1. Maximizing product of list of integers whose sum equals n
  2. Arrange objects in space so that the outline takes the least surface/volume
  3. Filling a 3x3 board with connected tiles

  4. Why do we try to maximize Lagrangian in SVMs?
  5. Paper-based algorithm to find longest formula which is common to at least two formulas

  6. What is the difference between multimodal and rugged fitness landscape
  7. Is packing a bag of presents easier for Rupert than Santa?
  8. Feedback Vertex Set with vertex partitions?

  9. Finding k-nearest neighbors to a set of nodes in a large graph

  10. Is this problem just an application of traveling salesman? If not is it some other already "solved" problem?
  11. Scheduling / Queuing jobs with multiple different workers

  12. How to prevent the optimization algorithm from just shrinking the image?
  13. What is a the fastest sorting algorithm for an array of integers?

  14. Vehicle Routing Problem with multiple deliveries?
  15. Finding longest prefix of a given string in set of strings that satisies some property

  16. Algorithm for finding factor pairs
  17. Solve Max 3 color problem using 3 color decision problem
  18. The heaviest induced subgraph problem
  19. Algorithm Question: Stacking bricks of different colours?

  20. Match dictionary to misspelled word, corner cases
  21. Element wise product sum of two arrays

  22. Size of neighborhood in local search for symmetric TSP

  23. Finding integrality gap for maximum weight independent set

  24. Exact algorithm for the partition problem

  25. An algorithm for a minimization problem, How to minimize the wasted length of combination of multiple items with different length and number
  26. How to find spanning tree of a graph that minimizes the maximum edge weight?
  27. $N$ points with given distances optimally put in a line

  28. Task scheduling algorithm (minimize wait time)
  29. Firefly algorithm number of objective function calls
  30. Modification of dynamic programming for a knapsack problem

  31. Distributing watermelons into boxes with 2-approximation
  32. Maximize the number of satisfied disjunctions

  33. Longest path among subset of given points

  34. Algorithm for shortest continious line to join N points

  35. How to get the optimized quicksort algorithm's time complexity

  36. How many times does a pair of numbers co-occur in a list?

  37. Solving a Rod Cutting Problem

  38. What algorithm to use for this kind of routing optimization?

  39. Round-Robin schedule: process A's time quantum expires at the same time as a process B arrives. What happens next?
  40. Given a set of 2D vectors, find the furthest reachable point
  41. Global Minimum of Multivariate Polynomial is coNP-complete?
  42. How to sum vectors to maximize magnitude?
  43. Is this problem a variant of TSP problem? if not, what is it called?

  44. I have n boys and n girls. I need to pair as much of them as possible for a dance in O(nlogn). Reduce this to a standard problem?

  45. Greedy algorithm: Minimizing the maximum of a list
  46. How to convert between bases partially?
  47. Algorithm for computing a sum with multiples of specific values
  48. How to use netflow to determine completion time

  49. Data Science vs Operations Research
  50. Can deep learning be applied to nonlinear parameter estimation problems?

  51. Appropriate optimization algorithm for constraints having NaN values

  52. Matching items from two sets for maximum value
  53. What do you call a lower/upper bound that is the best one?

  54. How one epoch completes in Perceptron?

  55. An optimal solution for the Pair Sum problem in a sorted array

  56. Optimization constraint involving variable other than design parameters

  57. How to count all contiguous subsequences with positive sum?

  58. Finding a minimum of a noisy function

  59. How to setup a model for a guillotine cutting stock problem?

  60. Convex Hull Trick on Points Covering Problem

  61. Distibutional problem
  62. Efficient algorithm for "group-sum-min" problem

  63. Optimal Partition of Book Chapters
  64. What is an efficient algorithm to solve the following combinatorial optimization problem?

  65. How to solve an optimization problem that deals with the optimal combination of given ratios?
  66. Solving a discrete optimization problem

  67. affinity based static load balancing
  68. What kind of optimization problem this belongs to?
  69. The optimal way to reverse engineer a binary classification problem

  70. Choosing $n$ points to get the closest sum

  71. Why can optimality be preserved when inserting a new conjunct into an optimally ordered conjunction of conditions?
  72. Aggregate planning with inventory

  73. Why does the time/space tradeoff exist

  74. Can loops like this one be algorithmically transformed into multiplication

  75. Verifying if a greedy solution is optimal for a specific instance (Set cover)

  76. How to avoid getting stuck on local optimum, for genetic algorithms
  77. Algorithm to mimimally pair up points in 3D space
  78. RAPTOR algorithm - Walking time

  79. Need help improving running time for a scheduling algorithm

  80. Multi- Knapsack problem variation
  81. How to prevent moire artifacts in this light casting algorithm?
  82. Data Searching from a large data set without reading each element

  83. Maximisation of graphs weight

  84. Portfolio rebalancing algorithm

  85. Lazy evaluation on slow Boolean functions (optimization)
  86. Understanding the geometrical interpretation of word2vec
  87. Was the "cuckoo search" independently discovered before 2009? If so, what was the name given to it?

  88. Algorithm to choose the best team of 6 Pokémon given a constraint
  89. Are there many empirical results about which metaheuristics are well-suited for which problem domains?

  90. Showing MAXIMUM CLique is NPO-simple and MAXIMUM GRAPH COLORING is not

  91. How can I partition a graph such that as few edges as possible cross partition boundaries?

  92. Approximation of a gaussian function
  93. Maximizing number of selected squares in a grid
  94. Techniques to guide selection of solution from Pareto set
  95. How to find minimum number of k-input LUTs needed to express a n variable boolean function?

  96. Online algorithms and changing past decisions

  97. Can we create faster sort algorithm than O(N log N)
  98. Why in simulated annealing, thermal equilibrium need to be meet for each temperature throughout the iterations?
  99. Interval schedule maximization when encountering intervals with equivalent end points

  100. Knight on a chessboard