1. Has what I am calling "helpfulness" here been studied?

  2. What is the fastest gradient based algorithm to get to criticality of a "nice" non-convex function?

  3. Reference Request: soundness in a ZKP achieved by walking along a doubly-stochastic Markov chain?
  4. Parameterized complexity of inclusion of regular languages
  5. P vs. NP in a logic with a random oracle

  6. Getting to local/global minima with (stochastic) gradient descent on non-convex objectives

  7. Are there works on "quantum parametrized complexity"?

  8. Purely spectral algorithms for the minimum spanning tree problem

  9. Fischer and Rabin's theorem (1974) for theories of "additive" structures
  10. Janson-type inequality, limited dependence
  11. Diff Algorithms
  12. Tight VC bound for agnostic learning

  13. Is there a complete and finite axiom scheme for conditional independence? (Graphoids)
  14. What is the name of this algorithm on direct acyclic graph?

  15. Complexity of propositional LTL with past operators and freeze quantifier?

  16. Searching for the original definition of online algorithms
  17. Reference request for the relationship between approximating degree of Boolean functions and learning algorithms
  18. Submodular functions over a multi-value (non-binary) domain
  19. Keyword selection problem in search engine marketing auction

  20. Reducing the Height of Context-Free Grammars
  21. Are there protein-based computational models?
  22. Entropy and computational complexity
  23. Practical polynomial-time implementation of bounded degree graph isomorphishm

  24. Separations between testing and tolerant testing for (natural) classes of functions?
  25. Property testing in other metrics?
  26. Literature reference for search-BPP
  27. Relating classes of computational complexity to finding solution to classes of algebraic equations
  28. On covering number and real rank

  29. Relation between transcendental numbers and computational complexity?
  30. How to charactorize computational complexity based on finding solution to algebraic equations?
  31. Extended version of the paper "Consistent Hashing and Random Trees" with proofs

  32. Knot Recognition as a Proof of Work System
  33. Is there any algorithm outputing $e$ in real time?

  34. Is $UP\not=NP$ with respect to random oracle?

  35. On reduction between two classes?
  36. What is conjunctive truth table reduction?

  37. Is there some research about infinitely many-armed bandit with non-stationary assumption?

  38. Finding the largest set of points of limited diameter (2)

  39. References for the computational complexity of training neural networks

  40. Binary vector $t$ in $span(S)$ over $\mathbb{Z}/q\mathbb{Z}$ for all prime powers $q$ $\Rightarrow$ $t$ in $span(S)$ over $\mathbb{Z}$?

  41. Is there any book on the philosophical implications of Theoretical Computer Science?
  42. Reference Request: complexity results on finding $(1+\epsilon) \log n$ size clique in $G(n,1/2)$

  43. Matrix Coloring under Vertical and Horizontal Constraints
  44. Most general setting for fine-grained exponential-time complexity classes?
  45. The problem of whether or not every function computable in time $T(n)$ is computable in time $T(n)^{O(1)}$ and space $T(n)^{o(1)}$ simultaneously

  46. Stronger reductions in parameterized complexity

  47. Are there variants of visibly pushdown automata that allow pushing of words onto the stack?

  48. Is there a name for this property of a term rewriting system?

  49. Examples of quasilinear vs. essentially linear time translatable models
  50. Which well-known algorithmic problem is this an instance of?

  51. What is the time complexity of base conversion on a multi-tape Turing machine?

  52. What is the computational complexity of Hilbert Tenth problem over $\mathbb{Q_p}$
  53. Does the following problem have a classical name (e.g. max flow, stable matching, etc) and if so is there an efficient solution?

  54. Is there any known Poly-APX-complete minimimization problem?

  55. Program inversion algorithms for higher-order programs

  56. State of the Art for the Monadic Class?
  57. QUBO formulation of a discrete-variable optimization problem

  58. EXPSPACE-complete problems

  59. What happens when PSPACE contains NEXP?

  60. Properties of toroidal graph
  61. Bloom filter variant for constant-time subset/superset queries
  62. Is there any good and free Introduction to topological graph theory

  63. Primary source for the equivalence of non-deterministic polynomial time and deterministic polynomial time verification
  64. Centroid in $\ell_2$ distance
  65. How to benchmark #2-SAT counting algorithms?
  66. Equality Constraints over Sets with Tree Automata

  67. Is there algorithmic mathematical analysis?

  68. Have fixed parameter integer program algorithms ever been implemented for research use?

  69. A class of functions on a lattice that are easy to optimize
  70. Deformation of finite regular languages
  71. Book Recommendations for a General Introduction to (Theoretical) Computer Science

  72. Derive a theoretical bound about coding with a partial eavesdropper

  73. Maximum Treewidth of a Graphs with $m$ Edges

  74. Chernoff bound for negatively correlated variables

  75. Complexity of Proportional Sampling

  76. Books on programming language semantics

  77. Graceful labeling completion problems

  78. What are the recent TCS books whose drafts are available online?
  79. Is Isomorphism of bounded degree hyper-graphs in P?

  80. Is E.M Luks algorithm for trivalent graph isomorphism parallelizable?

  81. Easy instances for coset intersection problem

  82. Is there any known strategy that avoids circuits and that respects believed separations to prove $P$ is not $NP$?

  83. Practical/heuristic algorithm for multi set-cover
  84. Correlated random models of game trees

  85. How to find largest supergroup in polynomial time?
  86. Different algorithms for longest increasing subsequence

  87. Book/ Monograph on graph minor theory [Reference request]

  88. Which Integer Linear Programs are easy?
  89. What exactly did Lenstra prove on mixed integer linear program?

  90. Math foundation for namespace problem

  91. Name for "uniformly polynomial" subclass of XP?
  92. On status of Valiant's $NC^2=P^{\#P}$ provability program?

  93. Textbook/resources for a beginning researcher in (Machine) Learning Theory
  94. Sources of open problems?
  95. Is simply typed lambda calculus equivalent to primitive recursive functions

  96. Funny TCS-related papers etc?
  97. Complexity of Homogenizing a String

  98. reference clarification: Whitney's theorem on unique embeddability of 3-connected planar graphs?
  99. Reference for the number of samples needed to distinguish two probability distributions

  100. On earlier references for $P=BPP$ and Kolmogorov's possible view on modern breakthroughs involving randomness?