1. Should gloves be worn when working with concrete to prevent it from coming in contact with skin?

  2. attaching eye-bolt to roof ridgeline

  3. How should I hang a receptacle on a rim joist?

  4. Spray Foam Insulation Health Concerns - Alternative Spray Foam Products

  5. How can I safely work around power lines?
  6. line locator indicates voltage over the whole wall, I need to drill some holes

  7. What kind of gloves should I wear during electrical work?

  8. I have a flooded basement and have an electric cord plugged into an outlet. How can I unplug the cord without getting shocked?

  9. Should a fire alarm be installed in the attic?

  10. Applying flammable coating at temperature below its flash point
  11. At what height should CO detectors be installed?

  12. Is it safe for dryer vent ducts to overlap in different directions?
  13. What can I do about electric code violations in a rental unit?

  14. Is 12 gauge electrical wire ever wrapped in a white housing?

  15. Is there a piece of equipment that protects against vibration?
  16. Is there long-term off-gassing from polyurethane closed-cell spray foam insulation?
  17. What are the relationships between ground and arc protection in breakers and in outlets?

  18. How does polarization and/or grounding of outlets affect time for breakers to trip?

  19. Rewiring part of a circuit, how to properly terminate old branches?
  20. Halogen lights charing floor beams

  21. On a typical US NEMA 5-15 outlet, what parts are generally safe to touch when it is live?

  22. What types of home radon mitigation systems have you used, and how well do they work?

  23. How do low power draw devices not cause problems?

  24. Does a 2100W angle grinder need an earth pin?

  25. Moved into house with only 2 prong outlets. What to do with fridge and other outlets?

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  27. Asbestos risk in my roof? What is this material?

  28. Dangers of bootleg ground and GFCI?

  29. Are outdoor receptacles required to be GFCI receptacles in the US?
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  31. Is there a reason drill bits are stored pointy side up?

  32. AC Plugs, different types of plugs/recepticles
  33. How can an electric induction cooktop be safely installed into a diy natural wood countertop?
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  38. One outlet in house is hot while turning all breakers off

  39. How long does screw have to be to anchor bookcase?
  40. Any trick to removing GU10 lightbulbs?

  41. How far does bookcase have to be next to baseboard heater?
  42. Can I build an anti-fatigue standing mat myself?

  43. Why am I getting shocked when my breaker and switch is off?
  44. Is earthing required for a submersible water pump?

  45. Are some power cables too old to be safe?

  46. adding a guard rail to a flat roof

  47. Why should we replace smoke alarms every 10 years?

  48. How to separate the outlets in garage from other outlets in the house
  49. Are there good reasons to install 120V 20 AMP receptacles "upside-down" instead of in conventional upside-up position?
  50. Will a fully collapsed extension ladder safely support twice its duty rating?
  51. Hoisting and securing 5 gallon bucket vegetable planter 25 feet up

  52. Ways to mitigate safety risks with double cylinder deadbolts on enterance/exit doors?

  53. How should I improve the wiring in this light fixture junction box?
  54. Improving Heat dissipation in freezer

  55. Disposal of hydrochloric acid
  56. If I can smell my trash in my garage from the room above it, should I be concerned about other vapors?

  57. Can I move the main breaker and the electrical meter?

  58. Is using a non-GFCI circuit more risky now than before GFCI entered the electrical code?

  59. How can I make wooden stairs slip-proof?

  60. If polyurethane is not food safe, why is it used on dining tables?
  61. Which tools should not be operated while wearing gloves?

  62. How to lock this kind of window?
  63. Why is a steel security door safe if they can break the glass, slide their hand in, and unlock the door?

  64. Safely felling elevated wooden structure?
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  66. Nuisance Trip GFCI by Electric Motor

  67. Microwave sparking

  68. Is my NEMA 14-30R to NEMA L6-30R adapter safe?

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  72. Ladder fall protection options

  73. Do HEPA or P-100 filtered respirators sufficiently protect against asbestos?

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  76. What's my health situation like living in an exposed fiberglass insulation for 2 weeks
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  85. What should I know about radon levels at home? What levels are safe and do they affect resale value?

  86. Light fitting had water in it - bulb has been removed, and the switch is off, but breakers for the downstairs light circuit won't turn on

  87. How should I end this wiring?

  88. Replacing hardwired fire alarms with 10 year sealed alarms

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  91. Maximum Angle for a Chimney

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  96. Test Existing Natural Gas Barbecue Line Without a Hose
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