1. Using 2-opt Heuristic in a Genetic Algorithm for TSP

  2. Paper-based algorithm to find longest formula which is common to at least two formulas
  3. When do adaptive gradient methods perform well?
  4. Appropriate algorithm or heuristic for task scheduling

  5. How to find the supremum of all the "good" (interior) polytopes for a given set of 3D points?
  6. Is packing a bag of presents easier for Rupert than Santa?
  7. Finding k-nearest neighbors to a set of nodes in a large graph

  8. Is this problem just an application of traveling salesman? If not is it some other already "solved" problem?

  9. Basics of virtual runtime - CFS Algorithm

  10. Scheduling / Queuing jobs with multiple different workers

  11. How to find an arrangement of a sequence that has the lowest cost

  12. Topological sorting and NP-hard proof
  13. optimal resource allocation

  14. How can I partition a graph such that as few edges as possible cross partition boundaries?
  15. Dynamic Programming vs Greedy - coin change problem

  16. TSP when cost depends only on location in sequence

  17. How to extract a set $C$ that contains $N$ subsets of a set $B$, covers all elements of an external set $A$, but $N$ is minimal?

  18. About ADAM, the optimization algorithm for neural nets

  19. Vehicle Routing Problem with multiple deliveries?
  20. Filling a string with wildcards with minimum cost
  21. In two sets, identify set of pairs with maximal sum of connections

  22. A variant of coin change problem
  23. Finding longest prefix of a given string in set of strings that satisies some property
  24. Moving an edge in a weighted tree to maximize longest path length
  25. Why is integer programming more difficult than (real) linear programming?

  26. ILP runtime seems to be linear?
  27. Converting nested absolute value into linear programming

  28. Fitting different rectangles inside a rectangle
  29. Solve Max 3 color problem using 3 color decision problem
  30. What are the reasons behind using constraints in convex optimization?
  31. Among $k$ unit vectors, find odd set with sum length less than 1

  32. Match dictionary to misspelled word, corner cases
  33. solving max cut problem on a huge graph (500 x 500) using Semidefinite Programming with CVXOPT
  34. Finding the best filling of the matrix (optimization)

  35. Efficient bucketing of numbers

  36. Multi-type max-flow
  37. Is it possible to make data structure that will find MEX and support modification queries
  38. An algorithm for a minimization problem, How to minimize the wasted length of combination of multiple items with different length and number

  39. Task scheduling algorithm (minimize wait time)

  40. Portfolio allocation with a few twists

  41. Modification of dynamic programming for a knapsack problem

  42. Filling a board with maximum number of fixed size tiles
  43. What do we call a greedy algorithm that tracks the best $n > 1$ solutions?
  44. Understanding GAN optimization equation

  45. Unknown length of chromosone in genetic algorithm

  46. Global optimization algorithm based on MapReduce

  47. Algorithm for shortest continious line to join N points
  48. Why do we try to maximize Lagrangian in SVMs?

  49. Lower bounds on regret

  50. Shift Organization algorithms (Constraint Programming + Marriage problem)

  51. Are the No Free Lunch theorems useful for anything?

  52. long-lived scheduling using max-flow & push/relabel

  53. Black-box combinatorial optimization problem over permutations

  54. Is this problem about picking optimal entries of a matrix NP-complete?

  55. What is a logical approach to developing an algorithm which can find the optimal parameters for a function which make it best fit a given data set?
  56. Finding the number of ways to partition $\{1,...,N\}$ into $P_1$ and $P_2$ such that $sum(P_1) = sum(P_2)$ for a given $N$
  57. How to maximize $(h[j]-h[i])(j-i)$ in $O(n)$
  58. Aggregate planning with inventory

  59. Dynamic path planning and waypoint sorting

  60. CLRS problem 15-10 Planning an investment strategy

  61. Data Science vs Operations Research

  62. What is a the fastest sorting algorithm for an array of integers?
  63. Are there practical methods for solving ILP?

  64. Simulated annealing upper bound seems way too high

  65. Example of $c^Tx' = c^Tx$ where x is the optimal solution for the linear relaxation (LP) of x' (ILP)
  66. suggestion for optimization problem with $\ell_{2,1}$ norm and Frobenius norm

  67. Maximizing the sum of adjacent pairs of elements
  68. Algorithm to find most efficent partitioning of a set

  69. How to approach homework about graph traversal

  70. Does big-Oh notation in optimization follow the same convention as in CS?
  71. Minimum fare price on public transportation network

  72. Relating indexes for parameters and variables

  73. Minimum expected cost through an unconventional graph with probabilities at which edges are selected
  74. What is a ridge - Hill climbing

  75. Finding set of disjoint sets with additional value optimization

  76. Selecting an optimal team to perform certain tasks given constraints

  77. How to construct the objective function for genetic algorithm optimization?

  78. Optimization of coefficients by using genetic algorithm
  79. Algorithm to select sets of objects while maximizing number of objects covered

  80. Is there only one optimal BST?

  81. How to classify a 3D "Knapsack" problem where the only limitation is space, i.e. there is no weight constraint?

  82. Longest path among subset of given points

  83. INOI 2017 Problem 2 - Training
  84. Finding the shortest sublist that contains all search terms
  85. Subset optimization problem

  86. Buying as many items for as much money

  87. Find a permutation that maximizes $\sum_i a_{i-1}a_ia_{i+1}$

  88. Is graph search of shortest (optimal) path an instance of optimisation?

  89. Why is sequential search of ordered list slower than search of unordered one

  90. black-box function optimization with binary vector input: terminology and NP-hardness proof
  91. What kind of optimization is this?

  92. Maximizing product of list of integers whose sum equals n
  93. Arrange objects in space so that the outline takes the least surface/volume

  94. Filling a 3x3 board with connected tiles
  95. What is the difference between multimodal and rugged fitness landscape
  96. Feedback Vertex Set with vertex partitions?

  97. How to prevent the optimization algorithm from just shrinking the image?

  98. The heaviest induced subgraph problem

  99. Algorithm Question: Stacking bricks of different colours?
  100. Element wise product sum of two arrays