1. Are there any 'graphical' algebras that can describe the 'shape' of graphs?
  2. Given $f \in \mathbb{Z}_2[x_1, ..., x_n]$, are there properties of $f$ which can be used to bound $\mathbb{E}_{i \in [n]}|gap(f) - gap(f + x_i)$|?

  3. Difference Sets

  4. Nim-game variant - weird ending condition
  5. What is the maximum number of stable marriages for an instance of the Stable Marriage Problem?

  6. On the notion of positive rank
  7. NP-hardness of finding 0-1 vector to maximize rows of {-1, +1} matrix
  8. Continous work distribution algorithm with failover

  9. How to solve the Shortest Hamiltonian Path problem on Sparse Graphs?
  10. Proving that a random permutation generator is not fair

  11. Is there any good and free Introduction to topological graph theory

  12. Is there a regular tree language in which the average height of a tree of size $n$ is neither $\Theta(n)$ nor $\Theta(\sqrt{n})$?
  13. Finding the longest sub-permutation with bounded inversion number
  14. Wavelet based Non linear optimization technique

  15. Is Hartmanis-Stearns conjecture settled by this article?

  16. A dynamic packing problem
  17. Derive a theoretical bound about coding with a partial eavesdropper

  18. Application of graph theory in computer science

  19. Using error-correcting codes in theory

  20. Sum of products of all combinations with replacement

  21. Finding subgraphs with high treewidth and constant degree

  22. Does the first order theory of a finite structure have bounded quantifier rank?

  23. Reference: Cancellability of the Dyck congruence
  24. Relation between variance and mutual information

  25. Directed graph with bounded in-deg can be partitioned in a balanced way

  26. Stochastic dynamic programming problem that is Approximation-hard
  27. Short supersequence for many permutations
  28. Almost regular subhypergraph of hypergraph with large minimal degree

  29. Existence of $d$-regular expander graph that can be represented as a bipartite graph

  30. How to construct an $(n,m,k)$ ``separating set''?

  31. Just how bad is the fooling set method in communication complexity?
  32. Counting xyz-graphs in $\mathbb{Z}_n^3$

  33. Is optimally solving the n×n×n Rubik's Cube NP-hard?
  34. Counting multiplicative closures

  35. Reference request: exponential growth rates of subsequence-closed languages are integers
  36. Graph addition chains
  37. Pathwidth of planarized drawing of $K_{3,n}$

  38. Complexity of checking the equivalence of constraints and generator descriptions of convex polyhedra

  39. Increasing the capacity to maximize the min cut

  40. Scheduling to maximize idle time
  41. How to prove "obvious" facts?
  42. Are there specific examples of integral polyhedra that are neither Totally Unimodular nor Total Dual Integral?

  43. An edge partitioning problem on cubic graphs

  44. VC dimension of polynomials over tropical semirings?
  45. Families of LDPC codes with constant error fraction corrected

  46. Category theory, computational complexity, and combinatorics connections?
  47. Counting subsets of given set with certain properties
  48. Computing the Fourier expansion of the complete quadratic function

  49. Implementation of Wilf-Zeilberger and related methods

  50. If $u\cdot v \in (z \cdot z')^*$ and $v \cdot u \in (z' \cdot z)^*$ then $u \in (z \cdot z')^* \cdot z$
  51. Pairwise comparison of bit vectors

  52. Constructing a large bit-vector set with the following property

  53. Is any chordal graph an incomparability graph?

  54. Counting the Number of Simple Paths in Undirected Graph

  55. Was this complexity measure studied before?
  56. Counting words accepted by a regular grammar
  57. A property of suffix-free regular languages of maximal state complexity for the reverse operation

  58. Random walk and mean hitting time in a simple undirected graph
  59. expected number of edges for fixed min cut

  60. reference request- property of subset of rows in a matrix

  61. $NP$-completeness of recognizing the difference of two permutations
  62. Enumerating all simply typed lambda terms of a given type

  63. Does the problem "partition a vertex-weighted graph into $k$ balanced connected parts" have a standard name?

  64. Number of local maxima in MAX-2-SAT

  65. Computing Minima of the Projection of a Binary Cube

  66. Degree distribution of certain subgraphs of a biregular graph

  67. Can the "mutual independence" condition in the Lovász local lemma be weakened?

  68. Structured set of binary words
  69. The noise distribution on $F_2^n$: probability of landing in a subspace versus a coset
  70. Can you identify the sum of two permutations in polynomial time?

  71. 3-color a cubic graph such that a MIS receives only two colors

  72. The maximum number of induced cycles in a simple directed graph

  73. Edge-partitioning cubic graphs into claws and paths
  74. Voronoi Diagram of Lines
  75. Is there any efficient algorithm for computing all semigroups of order n?

  76. How many tautologies are there?

  77. Fast Approximation Algorithms for Covering Design
  78. Number of mincuts of a graph without using Karger's algorithm
  79. Is this graph polynomial known? Can it be efficiently computed?

  80. Upper Bound on Number of $n \times n$ Boolean matrices of Boolean rank at most $k$

  81. Bits required to encode difference between number of subgraphs with odd number of edges and number of subgraphs with even number of edges
  82. Matching of points in two discrete linear sequences with potentially missing points
  83. The relationship between degree of vertex and size of dominating set
  84. Computational Complexity of Ramsey Numbers
  85. Subset of a bipartite graph with maximal number of minimal unmatched vertices
  86. Optimal distribution of integer edge weights

  87. Generate connected induced subgraphs as the satisfying assignments to a SAT instance

  88. Maintain mex with efficient union

  89. Distance between Sum Sets and Another Point

  90. Has this form of "kind-of-dual" homomorphisms been studied?
  91. Embedding distortion under group quotient

  92. Grid minor in digraphs

  93. The complexity of decomposing a bi-stochastic matrix
  94. Partitions on Integer Permutations
  95. Maximize number of bins and minimize cost of elements chosen from a set
  96. Math talk: Theorem about git revision control system?

  97. How hard is recognizing a permutation that is a square for the shift product?
  98. Approximations for the Stable Fixtures Problem

  99. Is it decidable to determine if a given shape can tile the plane?

  100. A simple challenge