1. Double Threshold Mechanism
  2. How can we combine 2D image with 3D image for the same sense?

  3. How to remove noise from this image without causing the crack to 'shrink'?

  4. Implementing Wavelet family matrices

  5. Possible ways to determine the direction of moving object?

  6. Obtaining the size of objects from an image
  7. Measuring similarity between two very similar pictures
  8. 2D DWT computation order
  9. Calculating the SNR of a blurred image
  10. Finding circle in binary image (R, not matlab)

  11. How to detect particles having random size and shape?

  12. Image Classification with CNN
  13. The Kernel in the Guided Image Filter
  14. Suggest an image segmentation technique to find the paste radii?

  15. How can I properly detect a ball moving in a film capture?

  16. how to describe the color of a small image patch?

  17. 10 bit pixels convert to RGB
  18. Counting pixel connectivity groups
  19. Meaning of extreme SSIM values
  20. Image reconstruction using Irradiation
  21. Estimating scaling and translation between two consecutive temporal images

  22. How does OpenCV find chessboard corners?

  23. Help with modeling 1-dimensional pixel profiles to test for a significant difference
  24. How much time to dedicate to produce maze map using drone image?

  25. How to transform an aerial image

  26. Programming the IDWT for image processing

  27. Regarding CMOS Image Sensor and ISP
  28. Designing an efficient curve-matching algorithm
  29. Signal processing methods for identification of multimedia descriptors for feature extraction (semantics)
  30. How does image masking work?

  31. Code Library for RISE sharpness algorithm

  32. Issue in template matching code

  33. Scan an Auditorium, Count People, and Display Open Seats
  34. Image Restoration using kalman filter
  35. Doubt regarding definition of pixel bond

  36. Detect clusters in an RGB space

  37. wavelength / RGB valve per pixel
  38. non-eccentricity pattern noise

  39. Regarding compatibility of ISP's

  40. CUDA vs FPGA for Image Processing; which is better

  41. 3D point cloud to 2.5D graycale image (metric) [Halcon?]

  42. Parameters of Gaussian Kernel in the Context of Image Convolution

  43. Creating derivative images, based on original, that can only be visually understood when stacked

  44. Understanding Magnitude Spectrum of Images

  45. What is a good distance measure for matching SIFT descriptors depending on the distribution of their noise?

  46. Image registration / fusion optimal similarity metrics
  47. Fourier domain: temporal versus spatial
  48. Opencv color segmentation of traffic signs: HSV ranges
  49. What are the keywords to find an algorithm that detects embossed text from a 3d model?

  50. CLAHE - Redistributing excess pixels among histogram bins
  51. Normalization of signal against reference

  52. image reconstruction using a set of kernels
  53. Real-time depth estimation in MATLAB

  54. Image watermarking in wavelet domain (data hiding in images)

  55. An alternative algorithm for blob detection
  56. what exactly does scale mean in scale-space theory?

  57. Image processing for eye movements
  58. Compatibility of ISP and CMOS Image sensor
  59. Image Processing- ornament detection

  60. How to reconstruct a signal from a power/time/frequency spectrogram matrix?

  61. BiLinear Downsample and Upsample Equivalent Filter or Operation

  62. How to select the specific frame with object

  63. Best (Perceptually / Objectively) Super Resolution Methods Out There?
  64. compression algorithm

  65. How to get the scale bar of an FFT for a 2d image

  66. Why two images with same cluster value have different representation?

  67. How to synthesize number plate data?

  68. Separating near points

  69. Does convolving an image with a Gabor filter will cause noise?

  70. How to define the scales in a biorthogonal, dyadic Discrete Wavelet Transform in Python

  71. Binarization of image for varying background and foreground colors for OCR

  72. Segmentation of warped text lines
  73. Haralick features, am I approaching this correctly?

  74. finding the width of a point spread function
  75. How to perform a Stockwell Transform on a 2D matrix

  76. Why does second order Gaussian called Laplacian Gaussian?
  77. Filtering $n\times n$ images by separable $m\times m$ filters. Computation time for filtering using FFT, 2-D convolution, and two 1-D convolutions

  78. MATLAB and Radon Transform-cannot obtain a sinogram
  79. Ridge detection
  80. Segment highly packed nuclei with dotted high intensity signal inside each object
  81. Differences between 2D and 3D medical Images
  82. Why is zero-padding required for Sobel edge detection?

  83. What is the implementation of a low-, mid- or high tone dodge or burn in the GIMP?
  84. How vibrance method of photoshop work in opencv

  85. Easy way to get rid of noise in a hand drawing

  86. Filling hatched areas in image

  87. How to Validate Bilateral Filter Implementation?

  88. What kind of information can we obtain from curvature for exemplar-based inpainting?

  89. Best correlation technique in image processing

  90. Histogram of gradient

  91. Obtaining correct (LSE sense) affine transform parameters between two images
  92. Improving segmentation diffusion

  93. How to filter objects on basis of orientation of regionprops

  94. Why Frequency Domain conversion is Important in Digital Image Processing?

  95. Camera calibration and extrinsic parameters for perspective transformation

  96. What are Local and Global In-painting techniques in Image Processing?

  97. Removing the 'red' artifact from my JPEG

  98. Homography Matrix Correlations
  99. Detect quasi-parallel lines with spurs in a binary image

  100. Mid-point of worm-like objects