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  1. Metal straps okay for hanging PVC pipe
  2. What size wire for 70 amp sub-panel to garage?
  3. Which wood fence boards will last longer, pressure-treated-lumber or non-treated lumber that has a treatment applied after the fence is built?
  4. How can I remove ice damming on my roof?

  5. What is the proper method to install a "close" metal pipe nipple?

  6. How can I prevent interior French Drain from further eroding soil under garage slab?
  7. Difference between geothermal and regular hydronic zone valves

  8. What are normally-open hydronic zone valves used for?
  9. Max pressure I can set my well to?

  10. What wire gauge should I use with a 30 amp breaker for a 220V welder?

  11. Are Ideal Greenie 30-192P Ground Wire Nuts approved for use with stranded wire?
  12. No heat from AC after new coils in air handler and new thermostat

  13. High Leg Delta with no Ground
  14. Replacing a fan with two switches but only two wires
  15. How should I repair small tears in the kraft paper insulation caused while running a new water line?
  16. how to fix damaged wall after peeling off hook?

  17. Caroma smart toilet isn't filling

  18. Why does my fluorescent ceiling fixture trip the GFCI sometimes?

  19. Add bathroom light fixture to GFCI or not possible?

  20. Extend dryer termination away from condensing unit
  21. Smart Thermostat and 24 volt transformer direct to thermostat

  22. What is the proper and safe wiring to two lights with 2 separate switches and 2 outlets on 1 circuit?

  23. Identification of parts needed for bar shelf replication

  24. Can I re-fluff blown-in fiberglass insulation with a cellulose blower?
  25. Bathroom rewire

  26. probable water damage to exterior outlet when power-washing house

  27. New GFCI outlet; green light is on but no power

  28. Can i use plywood to build shelves for my stereo speakers?

  29. Replacing dual light switch
  30. Type of floor to use for a three season porch

  31. Need help identifying window manufacturer
  32. Why my new hot water heater performs worse than my old one?
  33. Ok to use Denatured Alcohol to clean wood before applying oil-based primer?

  34. New Samsung Steam Dryer condensation in display
  35. Hardwood flooring: transitions and expansion gaps

  36. 2 thermostats week on week off

  37. Suitability of disconnect switch

  38. Ventless Gas Fireplace Odor After Replacing Pilot Assembly
  39. 3-way switches don't have power

  40. Any Issue Adding Garden Hose Bib To Soft Water Side of Water Loop?
  41. Repair Lamp with intermittent problem
  42. What size start capacitor should I buy for my refrigerator compressor?
  43. AFCI Circuit Breaker trips after turn on any light on different circuit

  44. Dishwasher causes terrible smell in disposal - why?

  45. Install wire rope to several steel tubes?

  46. How can I fill the gaps between barn wood siding boards?

  47. What kind of bracket am I looking for?
  48. Should I replace my trunk-and-branch setup with a PEX manifold?
  49. Supplying power to my camp with a generator

  50. Can I wallpaper over spackle?

  51. Can I span 11 feet 7 inches with doubled 2x6 deck joists?

  52. Multiple light fixtures - Parallel connection

  53. Drilling thru cement floor with radiant heat flow below

  54. Is LP gas trapped between the shutoff valve and the pipe end cap potentially dangerous?
  55. Connect 5w 100k ohm resistor between neutral and hot to prevent LED light blinking when switch is off
  56. Hot water flow is slow from 3 L/3KW instant geyser (hot water heater)
  57. Why does hot water only run for 30 seconds in bathtub?

  58. Can I use dry concrete mix to set a post in saturated soil?

  59. Is sulfur smell in my cold water only due to the hot water heater's anode?

  60. What would cause the ceiling fan light to blink or shut off?

  61. Is it common to have a fuse box and breaker box?

  62. Is is possible to create a drop ceiling around ceiling pipes

  63. Water heater wont work
  64. Is this Asbestos?
  65. How to efficiently trim 3mm polycarbonate with portable tool(s)?
  66. Attic Floor Joist - Structurally Secure
  67. How to figure the angle to drill from an above ground carport to basement next to it?

  68. I'm needing to install a recessed medicine cabinet but studs are problematic

  69. Electrical Wiring for out-building
  70. Bit needed to drill hole for latch?

  71. Risk of fire due to wiring a new light fixture

  72. Bi fold door pivot removals

  73. splitting 3 phase from phase converter to three machines

  74. How can I make the surfaces of tile and drywall flush?
  75. Main electric service & range hood vent
  76. Convert 2 switch to 1
  77. What type of Glue for greenhouse liner?

  78. Replacing Refrigerator Piping
  79. What type is this switch?

  80. Can cement backer board be used to support bluestone or slate outdoor raised patio?

  81. How to remove chrome sleeve from copper pipe on vanity?

  82. GFCI black wire connected to ground

  83. What would happen if I connected a dishwasher to a hot water supply line?

  84. Wall flush mount radio receiver for bathroom? USA

  85. Can led christmas lights flash on and off when they are completely unplugged from the wall?? I am not sure how my lights are doing this

  86. Ceiling fan light

  87. What can I do about water leaking behind the shower tray?

  88. Unsupported Subfloor Hanging Over Joist

  89. Hard 3/4" rod that will not bend
  90. Need to cut copper pipe after removing push pull valve and replacing with sharkbite?

  91. Doorbell button wiring no voltage?
  92. How to get rid of 4-5cu yards of topsoil/sod/dirt

  93. LCD monitor blacks out completely - interference?
  94. What are options for finishing cement block walls?

  95. Buried hose through PVC to outdoor hose bibb
  96. Fixing a old wood wall

  97. Connect the heater boiler through a relay instead of direct to the thermostat

  98. Porcelain toilet on porcelain tile?

  99. Is lime based mortar weatherproof?
  100. Department store PT GC lumber