1. Pastry flour for bread

  2. What is the white swirl in my bread and is it safe?

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  4. Baker’s ratio for crackers
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  13. What should I cover bread dough with while it's rising?
  14. Can you separate out the Gliadin from Gluten?

  15. Recipe calls for shortening, I want to substitute butter. Do I need to melt the butter?
  16. Sugar and Salt Solutions

  17. How to rise and bake a sourdough loaf in the least amount of time?
  18. What is the ideal hydration for bread dough?
  19. Is there anything I can add to homemade bread to preserve it?
  20. Where can I buy fresh, live yeast for making bread? (NOT active dry yeast)

  21. Why does commercial brown (whole wheat) bread taste bitter?
  22. ziplock-type gallon bag to store my sour dough starter in the fridge.
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  24. Does waiting for bread to rise before baking change its nutrient composition?
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  39. how does bread fermentation change in relation to inital yeast weight, time and temperature?

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  44. Reasonable to store loaves and pound cake in garage during winter? (25-35 F max?)

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  46. How to adjust baking time if I adjust the quantities in the recipe?
  47. What is the ingredient in bakery Italian bread that give it that great taste
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  55. Is it important to warm the flour before making bread?

  56. Will my bread dough that has already gone through first rise be okay to bake after three days of refrigeration?

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