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  1. How can I make a bar cookie more dense?
  2. Yorkshire Pudding Batter -- Letting it "Rest"

  3. How to dry the wet sugar when it got wet accidentally?

  4. Can I simply soak fruit and vegetables in water for several hours to sanitize them?

  5. How can bitterness from dried mushrooms be avoided?
  6. Cooking with rancid flour
  7. Yield on a Boneless Turkey

  8. How to tell the difference between sugar crystals and mold in dried fruit?

  9. Can you put polystyrene in the microwave oven

  10. Reasonable to store loaves and pound cake in garage during winter? (25-35 F max?)
  11. Sugar won't dissolve in cacao butter

  12. Ratio to subtitute mesquite liquid smoke for mesquite smoke powder?
  13. Aftertaste when making gummies

  14. Undercooking tofu causes a bad stomach. Is this true?

  15. Is berbere supposed to be bitter?

  16. Why stud an onion?

  17. How to cook better cookies despite a terrible oven?

  18. How to keep cream from separating in milk?
  19. What size pan should I use if I want to split a recipe in half that calls for a 13x9 inch pan?
  20. What would happen if you use warm base on a compressor ice cream machine?
  21. My caramels sugared but I don't want to throw them away. Is there any way I can reheat the sugared mess and turn it into a caramel sauce?

  22. Cooking pork roast ahead of time for Christmas?

  23. my cookie dough was in the fridge overnight and now its rock hard can I microwave it?

  24. What is the authentic way to cook pierogi?

  25. What is the minimum cooking time I need to extract collagen from already crushed baked bones to make a tasty and nutritious broth?

  26. Which method of killing the lobster would cause the least pain and distress?
  27. Accidentally omitted salt from my gingerbread cookies... what should I do?
  28. Why doesn't Bailey's go bad?

  29. Why does the roux separate from my gumbo?

  30. How to adjust baking time if I adjust the quantities in the recipe?

  31. How to thicken Chili without compromising flavor
  32. What can I substitute for Cointreau in a recipe?

  33. If uncooked rice is soaked for 2 days, is it still safe to eat (after it's cooked)?

  34. Metal spoon fell to the bottom of crockpot without me knowing it. Was making chicken soup and was cooking for 5 hours. Is it safe to eat?

  35. How to simulate an oven when what you actually have is a gas stove?
  36. Chocolate covered cookies stuck to cooling rack

  37. What's the purpose of syrup in toffee apples?
  38. Baking apple roses in oven in France, which mark should I choose?

  39. What is a substitute for spry?

  40. Christmas turkey help (mostly organization)

  41. What squeezes out juice better, auger or press?
  42. How can I figure out cooking times for an Instant Pot?
  43. Making "long(er)-life" homemade mayonnaise

  44. My pasta keeps sticking together
  45. Can I substitute bread flour with all purpose for hot water crusts?

  46. Cleaning burnt-on grease with ammonia

  47. I bought a bag of Brussels sprouts that looked fine but smelled exceptionally bad, even for sprouts

  48. Which Whole Wheat Breads can be crisped on the stove?
  49. Do I need to add pectin to make jam?
  50. Why is my garlic brown and slightly translucent?
  51. Butter and Butter Flavored Shortening
  52. A substitution for pork in Swedish Meatballs

  53. Ground Beef vs. Ground Pork

  54. Is it bad to cook frozen meat without thawing it?

  55. How to compensate for diminished taste when cooking?
  56. How to peel, cut and prepare prickly pears without getting the thorns in your skin?
  57. Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream Melting too fast!

  58. Prevent gummi bears from drying out
  59. Can I cream butter, sugar and eggs ahead of time

  60. Left Hamburger Helper out over night

  61. Citric acid for hard-boiled eggs?
  62. How to make a custard (royale) that sets up firm on the stovetop?
  63. Cooking turkey joints

  64. What is the ingredient in bakery Italian bread that give it that great taste

  65. Trying sous vide techniques with an induction cooker

  66. How do you remove the aftertaste of raw garlic?

  67. How can I make curved gingerbread sheets for a gingerbread house?

  68. Loose-leaf tea: specifics of re-steeping multiple times?

  69. Salt won't dissolve in buttermilk brine

  70. How can I make a Caramac bar by myself?
  71. Is the "gamey" taste of venison just a polite name for "rotten"?

  72. Crock pot turned to warm for 45mins- 1hr

  73. Best vegan substitute for egg wash
  74. Food was left in Instant Pot for a month and it grew mold. Is it safe to use it after cleaning?

  75. Name of tea with tiny green leaves?

  76. What causes tea to be bitter, and how can I avoid that bitterness?
  77. Oolong leaves not unfurling
  78. How to get a juicy and colored, crispy roast chicken at the same time?

  79. Black mold inside Misto oil sprayer collar

  80. Where to get active Milk kefir grains
  81. Alternative to Fenugreek in curry?

  82. what is the purpose of lemon/acid in fruit maceration for pie baking?

  83. What's the benefit of chilling my cookie dough before baking?

  84. Is creme brulee supposed to be fatty?
  85. Is washing hands before handling meat/poultry necessary?

  86. adding peanut butter to a recipe
  87. tarry deposit in wok

  88. What to do with mochi...this version is white, hard and puck-like in shape?

  89. Cheese suggestions to replace melted Velveeta

  90. How can I make menemen look better?

  91. What is the difference between corn flour and corn meal?
  92. Is it okay to use aluminium foil instead of parchment paper while baking cookies?

  93. What temperatures should I keep my refrigerator and freezer set at?

  94. How do I know if food left at room temperature is still safe to eat?

  95. Can I use meat that thawed when my freezer died but did not go above 45 degrees?

  96. How can I replicate the apple crisp in Kellogg müslix?

  97. How to smoke chicken without it coming out tough?
  98. Can Of Tomato Soup in England
  99. How to make, store, and reheat angel hair pasta for 250 in a tiny church kitchen
  100. Looking for a pliers-like tool for making crushed tomatoes