extraction for detect disturbances in signal processing?
  24. Using Goertzel Algorithm in under-sampling

  25. Frequency at which the maximum amplitude occurs of a signal
  26. How to detect and remove ringback-tone and ivrs voice etc from the beginning of an audio call recording
  27. Best averaging to convert 50Hz Chi data to one hour averages?

  28. How audio watermarks are captured

  29. Applicable Range for SNR
  30. Creating 2D array to play audio in left and right channel in matlab

  31. Apply band pass filter (BPF) before calculating the power of a signal (PSD)?
  32. Help with IQ balance equations?

  33. How do you save/convert an image to be in the frequency domain?

  34. MATLAB remove noise

  35. IIR Lattice Filter in C programming
  36. Finding baseline (reference) of nosiy data and lag/lead between 2 signals
  37. Interpreting the FFT results of a structural vibration problem

  38. Is there any connection between frequency response of a system and spectrum of a signal?

  39. How can I reconstruct a Time series using it AR coefficients in MATLAB?

  40. How do I perform Spectral Analysis (FFT, Windowing, Detrending) on Sonic Anemometer Data?

  41. Spurious When $F_s/F$ is not an integer
  42. Recover IQ samples from signal
  43. Usefulness of Matrix Notation for Linear Periodically Time-Variant Transformations

  44. Frequency spectrum of complex equivalent Baseband Signal - Frequency Content around carrier frequency

  45. Finding autocorrelation of discrete waveforms and interpreting that answer
  46. number of FFT points

  47. GnuRadio: Clock Recovery MM: imu out of bounds

  48. application of wavelet to vibration signal
  49. Piece Wise Function For Triangular Filter for MFCC
  50. Mel filter triangular filter bank for calculating mfcc coefficients
  51. Finding the right measure to compare sound signals in the frequency domain
  52. How can I obtain a generalized Fourier series for a quasi-periodic signal if the frequencies present in the signal are known?

  53. Measuring audio Signal Similarities
  54. Order of MR Imaging Encoding Steps
  55. How to determine variance/std deviation of Gaussian noise from measured data
  56. Can I get amplitude (peak to peak) from FFT?
  57. Measuring vibrato rate of a sung note

  58. Is the system $h(t)=\frac{u(t)}{t+1}$ time-variant or time-invariant?
  59. Is the system $y(n)=x(n^2)$ time invariant?
  60. Hilbert transform properties

  61. How to generate white Gaussian noise with known PSD in MATLAB?

  62. Doppler Shift and Wireless Access Points
  63. Detecting outliers/noise from sensor data

  64. Is there in signal processing similar method than Otsu's method in image processing?

  65. Mathematically speaking, is a "signal" a function or the set of outputs from a function

  66. Converting hydrophone voltage time series into pressure time series

  67. Modulation Index of Conventional AM Signal

  68. Is deep learning killing image processing/computer vision?
  69. Occupied Bandwidth
  70. What does "Instantaneous Angle" means

  71. Parseval's Theorem for discrete series

  72. Help identifying modulation type of unknown signal
  73. Does "keying on" a sine wave at a zero-crossing reduce its bandwidth?

  74. What is the "characteristic time of a random process"?
  75. Welch spectrogram

  76. Complex Morlet Wavelet piano sound analysis
  77. How to apply Blackman-Tukey method in MATLAB?
  78. How do I improve the SNR of my signal given a noise profile (additive noise)?
  79. phase shift detection in real time without reference signal signal?
  80. How to find the quantity for channels by plotting spectrogram and periodogram with matlab

  81. Periodicity of a constant signal!
  82. How do you determine the order of a signal subspace using a turning point function in MATLAB?
  83. Signal reconstructed using IFFT: amplitude scale larger than input
  84. Separate Complicated Signal into Exponential Components

  85. Mathematical proof and intuitive reasoning for: $\lim \limits_{\epsilon \to 0} \frac{1}{\pi t}\sin\frac{\pi t}{\epsilon}=\delta(t)$

  86. Which filter makes sense for a triggered event?

  87. $\lim \limits_{a \to 0} \frac{1}{a}[u(\frac{t}{a}+\frac{1}{2})-u(\frac{t}{a}-\frac{1}{2})]= \delta(t) $

  88. Least-norm solution of underdetermined linear system
  89. Vibration Analysis by using FFT

  90. Calculating gyroscope data from accelerometer and attitude data

  91. Fourier Transformed a signal $f(t) = \cos(2\pi*4t)*5\cos(2\pi*0.4t)$ but did not get expected results. What went wrong?

  92. Optimization of signal at point of local maxima for Plateau

  93. DOA estimation; Music (Multiple Signal Classification) algorithm

  94. How to preprocess signals prior cross-correlation?

  95. Multiplication of two impulse function $\delta(t)\cdot \delta(t)=?$
  96. What is the physical meaning of Fourier Transform having only $\delta(\omega)$ functions?
  97. Adding a voice echo
  98. Replacing "e" in Euler's formula with another number
  99. Uniform noise signal

  100. variable factors in Simulimk