1. Is Normal centralizer problem in P?

  2. Beating naive dynamic programming: examples similar to integer partitions?

  3. Can neural networks be used to devise algorithms?

  4. Buckets in Hopcroft-Ullman analysis of Union-Find

  5. Continous work distribution algorithm with failover

  6. Difference between weak duality and strong duality?
  7. Knapsack with dependent profits (pairs of items)

  8. Frequency-Count List Accessing Algo - Why free transpositions?

  9. Minimal Cost of Eulerian Path
  10. Randomized Algorithm Analysis

  11. Convention for RAM machine models
  12. Need explanation about asynchronous IO automaton
  13. Check the match of the maximum of each subset
  14. Number of maximally different DAG's in a digraph?
  15. Algorithm to compute distance between powers
  16. Extended version of the paper "Consistent Hashing and Random Trees" with proofs
  17. Vertex deletion to perfect matching
  18. Computing size of permutation group from generators

  19. Does the following problem have a classical name (e.g. max flow, stable matching, etc) and if so is there an efficient solution?
  20. Checking formulas with two quantifiers ($\forall \exists$) - 2QBF

  21. Does there exist an ontology for algorithms?
  22. Time complexity for solving linear congruences?
  23. Suffix automata on a queue

  24. Data structures for subset and superset queries over a set of multisets

  25. What are some techniques for "balancing" a tree beside heavy-light and centroid decomposition?
  26. Amortized analysis of red-black trees
  27. Complexity of the mandelbrot set on rationals

  28. Minimum path edge-cover or minimum flow with unit capacities and DAGs

  29. \alpha-path on Euclidean graphs

  30. Have fixed parameter integer program algorithms ever been implemented for research use?

  31. What is wrong with this procedure to convert quadratic programming to convex quadratic programming?

  32. given a set of $n$ points in $d$-dimensional space and the basis vectors of some subspace, how to find all the points on that space?
  33. Finding a sub rectangle with maximum sum

  34. Preference based group generator

  35. How to continue this algorithm?

  36. Ant colony optimization for traveling salesman problem with changing graph-nodes/vertices

  37. Equal degree factoring of homogeneous polynomials over $\Bbb Q[x_1,\dots,x_n]$?

  38. Understanding performance of QFBV SMT solvers

  39. Algorithms to generate consecutive primes
  40. Is there a fast algorithm to quickly evaluate $a^{b^c}$ mod $n$?

  41. Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient in computing user/item similarity
  42. Permutation phrases with LR parsing
  43. Optimizing Maximum Weighted Matching (Edmonds Blossom)

  44. Practical/heuristic algorithm for multi set-cover

  45. How to find largest supergroup in polynomial time?
  46. Different algorithms for longest increasing subsequence
  47. What exactly did Lenstra prove on mixed integer linear program?

  48. Cases of Linear programming known to be in $NC$?

  49. What is known about computing distinct count range queries?

  50. Factoring with LLL when the form of the factors is given

  51. Finding k shortest Paths with Eppstein's Algorithm
  52. Complexity of Finding Optimal Synergistic Set Packings

  53. Difference between PRAM and machine model in dynamic multithreading
  54. On permanent mod $3^t$ computation
  55. Is it possible to approximate Maximum Independent Set in $O(2^k\text{poly}(n))$ time?
  56. Complexity of very sparse determinant
  57. Big gaps between RAM and Turing machine complexity
  58. Modifying Edmonds' Blossom Algorithm
  59. Is it possible to prove that, for a given problem, no optimal greedy algorithms exist?

  60. Graph factors of maximum weight

  61. What is known about counting bipartite perfect matching with average degree in $[2,3]$ and max degree $3$?

  62. Max-weight connected & co-connected subgraph problem

  63. Data Structure to calculate which interval a point lies in?
  64. Theoretical explanations for practical success of SAT solvers?
  65. What is known about learning a maximal independent set in a (very) sparse graph?

  66. Efficiently computing the union of all minimal unsatisfiable constraint sets in a first-order unification problem
  67. Is there a randomized algorithm for set-cover?

  68. How to construct an $(n,m,k)$ ``separating set''?

  69. How to calculate this string-dissimilarity function efficiently?
  70. Complexity of Homogenizing a String

  71. Complexity of $\{0,\pm1\}$ determinant in sparse cases?
  72. Finding an answer key given tests and scores

  73. Is it possible to unambiguously read back λ terms from interaction nets without node types?

  74. Algorithm for finding heavy hitters in a weighted stream

  75. Why is HyperLogLog (near-)optimal?

  76. Is berklemap-massey works on extention field
  77. Counting multiplicative closures

  78. Differences with Penalty

  79. Iterative algorithms and Lyapunov functions

  80. Complexity status of restricted k-clique

  81. Restricted k-set cover is in NL or L

  82. Off-policy Monte Carlo Control
  83. Efficient update of reachable set of a node in a digraph
  84. Merging Graph Edges to form a 2 color-able Graph (with weight constraints)?

  85. Notion of "total work" of a problem?
  86. Graph addition chains

  87. Paxos made simple, invariant P2c
  88. Super Mario Galaxy problem
  89. Increasing the capacity to maximize the min cut

  90. Vertex Cover applications in the real world

  91. Necessary and sufficient number of comparisons by every element to fully sort a set of n elements?
  92. Scheduling to maximize idle time

  93. Reference request: complexity of $k$-partite $k$-SAT
  94. If machine learning techniques keep improving, what's the role of algorithmics in the future?

  95. Is finding a solution harder than verifying a solution?

  96. Log space algorithms for modular decomposition tree
  97. Rank-robustness of the parallel complexity of linear algebra problems

  98. A sequence wherein the Kolmogorov complexity of the terms does not increase
  99. Reachability in Dynamic Line Graph

  100. Factorizing semiprime $n=pq$ with $p \mid q-1$