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  1. Measuring similarity between two very similar pictures
  2. Which is the Matlab equivalent to IDL's function bytscl?
  3. Python bandpass filter - singular matrix error
  4. What's the difference between the Hough and Radon transforms?

  5. When is a network called end-to-end training?

  6. Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Cross-correlation
  7. Update substate in Kalman filter

  8. RF for Data Transmit and Receicve for Beginners
  9. 2D DWT computation order

  10. Calculating the SNR of a blurred image

  11. Spectral density interpolation: Applications?
  12. Comparison between 2 images in Frequency domain

  13. Autocorrelation function used in OLS - how?

  14. Question about convolution in time and frequency domain

  15. How to shift a signal on the $y$-axis to match another signal in MATLAB
  16. Determining the Filter Coefficients of an FIR Filter

  17. Important differences between BCJR and SOVA algorithms?

  18. Finding specifications for digital signal processors (DSPs) for given audio application

  19. Audio wave amplitude decreased after FIR filter

  20. $\tt awgn$ and $\tt wgn$ functions in MATLAB always output the same signal, no matter what I input as SNR
  21. LTI system phase response given $z$-transform

  22. How to change x-axis from samples to time?

  23. Possible ways to determine the direction of moving object?

  24. How would a Linear Gray Level Transform affect an image?

  25. Color Segmentation In Matlab

  26. Method to remove small unwanted region and fill holes for specific image

  27. How to get Harris corners that are present in watershed segmented Bitwise image(road part)?

  28. Parameters of Butterworth filter that approximates the amplitude response of a Gaussian filter?

  29. How to transform flat-field corrected spectra to those under Standard illuminant E (ideal equal energy illuminant)

  30. How to build a simple model for voice-controlled system?

  31. Is this a kind of aliasing error and how to make correction?
  32. How to find out z-transform in Octave?

  33. The Kernel in the Guided Image Filter

  34. Finding Autocorrelation of random process and a sine wave
  35. Is there a program to extract features from an audio signal?

  36. How to calculate the displacement from the measured acceleration data?
  37. How to scale Phase Transition Diagram for Compressed Sensing?

  38. Compensating Loudspeaker frequency response in an audio signal using LMS -- How to use the equalizer
  39. Executing a command based on a Short-Time Fourier Transform Output

  40. Sampling and filtering of a signal
  41. Pattern matching methods: Based on Area and Based on features

  42. Differentials equations

  43. Suppressing a frequency using filtering Matlab

  44. Servo motor analysis

  45. How to do channel estimation using the input/ output data -- an example What is the correct operation?

  46. compression ratio of pixels block
  47. Minimum possible sampling frequency for continuous time signal
  48. Physical significance of resolution in image processsing

  49. Improving template with instantaneous amplitude
  50. Bandpass filtering an audio signal with MATLAB's $\tt kaiserord$: unknown new frequency component
  51. Decimation and Upsampling

  52. How to convert dB back to manitude and then to rectangular format

  53. Demodulating AM signal from carrier signal on Matlab

  54. Compensating effects of a system with a known transfer function
  55. Sampling and recovery using matlab

  56. Accelerometer RMS - Hand movement - How to smooth signal produced from rebound?
  57. Cross-power spectrum

  58. Harmonic Component, FFT

  59. Are there any realtime voice activity detection (VAD) implementations available?
  60. Finding the parameters and endpoints of a sinusoid

  61. How to express one image in terms of another one

  62. Distribution of energy in frequency bands
  63. Is there a strategy for discrete control of a system with dynamics near sample rate?
  64. How is this was derived? DTFT for symmetric pulse

  65. Adding a constant to a bandpass-signal in transmission

  66. Can anybody shed some light on this frequency response of a filter
  67. highpass filter design in Matlab
  68. mpsk demodulation using digital sample
  69. Stable digital filter with leading zeroes

  70. Whats is the difference between FIR/IIR filters and Chebyshev/Butterworth filters

  71. What and Why are these horizontal fragments in this audio visualization?
  72. Confusion beetween mirror of signals and delaying

  73. Solving amplitude and phase for know frequencies using Least Square

  74. Convolving with the frequency response of a filter
  75. Dimensional analysis in the Morlet wavelet
  76. add delay for implementing a digital butterworth filter without using delay block(z-inverse)
  77. derivative filter transfer function
  78. Chebyshev poles into transfer function
  79. What is the product of Dirac Delta function and $t$?

  80. How can I properly detect a ball moving in a film capture?
  81. How can I simulate a human voice, for a system?

  82. Using Goertzel to find phase shift

  83. how to describe the color of a small image patch?
  84. Advice on autocorrelation via FFT
  85. Verlet integration first step

  86. Is there anything called uncorrelated filter?

  87. unsigned audio formats, does DC offset matter?

  88. How to make sense of audio file's $\textrm{dBFS}$?

  89. computer vision - How to correctly calibrate my camera with a wide angle lens using openCV?

  90. Fast fourier of exponential factor

  91. Convolution of BPSK signal in frequency domain implementation
  92. How to change speed of audio samples without changing pitch?

  93. Is there a faster algorithm about this type of FFT
  94. Image reconstruction using Irradiation

  95. Are IQ-samples independent from the carrier frequency?

  96. How to detect curve in chart grid?

  97. Why does gamma correction of image use two different definitions of gamma?

  98. What kind of filter is that? Is it IIR?
  99. Understanding the windowing method in PSD calculation

  100. why is that filter FIR not IIR