1. Existential Theory of the Reals in NP?
  2. Maximum sum subset of an array with an extra condition
  3. Task scheduling algorithm (minimize wait time)
  4. How do I construct a doubly connected edge list given a set of line segments?
  5. How to visualize abstract concepts?
  6. Higher Residuocity Problem w.r.t. a composite Modulus

  7. Algorithm for weighted elliptic curve fit
  8. Time Complexity analysis for Map-Reduce model

  9. Bellman-Ford and zero-distance cycle

  10. Open source implementation of Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping
  11. Algorithm: Shortest path (walk) with keys and doors

  12. Finding maximum-cardinality independent set with a particular oracle
  13. How to define the partial or total order of the segments to be inserted in a "sweep-line status" data structure?

  14. What if Indexes in Hoare's Quick Sort Algorithm Both Land on Values Less than Pivot?

  15. Verifying whether a description of a shortest path tree is actually the shortest path tree in O(V+E) time

  16. Given a number, getting a grid position in a spiral pattern
  17. Finding $d$ in RSA Encryption mathematically and by hand

  18. Do the edges in the least cost paths given by Bellman-Ford algorithm produce a spanning tree?

  19. Predicting next action to take to reach a final state

  20. Build-Max-Heap: Why Start i at floor(A.length/2) rather than A.length?

  21. Calculating unbalanced binary trees
  22. Algorithm for sorting people into groups by preference and score

  23. Algorithm for shortest continuous line to join N points

  24. Finding The Shortest Path In Scotland Yard?

  25. Intuition behind the reduction of 3-DNF PAC Learnability to 3-Graph-Coloring
  26. How to validate a connect X game (Tick-Tak-Toe,Gomoku,...)?
  27. The purpose of grey node in graph depth-first search
  28. Prove complexity bound without reduction?
  29. Finding the maximum of a random forest
  30. C# Grammatical Evolution mapping process implementation

  31. Filling a string with wildcards with minimum cost

  32. Number of binary matrices with all 1's connected

  33. The path with the highest sum of weights
  34. Finding a (Small-Big-Medium) subsequence

  35. Count the unique subsequences

  36. Can Floyd-Warshall algorithm be used in an undirected graph with negative edges?

  37. Undirected graph find minimal wight sum so every cycle has at least one weighted edge included

  38. Time interval correction for step detection algorithm

  39. Algorithms for procedural generated mazes
  40. Local search (Hill Climbing) scope and definition

  41. Merge Leaf labeled trees
  42. Shift Organization algorithms (Constraint Programming + Marriage problem)
  43. How does matrix chain multiplication problem has an optimal substructure?

  44. bakery algorithm, switching up the condition
  45. What is the fastest online sorting algorithm?

  46. Finding arcs between strongly connected components

  47. Knapsack problem question
  48. Is there any simpler way to have for each sequence element the amount of succeeding larger elements than to implement an AVL tree?

  49. How to efficiently compute the most isolated point?

  50. Algorithm Suggestion for periodic alerts

  51. Levenshtein distance algorithm with bits

  52. Steiner tree problem with the known optimal subset of Steiner vertices in approximation algorithms

  53. Find a path that contains specific nodes without back and forward edges
  54. A path modification problem in directed graphs

  55. Difference in bit vectors
  56. How can I assign cooks to customers?
  57. Troubles understanding this Interval Scheduling question

  58. Efficiently finding the maximum pairwise GCD of a set of natural numbers
  59. Constructing a rectangle from triangles

  60. Is the problem of traversing every vertex of a graph (not necessarily once) without crossing an edge more than once in P?
  61. What is the most efficient way to compute factorials modulo a prime?
  62. Fibonacci Heap / Binomial Heap - Decrease Key
  63. Online set filling with redistributions

  64. Maximum flow properties

  65. Push Relabel Max Flow Topcoder Tutuorial Problems
  66. Paper-based algorithm to find longest formula which is common to at least two formulas

  67. Is it decidable to detect a virus?
  68. Why do we use Bellman ford instead of Dijkstra's Algorithm?

  69. How to calculate number of nodes opened by BFS?

  70. Work-stealing: where and how many to steal

  71. How to compute quotient subgroup efficiently?
  72. How to solve a polynomial of the form y = ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d using the incremental algorithm in computer graphics

  73. Appropriate algorithm or heuristic for task scheduling

  74. Comparing Algorithm Strategies

  75. Scheduling algorithm with waiting time and priority

  76. Printing all paths of a tree and sorting the weight of edges

  77. Interval tree: find all intervals containing a given interval

  78. Logistic model and Linear regression model

  79. Dynamic graph (?) - combination of connections between vertices that for each 3 exist min 1 edge
  80. Time complexity of computing binomial coefficients (with binary representation of integers)

  81. How can I determine an algorithm from a table of numbers?

  82. Uniformly randomly generating an "unlockable" graph

  83. Sorting a list of strings in lexicographic order of sorted strings

  84. Dijkstra's algorithm: why are distances initialized to infinity and not some negative number?

  85. Boruvka MST algorithm using doubly linked lists
  86. Is the SMA* algorithm optimal if and only if we have enough memory?

  87. What is the best algorithm for multiple matches?
  88. How approximate sine using Taylor series
  89. Down to Zero Hacker Rank Problem

  90. How to find the minimum required CPU to process the packets

  91. How to find the supremum of all the "good" (interior) polytopes for a given set of 3D points?
  92. Minimum number of vertices whose removal makes the graph an independent set
  93. Trying to understand a way to split an AVL tree in O(log n)

  94. How to Match Socks

  95. Covering a complete graph with n copies of an arbitrary graph: NP-complete?

  96. Maximizing the weighted average value of a set of items by doubling the weight of a subset of items
  97. Why does the given solution to this problem works? How can it's correctness be proven?
  98. Calculating $\sum_{i=1}^a \lfloor a/i \rfloor i^2$

  99. Is packing a bag of presents easier for Rupert than Santa?

  100. Do Nested Monte Carlo Algorithm always find the best score where score is the number of moves on the leftmost path