1. Reducing noise from the same frequency band as signal

  2. Some doubts in the matlab code of computing Wigner distribution

  3. CRLB for delayed version of triangle signal in white gaussian noise
  4. MLE formulation -- confusion regarding the terms in the equation (Part1)
  5. Show that $S[n]= \frac1M \sum e^{\frac{2\pi l n}M}$ for $l = 0$ to $M - 1$
  6. How to extract features of individual spikes in non-negative signal?

  7. Is $y[n] = (r)^nx[n]$ stable for $|r|\le1$?

  8. Upsampling before performing pulse shaping

  9. Is this a kind of aliasing error and how to make correction?

  10. Poor demodulator efficiency - APRS/Packet Radio Bell 202 DSP modem

  11. Use samples of Fourier transform as DFT?

  12. Is there a strategy for discrete control of a system with dynamics near sample rate?

  13. Signal Processing for Discrete Events

  14. Initial conditions for the LTI systems described as a difference equations
  15. Is there anything called uncorrelated filter?

  16. Discrete-time Fourier Transform of the unit step sequence $u[n]$

  17. How to interpret output of matched filter with complex input?

  18. How to fit a constant acceleration model given a set of x,y,t point with nonuniform timestamp?

  19. multiplication of two signals with phases

  20. Compute phase coherence between two eeg signals
  21. Is the sum of white noise and shifted white noise white noise again?
  22. First order low pass filter

  23. Sourse separation from known underdetermined mixing matrix

  24. The difference between convolution and cross-correlation from a signal-analysis point of view

  25. Channel Capacity - is this only for discrete/digital signals?

  26. Impulse Invariant mapping
  27. Problem understanding steps towards defining the convolution sum
  28. frequency signatures of musical instruments in an audio file

  29. Basis signals for the discrete-time Fourier Series

  30. Fast Hartley in a MATLAB script file

  31. How can I use filters in MATLAB to get rid of the apparent drift in my ECG signal (shown below)?

  32. Difference between discrete time fourier transform and discrete fourier transform

  33. Prove that the system is time variant or time invariant

  34. Why edge sharpening produces high frequency?

  35. how to sweep OSNR

  36. Finding number of independent samples using autocorrelation
  37. Apply band pass filter (BPF) before calculating the power of a signal (PSD)?

  38. Design discrete controller for zero steady state error

  39. DCT vs DST for image compression

  40. Amplitude problem by puting 5 FIR in a row
  41. Reduce signal size to compare them

  42. How does the assumption that symbols are equi-probable hold

  43. Autocorrelation of a Shifted Sequence
  44. Shift-Invariance of Dirac Comb?

  45. IQ imbalance amplitude

  46. How can I generate a cross spectrum? HFSWR
  47. Clarification on Discrete-time convolution and signal shifting
  48. Variance of the Discrete Gabor Transform for practical implementation

  49. Channel capacity with additive Gaussian noise with changing variance

  50. Voltage auto- and cross-spectrum

  51. Algorithm for identifying beat grid in music with non-constant tempo

  52. Is this a power signal?
  53. Average delay in skewed cross-correlation function with phase lag zero, plus example
  54. 1D Deconvolution with Gaussian Kernel (MATLAB)
  55. Regression vector size for prediction, reconstruction and filtration with adaptive filters

  56. Determine if two signals are the same?

  57. How to sketch the following discrete time signal $\sum_{k=0}^{n} \delta[n-k]$?

  58. Time scaling of discrete-time sequences and the DTFT

  59. Intervals of convolution product

  60. Auto Correlation for Time Frequency Analysis
  61. In NMF: How to decide which matrix can be applied group sparsity constraint

  62. Periodicity of the discrete-time Fourier Transform
  63. How to implement an improper discrete-time transfer function into Simulink
  64. Understanding and Correcting phase shift in General Linear Phase FIR filters

  65. measure length by smart-phone accelerometer

  66. Signal enhancing algorithm (deconvolution??)

  67. fourier transform of smart-phone accelerometer in matlab

  68. IMU gyroscope calibration based on accelerometer values
  69. Inverse Discrete-Time Fourier Transform of $X(Ω)=jΩ$
  70. Determining Causality From Discrete Impulse Response

  71. Power and Energy formula for four different (CTFS, CTFT, DTFT, DTFS) Fourier transforms

  72. Finding parameters of exponentially decaying sinusoids (Matrix Pencil Method)
  73. Determine minimum sample rate for continuous sinusoid
  74. Information transmitting rate of a noisy discrete channel with Omission/Adding errors

  75. Proof of $E[y(n)]=E[x(n)]*\sum h(k)$

  76. How many non-zeros samples in convolution
  77. sum of two periodic signals with different length

  78. How do I find the ROC of a system if it has no poles
  79. Discrete short time fourier transform of complex exponential $s[n] = e^{j\frac{2\pi}{N}f_{1}n}$

  80. Can I use IIR or FIR to get a sliding mean?

  81. Doubt about wide sense stationary random process

  82. GCC-PHAT (Generalized cross correlation MATLAB)
  83. Frequency response of $\mathrm{sinc}[n]$

  84. Discrete vs Continuous Signal
  85. Drawing the modulus from a Transfer function

  86. Solving for impulse response h[n] given input-output pairs
  87. How to compare binary signals with different lengths
  88. File size adjustment using FFT
  89. Evaluating different inputs into a given system
  90. Does the Nyquist Sampling Theorem hold for a triangular wave?

  91. Under what condition the up/down sampling system is identical

  92. Find step response for LTI system represented by the following impulse response?

  93. Finding closed expression for the output of an LTI system

  94. Finding the correct $x[n]$ from a given DFT $x[k]$

  95. Where is the flaw in this derivation of the DTFT of the unit step sequence $u[n]$?

  96. Deriving the CRLB for an active system with non-square shaped bandwidth

  97. Estimating discrete filter attenuation error
  98. Compensate for FIR filter attenuation

  99. determine the impulse response of given second order difference equation

  100. Interpreting Coherence between two signals?