1. is it possible to determine using a single depth-first search, in O(V+E) time, whether a directed graph is singly connected?

  2. Algorithms for solving Flow game

  3. Finding bicliques in a bipartite graph of minimum size
  4. Is the problem of traversing every vertex of a graph (not necessarily once) without crossing an edge more than once in P?
  5. Push Relabel Max Flow Topcoder Tutuorial Problems

  6. Why do we use Bellman ford instead of Dijkstra's Algorithm?
  7. Predecessor-subgraph property

  8. Find the center node on a weighted, non-directed graph

  9. Dynamic graph (?) - combination of connections between vertices that for each 3 exist min 1 edge
  10. Uniformly randomly generating an "unlockable" graph
  11. Dijkstra's algorithm: why are distances initialized to infinity and not some negative number?

  12. Boruvka MST algorithm using doubly linked lists
  13. shortest cycle passing through vertices a and b with changeable edge weights
  14. Covering a complete graph with n copies of an arbitrary graph: NP-complete?

  15. Finding k-nearest neighbors to a set of nodes in a large graph

  16. Is this problem just an application of traveling salesman? If not is it some other already "solved" problem?
  17. Data structure on graph able to remove edges and find sink

  18. Map overlay, any algorithm for face updating step?
  19. minimum subgraph whose cost is greater than a predefined threshold

  20. Graph Algorithm (Modification on Dijkstra?) : Tech Interview
  21. How to define a language for an independent set problem of a graph?
  22. weight constrained shortest path problem variants

  23. Applying graph "adjustment" algorithms to Elo rating system

  24. Is there an algorithm to compute the shortest Hamiltonian path in an directed graph from one point to another in polynomial time?
  25. Bellman Ford for directed graph G finds shortest paths within one iteration

  26. Algorithm to find nodes with given a distance
  27. Code for graph embedding into the line
  28. Pruning a powerset based on a graph

  29. Algorithm to find individual, closed groups of lines in a large set of connected lines
  30. using mappings in order to reduce k-SUM to k-clique
  31. Disconnecting graph (and subgraphs) by removing fewest amount of edges - NP completeness
  32. Alternative algorithm for minimum spanning tree construction
  33. deadlock caused by a cyle of locks ? unprobable event causing it or just a false intuition

  34. Modeling an inequality problem to a graph

  35. Minimum edge cover with a constraint

  36. time complexity to check if there is an edge between two nodes in an adjacency list

  37. Defining preferred paths makes $A^*$ heuristic lose admissibility

  38. Moving an edge in a weighted tree to maximize longest path length
  39. Finding shortest path involving additional restrictions
  40. Recovering species from a phylogenetic tree

  41. Number of automorphism for clique of 6 vertices minus two non adjacent edges

  42. Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm without relaxation
  43. Embedding trees of diameter four is NP-hard
  44. Appropriate graph clustering algorithm

  45. graphs notations

  46. Partition a graph such that each subgraph fits the machine constraint

  47. solving max cut problem on a huge graph (500 x 500) using Semidefinite Programming with CVXOPT

  48. Where can I find a data set of graphs with known domination numbers?

  49. Algorithm for 3-object matching

  50. How to find the path for the most negatively-weighted cycle which goes through a specific source node?

  51. What graph theory algorithm(s) would help solve this problem?

  52. Eigenvalue computation for large graph

  53. Cross link suggestion algorithm that distributes and spans all links as fast as possible without loops

  54. Proving a factor 2 performance guarantee for a greedy minimum cardinality vertex cover algorithm (Exercise)
  55. Graph families with high $k$-community

  56. Finding all unique paths from a source to a sink in a specially-formed DAG

  57. Testing if a given DAG is a lattice
  58. Number of nodes of height $h$ in a heap or almost complete binary tree
  59. Decreasing the weight of one edge of minimum spanning tree, prove the MST is unchanged

  60. Extending ordered tree edit distance to DAGs

  61. Proving NP hardness about graph creation
  62. Definition of a reachable ancestor (Skiena TADM 2nd ed section 5.9.2)

  63. Looking for a good algorithm to divide the nodes of a complete graph into groups

  64. Distance vector in a weighted graph

  65. how to prove original intervals and canonical form of intervals have the same interval graph
  66. Finding maximum-cardinality independent set with a particular oracle

  67. Intuitive proof for Floyd's cycle detection algorithm

  68. Checking if there is a single path that visits all nodes in a directed graph

  69. How is reachability reduced to order maintenance?

  70. Edge contraction in DAG

  71. Having trouble proving vertex cover greedy algorithm

  72. Short cycle detection complexity?

  73. Enumerating pairs of disconnected cliques in a graph

  74. Algorithm - Checking if an unconnected graph is cyclical

  75. Convert DAG whose transitive reduction is non-planar to a planar DAG with same transitive closure

  76. Undirected graph find minimal wight sum so every cycle has at least one weighted edge included

  77. Algorithms for procedural generated mazes
  78. Finding all vertices on negative cycles

  79. Merge Leaf labeled trees

  80. Graph algorithm or framework for determining node affinity based on utilities

  81. Edge removal to convert a non-planar DAG to a planar DAG while maintaining reachability?

  82. Find a path that contains specific nodes without back and forward edges

  83. Find all the cumulative sums in a DAG

  84. How to deal with cost variation in a dynamic graph when applying Dijkstra

  85. A path modification problem in directed graphs

  86. Two criteria for an edge to belong to all MSTs

  87. What is a reducible flow graph?

  88. Minimal semiprime congruence problem

  89. Remove parallel edges in a directed graph in linear time

  90. Avoiding loops in Bellman-Ford algorithm

  91. Algorythm for creating Number-Rows

  92. How to minimally extend a digraph such that all nodes are on a cycle?
  93. Show that Knapsack-like problem on directed graph is NP-hard

  94. Are all vertices within a strongly connected component with 2 or more vertices part of a cycle?

  95. Applicability of Dijkstra's algorithm to hypergraphs
  96. Seek to infer "correct" route from sequence of stops

  97. Is there metrics for knowlege graph enrichment?

  98. How to generate a list of all graphs with maximum degree D and diameter smaller than P?

  99. How to calculate the centrality index of a edge in multiple source sink max-flow min cut algorithm?

  100. Determine if a vertex is a part of a cycle in O(m+n) complexity