1. How to dry the wet sugar when it got wet accidentally?

  2. How to tell the difference between sugar crystals and mold in dried fruit?

  3. Can you put polystyrene in the microwave oven
  4. Why doesn't Bailey's go bad?

  5. If uncooked rice is soaked for 2 days, is it still safe to eat (after it's cooked)?

  6. Is it bad to cook frozen meat without thawing it?

  7. Crock pot turned to warm for 45mins- 1hr

  8. Black mold inside Misto oil sprayer collar

  9. Is washing hands before handling meat/poultry necessary?

  10. What temperatures should I keep my refrigerator and freezer set at?

  11. How do I know if food left at room temperature is still safe to eat?

  12. Can store bought salmon be used for sashimi?
  13. Should eggnog be chunky?

  14. How many times can you freeze, thaw and refreeze cooked grains? (pasta, rice, bread)
  15. How long will my homemade lemon juice marinade last?

  16. Long-rising/no-knead enriched breads?

  17. How to keep a lunch box fresh for more than 2 hours?
  18. Safe and efficient way to keep hands clean while preparing food
  19. Trouble Measuring the Temperature of Meat

  20. Are vegetables poisonous if they have roots, are sprouting or are many weeks old?

  21. Is a whole chicken still safe after 5 days marinating in the fridge?
  22. Is butternut squash with veins OK to eat?

  23. Is soaking beans 24 hours unrefrigerated safe?
  24. Is it bad to leave the crock pot on "warm" (not low) all day?

  25. Is it safe to use a dented can?

  26. I've burned my stainless steel macchinetta. Is it still safe for use?

  27. eggs(in shell) were left on my kitchen counter from 6pm till 2am 6pm till 4am.

  28. Is it safe to eat sprouted onions?
  29. Risk of eating potato skins with anti-germination treatment

  30. Botulism From Chinese Preserved Cucumbers

  31. bleach cleaning on chopping board.... dangerous?

  32. Are those black spots on the inside of kaki safe to eat?

  33. Whiskey inside a metal flask for a month. Safe for drinking?
  34. Why exactly is thawing via hot water bad?
  35. What happens if I brine my turkey for 2 days?
  36. Can one preserve food by periodically heating it?
  37. Fridge door left open

  38. Which chemical can be used to get the aromatic fragrance used of Kewra?
  39. Does having spoiling food in your fridge cause other food to spoil faster?
  40. Is this Kabocha squash bad?
  41. How was Chinese Master Stock stored in olden days before refrigeration

  42. Is it safe to reuse steamer water?

  43. Why should (or shouldn't) we wash rice before cooking?

  44. Food safety issues related to eating raw frozen vegetables
  45. Bone broth disaster?

  46. Can crumbled feta cheese last almost a year?

  47. Is an unrefrigerated canned ham safe to eat?

  48. On-top-of-fridge storage
  49. Which foods become shelf-stable on cooking and why?

  50. Homemade Dressing

  51. Old frozen ground lamb - safe to eat?
  52. How do I tell if a metal can is safe to bake in?
  53. How does sunlight degrade cooking oil?

  54. What are these white flecks in my lentils and split peas?

  55. Can I ferment pickles in the tropics?

  56. Can adequate heating transform spoiled food into safe food?
  57. How long can I keep thawed vacuum-packed fish in the fridge?
  58. Will unopened jars spoil if you change the temperature?
  59. Only the core of my banana is black. Is it safe to eat?
  60. Are sausages made using the whole body of a chick?
  61. Safe to leave eggs in water overnight?

  62. Is it safe to eat green onion slime?

  63. Bubbles in sunflower butter

  64. Should truly fresh steak (i. e. still purple) have a smell?
  65. Is it sufficient to wash utensils, which have touched chicken, with soapy water
  66. How do I maximize the shelf life of my homemade hot sauce?
  67. Food safety of China-imported kitchen utensils

  68. Cooking with a cut or burn on my hands

  69. Dented can of iced tea fizzed when opened

  70. Are blanched tomatoes safe to eat if left out for 8 hrs then refrigerated for 5 hours.

  71. Are these worms in my black eyed peas/beans?

  72. Is the double boiling canning procedure really necessary?
  73. How long will food last in a refrigerator that is turned off?

  74. Grape Juice left out overnight, now has fizz

  75. Consuming Kefir Grains

  76. tomato sauce with country style pork ribs cooked together last

  77. Does chocolate syrup need to be refrigerated?

  78. Is raw honey safe to consume?

  79. How long can coconut milk last in the fridge?

  80. How can I safely use a blender with hot liquids?

  81. Sous Vide danger zone for vegetables
  82. Why do frozen foods that are fully cooked still need to be heated to the same temperature raw items require?

  83. What to do with possibly unsafe canned hot sauce?

  84. Is it ok to (re)freeze thawed spring roll wrappers?

  85. Canned Stewed Tomatoes without lemon juice
  86. Is it safe to eat cod that has a pink color?

  87. Mold on Vinegar Batch?

  88. Cut food with fork and sharp knife - metal in food?

  89. Frozen canned soup
  90. How long can a pitcher of tap water be left out, and still be drinkable?

  91. How long in fridge for sushi steaks?

  92. How do you put out a grease fire?

  93. Can one become ill from consuming food smoked with wood that contains a common fungus?

  94. How long is garlic butter safe, and why is it not a botulism risk like garlic in oil?

  95. Does storing meat in plastic alter how long it takes to go off?
  96. Is it safe to eat frozen flatfish with brown color?

  97. How long do eggs last outside the refrigerator and out of the shell?

  98. What does bad Brie smell/taste like?

  99. Is it safe to eat raw fish?

  100. Why does hot food placed in a picnic cooler keep cooking?