1. Is a home with concrete walls more likely to propagate noise between floors?

  2. How to fix chipped cement

  3. How to install drain in a wall above concrete foundation

  4. Fixing concrete pedestal below garage door

  5. What flooring can be used for a gypcrete subfloor?

  6. Reinforcing concrete parapet?

  7. Can I use dry concrete mix to set a post in saturated soil?

  8. Damp concrete floor in bedroom
  9. Drilling rebar hole in 12" concrete footing
  10. Can cracks in a wood-burning fireplace be repaired with a concrete product?
  11. Leaf stains on fresh concrete driveway not sealed yet
  12. Leak with Drywall and Wood Framing

  13. What should be used between a concrete tub and wall tile?

  14. Minimum recommended thickness for self-leveling concrete topping (skim coat)

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  16. Looking for the least expensive way to level Basement floor
  17. raising my existing concrete floor 20cm up
  18. How to remove linseed oil from concrete
  19. Does my bathroom addition require breaking the concrete?
  20. What is “naturally durable” wood in reference to Code required “naturally durable wood or preservative-treated wood in contact with concrete?
  21. Drainage for sand box
  22. Can I legally drill a hole of 4" diameter in concrete load bearing beam through core cutting method?

  23. What happens if I paint a concrete floor without pre-treating it?

  24. How can I repair and level the settled edges of a basement slab?
  25. tools and material to seal and shape concrete rooftop lip?
  26. What type and quantity of steel reinforcement should I place in a slab under a water tower?

  27. Hanging 100 pound mirror on cement wall
  28. Should a concrete curb at a patio door be built on top of or inset into the slab?
  29. Concrete stairs substrate preparation and layering
  30. Does a masonry hearth need a moisture barrier between it and the plywood subfloor?
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  32. How to approach insulating my rim joist

  33. How do I tell if a bag of concrete is OK?

  34. Driving vehicles on newly poured concrete
  35. Tree root coming through concrete under shed

  36. flattening exterior concrete landing

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  38. Is hydraulic cement a vapor barrier?
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  40. Will hex shank drill bit fit a 3 jaw chuck?
  41. How long can I store a bag of Quikrete?

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  43. Increasing the height of concrete

  44. Channel between foundation wall and floor in crawlspace
  45. Safe/ less damaging way or method to attach/ screw these wall hook fixtures for easier future removal?
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  59. outside cement wall chipped

  60. Why is there sand/gravel under clay tile In a toilet room rather than concrete slab?

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  62. Is a 6 inch reinforced slab suitable for a 12,000 lb storage tank?
  63. Self-leveling alternatives to gypsum concrete (Gyp-Crete, Pyrofill, Securock) over OSB?
  64. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Walkway - replacement or pour over
  65. How long can a concrete pool stay empty when ground water is not a problem?
  66. can asphalt and concrete be laid side by side on roadways?

  67. Find exit point/path of conduit
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  69. New basement cracks found on concrete floor and poured walls after changing and adding one dehumidifier

  70. Basement Floor Cracks
  71. Is there any way to do an Ufer (concrete-encased) ground with a monolithic slab that has a vapor barrier?

  72. Asbestos in older homes

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  74. Double expansion concrete anchor
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  76. Area Under Exterior Wooden Deck
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  79. Too little water in concrete

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  83. What is the laziest way I can build a non-structural, non-aesthetic cinder block wall to contain compost?

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