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  1. What makes store brand mayo white?
  2. Does blending oil (for vegan butter) make hydrogenated oil?

  3. Knife sharpening equipment

  4. What type of Paprika is the generic stuff one buys at a grocery store chain?
  5. Is it normal for collard greens to be red?
  6. How to keep a meatball round?

  7. Pastry flour for bread

  8. What can I substitute for lady cream peas without noticeable flavor change?
  9. Yom tov cooking
  10. Is there a word for the flavour shared by onion, spring onion, shallot, leek, and chive?
  11. Why is my beef broth the wrong color?

  12. How to make extremely dry pork more palatable?
  13. What determines the variety of paprika to use in recipes?
  14. Seasoning won't stick to baked potato chips

  15. Does Paprika extract actually taste of Paprika?
  16. sous vide producing inedible food because of fat not rendered

  17. Stained Knife Blade

  18. "Dry" foods from slow cooker

  19. What is the white swirl in my bread and is it safe?

  20. How to make hard candy with only fruit as a sweetener
  21. What herbs and spices are in "Italian Seasoning"?

  22. "elven slices" - What is the real name (if any)?
  23. Is there any way to "Salt" unsalted cashew pieces?

  24. Is the stainless steel pot pitted by salt water bad for health?

  25. Making sourdough bread with just flour and water (and no starter)

  26. Oven temps for cooking in enameled dutch oven
  27. Buttery Chocolate chip cookies

  28. How do I get the ground spices to mix into my curry?

  29. My meringue forms syrup beads on top

  30. Is it safe to use calphalon when the aanondized coating begins to wear?
  31. What skillet pan to use for making spring rolls wrappers?
  32. Is there such a thing as a single malt vodka?

  33. How do I iron-fortify homemade baby cereal?
  34. Corned Beef and Cabbage
  35. What's the egg for in this no-bake fridge cake and can I leave it out?

  36. Is slightly sugary mango fine for hot sauce?
  37. Do potatoes need to be boiled before making fries?

  38. Why does my vanilla cream filling soften my copycat Oreo sandwich biscuits?

  39. Which spices go with buckwheat (excluding other ingredients)?
  40. Dumplings - What happened?

  41. How much oil is absorbed by deep-fried donuts during frying?

  42. Baker’s ratio for crackers

  43. Why do Vietnamese dishes feature cut-up meat with the bone in?

  44. How do potatoes work against salt

  45. I left pickled ginger left out of fridge

  46. How long does it take botulism spores to germinate in the fridge?

  47. how to get the salty taste out of your cupcake

  48. What squeezes out juice better, auger or press?
  49. How to cook for a diabetic without making the other guests suffer

  50. Bulk ingredient for keto/low carb flour substitute mix with gluten
  51. Speculaas/Biscoff cookie low calorie aroma extract

  52. Is eating olive pits a problem?

  53. Proper chopping technique

  54. How to keep frozen French fries crispy?
  55. Ling Ling Potsticker Sauce or Similar

  56. How can I safely store or dry wet sugar?

  57. Why does the shrimp stick to the shells?
  58. Why does the grated coconut "float" to the top of quindim while baking?
  59. How to melt butter most conveniently?

  60. Can I blend pasta and add water to make bread or pizza dough?

  61. What counts as "hydration" when figuring Dough Hydration?
  62. How can I get even heat from consumer gas stovetop burners?
  63. Does spinach when cooked on bare cast iron turn black?

  64. Identify my oven
  65. Cream based substitute for milk
  66. What to do with egg yolks during Passover?
  67. Thawing frozen vegetables in the oven and putting it in the fridge still frozen a bit
  68. An alternative to Baileys?

  69. How do I replicate the taste of prepopped movie theater popcorn?

  70. "Odd" flavor in some white fish - how to predict?
  71. Does freezing food reset the amount of time you can put it in the fridge?

  72. How much yeast is in a "package"?

  73. Prevent gummi bears from drying out
  74. Cook with no hood - how to control smell
  75. How do I maintain the hard consistency of baked bread?

  76. Curing Green Olives

  77. Why doesnt sauetee/stir frying spinach taste like it's been fried in and coated with oil as would be the case in say frying?
  78. Can I eat cheese which has been "infected" with blue cheese mold?

  79. Are there advantages to an unlined copper jam pan?

  80. Milk not spoiled yet

  81. Is it sensible to add steamed vegetables to a vegetable curry to reduce cooking time?

  82. Strawberries in New York City
  83. How to convert Peanut Butter chips to peanut butter

  84. Frying donuts split along the sides
  85. Why not corned pork instead of beef?
  86. Left Grill Knobs ON and LP Tank Valve OFF-Why did it mess up the tank where valve screws in?
  87. Why does my Velveeta queso dip get clumpier the longer it stays in the microwave?
  88. Difference between conventional oven with fan assisted and convection with fan assisted?

  89. How interchangeable are fats in yeast bread recipes?
  90. How do I get rid of bugs in rice?

  91. What is the name of this eggplant dish that is similar to lasagna?

  92. Chili and bell pepper substitute due to allergies?
  93. Does brewing tea for longer result in higher caffeine content?
  94. Black mold inside Misto oil sprayer collar

  95. Can I safely roast a chicken for 4 to 5 hours on a low heat?

  96. Is creme brulee supposed to be fatty?
  97. Nutritional value of brown particles settled at the bottom of chicken bone broth
  98. Is making guacamole a way to "save" almost-gone avocadoes?

  99. I made french toast with a raw egg mix that had sat at room temp for 4 hours is this dangerous?
  100. Hitting specific color of orange in a sponge cake