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  1. What is the difference between a 'page' of memory and a 'frame' of memory?

  2. Java question dealing with generic casting
  3. reinforcement learning in gridworld with subgoals

  4. How similar is the Goldwasser-Sipser Set Lower Bound Protocol to the Hashcash/Bitcoin Proof-of-Work?

  5. A clarification on $NP=coNP$?

  6. Polynomial generator required to detect single bit error in Cyclic Redundancy Check codes

  7. Why do we try to maximize Lagrangian in SVMs?

  8. importance of alternate storage in external sort
  9. How to solve a knapsack problem using DP?

  10. Towers of Hanoi Algorithm "Using Auxiliary" Peg
  11. type 0 grammar to simulate turing machine

  12. What bugs are most likely to appear when designing a divide and conquer algorithm?
  13. Resource distribution algorithm

  14. how to solve this problem from codechef step by step?

  15. #3-Coloring Problem for Tree with Some Pre-Colored Nodes
  16. Steiner tree problem with the known optimal subset of Steiner vertices in approximation algorithms

  17. multiple sequence alignment using HMM and simulated annealing

  18. How do I find the regular expression from the given finite automata using Kleene's Method?

  19. Semantic parsing with Grammatical Framework - is this possible?

  20. DP tiling a 2xN tile with L shaped tiles and 2x1 tiles?

  21. greedy algorithms - minimizing total payment

  22. How to deal with cost variation in a dynamic graph when applying Dijkstra

  23. Google search of phrases in spreadsheet to return only key terms

  24. Why this program works even without malloc and realloc?
  25. A path modification problem in directed graphs

  26. Computational Complexity and P vs. NP, A New Insight

  27. In describing the tokens of a programming language using RE, it is not necessary to have the $\epsilon$ or t. Why is this?
  28. i need to know the flowchart for the following turing mechine problem

  29. Find path in graph that is always having positive weight
  30. What is the consequence of $\oplus P\neq PP$?
  31. Troubles understanding this Interval Scheduling question
  32. How can I assign cooks to customers?

  33. Why is writing down mathematical proofs more fault-proof than writing computer code?
  34. Finding a Simple Distribution In a Binary String

  35. Is this book's definition of phrase correct?
  36. is P_CTC = BPP_PATH?
  37. rebalance red-black tree with many violations

  38. Efficiently finding the maximum pairwise GCD of a set of natural numbers

  39. How does Bellman-Ford find Negative Weight Cycles
  40. Filling a 3x3 board with connected tiles

  41. Query regarding Integer factorization
  42. What does it mean to be "closed" under beta reduction?
  43. Name of a particular kind of weighted unoriented graph

  44. Calculating the kth largest distance among $n$ points on a number line in $O(n\log n)$?

  45. Number of windows users
  46. Numerical analysis - f(x) = f(y)

  47. Error correction codes - with strong noise
  48. AUTOMATA Make a DFA for Regular expression

  49. Does NP-hard problems have to be decision problems?

  50. Construct Regular Expression For All words with even count of letters and ends with “a”
  51. Longest Path Problem (Theory of Computing)

  52. NP Reduction from 3Color to QuadProg
  53. Sliding window protocol, calculation of sequence number bits

  54. Relation between $\sqrt{x^2+y^2}$ and $|x|+|y|$
  55. Variable assignment in which compiler phase

  56. Recognizability of machines which halt in $n$ steps on some input
  57. Fibonacci Heap / Binomial Heap - Decrease Key
  58. Array with queries to decrement or find sum of range

  59. Is it possible to implement dependent types by any object oriented language supporting inheritance and classes?

  60. How many clock cycles does a processor take to generate a single binary number?
  61. Use the pumping lemma to show the language is not regular

  62. Simulating Turing Machine with writing only on non-input fields on read-only Turing machine
  63. Understanding Wirth's symbol table entry

  64. Is square numbers written in binary a regular language?
  65. Maximum flow properties

  66. Data structure optimized for merging maps on partitions

  67. Miss penalty for Write request in a Write-Back style system
  68. Paper-based algorithm to find longest formula which is common to at least two formulas

  69. Is there an algorithim to construct a graph with an even number of vertices, and each vertex has k edges?

  70. How do I develop a structured work method for theoretical computer science?

  71. Given are $4$ languages. What kind of language are they (regular, context free, context sensitive..)?
  72. Mathematical proofs implemented purely by Lambda Calculus

  73. consistent heuristic - does it always exist?

  74. How important is computer architecture and organization for a computer science student?

  75. How to prove QUADPROG is NP-hard using 3COLOR?

  76. Digital Image Processing

  77. Is the language below not decidable , if yes , it is then R.E ?

  78. Obviously true statement, but is there a proof?
  79. Common parse tree for several formulas

  80. Matlab inbuilt function error

  81. How to use Neural Network classification if data not same size?
  82. Why Can't Reverse Hashing Prove $P \neq NP$?

  83. Why do we use RSA if it is not secure against chosen ciphertext attack?
  84. Solving recurrence relation having square root

  85. What makes type inference for dependent types undecidable?
  86. AVL Tree Inner Nodes

  87. Show that the successor of a node is the lowest ancestor of the node whose left child is also an ancestor of that node
  88. Lamport's distributed mutual exclusion: wait-chain order clock
  89. DPDA - a language that contains the same number of A and B

  90. Typing by value
  91. Is language equality for linear context-free grammars decidable?
  92. Lambda calculus closure expansion
  93. How to convert string to char implicitly?
  94. Predecessor-subgraph property
  95. a little question on the analysis of the disjoint set

  96. Number of heaps using n distinct integers- Time complexity
  97. Can you please explain how to construct a PDA accepting $\{ a^n b^n : n \geq 1 \}$?
  98. What resources does a SYN flooding attack try to exhaust?

  99. How to estimate how many assignments satisfy a given DNF formula using Monte Carlo?

  100. Search algorithm with constraint of proximity to another point